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Somebody Someone Strange

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Duck Season

I actually really enjoyed this one, the banter and relationship between the two duck hunter characters was a highlight of the all the heats, I'm looking forward to seeing this when it hits the screening room. not sure if they really did the genre justice but I cant complain. pretty simple film and they pulled it off. really the characters at the end where fantastic, the way one character kept shutting down the other was simply fantastic.


Hey yeah. Great work achieveing a truly creapy and unsettling tone. The story was nicely set up and delivered too

Zombies Have Feelings Too

Things I liked. Puns. Zombie Zumba joke. Great make up and effects. Good characters and story. For next year. It worked well for the story you where telling. But next year you should try get out of your house ;) Great work though team!

Hunt for the Woolderperson

Hilarious character and ongoing gag with the tracking.

Breaking Bread

I love Vogel's bread too :) Silly yet well pulled off story, (it totally saw the ending coming) it was a pretty epic adventure that the hero was sent on, lots of quirky characters. the fight at the end went on a little longer than I think i needed it to. Nice references to the big lebowski made me laugh. Fun fact, this was (as far as i can tell) the only film made in chch used a drone, i was convinced there would have been more

Polaroid 2

One of the more successful Ultra/Sequel films. And yet, like all Ultras, a Sequel to a film that really really really didnt need a sequel. But with that out of the way Submission Impossible submitted the Impossible. A good film that matched the tone and style of the original, exploring new and relevant ideas while managing the tricky task of incorporating a whole new genre (interesting take, obviously you couldnt go for the most obvious version of this genre) Like all Ultras this film suffers from throwing the audience into a pretty complex set up without much context, really you need to watch the original and this one back to back, which I look foward to doing. As per usual, strong performacnes, well shot, tightly edited. Should make city finals.

K9 Catastrophe

Good concept for a 48hours short. I liked this one

Kitty-Matic 2000

I loved this film. It looks like everyone had a great time making it. I hope you enter next year! Well done!

The Stamp

What I liked. Great visuals. Cool premise. Nice pacing for a 48hours film. I liked that they took the match cut and made it a key reoccurring element. Ending didn't quite work for me.


This team turned in a great short film last year writing is clearly their strong suit. I was very plessed to see them step up their game visualy. This film tackled some very Interesting and original ideas that for the most part elevates this film above the typical 48hrs fare. However, I was disappointed when the film ended as i felt it had only really just begun and I would have liked to see the character developed more. To the filmmakers credit though they did leave me wanting more. Finals? Yes!

A Familiar Feeling

Absolutely terrific. What a team and genre pairing. Perfection from the performances and perfection in the film making letting the performances take centre stage. It’s a simple Idea done painfully well. Finals bound. Grand finals bound too no doubt.

Going Ham

Yeah punk! This team took the genre and ran with it in a way that really worked well for them. It lead to a great pace and set of performances

Anarchy in Year 10

Clearly inspired by the famous Ridley Scott directed 1984 superbowl mackintosh advert, which is pretty much the most punk thing ever. This team finished their film proudly displaying the badge Shot on iPhone6. making a punk film on a phone. So fucking punk.

An Appointment with a Poo

This would be so much stronger if it was just half the length. Great idea well executed otherwise. Fantastic start to the heat.


Organised chaos. Funny throughout. Good take on the genre that works well for 48hours Didn’t quite have the manic energy that their previous years films have basked in though. The concept is probably their strongest to date, simple but effective.


Great cast with a good story that keept me engaged. Solid from beginning to end really because it keep me wondering what would happen next. Strong way to tackle the genre.

The Claire Witch Project

A mocumentry using fairytale/fantasy characters. But once you do a contemporary Mocumentary i feel like you have left behind any real sense of a Fairytale or Fantasy genre. I’m on record saying you have to have a really good reason to do Mocumentary, and im not sure you guys did. But thats personal prefference.


Im really sorry but I couldn't follow the story. What i did see was well made. the car crash was well handed

Blood Ties

Good on you guys for tackeling such interesting drama.

The Chase

Brilliant. Cant wait to see it again. I hope everyone involved is planning on doing it again next year. I absolutely loved the one take all genres sequence. Bloody brilliant. To me this is a clear winner for best bad film. I really hope i get to see it again on the big screen.

Down 2 The Wire

I’m finding this one really hard to review. I’ve actually just deleted and am now rewriting my review, as i just clicked on what the final shot means. Something that took days to put together, (and now i feel stupid for not putting it together instantly.) That said im not sure how much this revelation improves the overall story. But it certinatly does make it all feel less random. Which was my major original gripe, why are they there, what is the point to this. Ultra, Gah! Like almost all the Ultras, this was a Sequel to a film that really did not need a sequel. And in a way you guys got double screwed. Make a sequel to your back catologue of films, which are primarly comedy driven films, and the genre you got was Thriller. So I really can’t imagine just how hard it was to come up with a concept for a thriller that was also a sequel to your other films. The characters from Down to the Wire make the most sense. But at the same time of all your films that one really strikes me as the most self contained. Things I Liked, Cutting her hair at the start was a good Sequel bit. Cinematography, flashy, but also fully in service of the genre. The long tracking shots through the house do a really good job at building tension. The drone shots did stand out, but hey, they looked fantastic and again they really did serve the overall style. They probably only stand out because they are so impressive for a 48hours film. Watching the film on its own outside of 48hours and i don’t think they would stand out as jarring. Not as tightly edited as previous TBALC films. Simple stuff though, another few hours in the editing room and those problems would be fixed. (Hey, thats 48hours for you) I think my inital reaction to this film was too harsh, but TBALC brings that on themselves by constantly blowing us all away year after year. The combination of a sequel and a thriller might just have been their Kryptonite. (I would have loved to see them tackel either one individually) but with that said i think TBALC made a good job of rising to the occasion and turining in a film that is still strong in almost every department.

The Shirt: Altered

Strong visual style, confidently made I will need to watch it again to fully ‘get it’ and because it was Ultra I unfortunatly couldnt recall the original film over than recognising the art style. Of all the Ultra teams though, this was one of the better ones. The scene in the bar had some quite funny lines.

Cabin Fever

Pretty funny movie over all, its pretty absurd which I guess is the point of the film but if it is then i don’t really know if it goes absurd enough. perhaps silly is the better descriptor Loved all the name calling. Very funny.

Pass Card

What I liked: this film sure made me laugh. very simple concept but they really delivered on it. good visuals and a tight edit which made for a good pace. What to work on: I'm really stretching here but not a heck of a lot happened in the film which ultimately makes it somewhat unmemorable and not all that special in relation to the rest of the competition and a stacked heat.

Best Before

What I liked: Great concept, well excited, pacing, cinematography and performance all serviced the story well. I can't think of anything that needed extra work with this one, it's nice to see simple story pulled off during 48hours, not every idea needs to be a mini feature film. I really liked this film and would not be at all surprised if it made the finals

Twenty Four Hour Rewind

Good idea that they pulled off well, Many moments of really high quality comedy Strong logical ending too.

Breaking Bread

What I liked: The performance by the leads was good, their back and forth banter was enjoyable to watch. the captured fellow did a good job in a mostly non verbal role also. Solid visuals throughout, good sound too. What to work on for next year: Story felt a little random and unfocused, I wasn't clear on the motivations of the characters by the end of the film. predictable ending also.


What I liked. Fantastic child actor. Cool story although I got lost at the end. But I liked the concept. Visuals could have and really should be stronger.


What I liked: Wonderful concept, beautifully crafted film, superbly acted. very moving story. Hearing the child while seeing her tearful reaction really got me. Submission Impossible always turn in interesting and often great films, this year was no exception. My only niggle was the final shot, the VFX really let you down, Less is more, simply having the colour grade change as dramatically as it does would have been enough. City Finals? 100%

A helping hand

Fun film, decent story that was easy to follow. Couple of good tongue in cheek jokes. Good set up and pay off with the crow bar. That’s a rare attention to detail for a 48hours film.


I think this film will win the incredibly strange best bad film award. from the opening line the tone is set. I started off thinking it was just another bad 48hours film, but by the end I was laughing myself silly. At it's core is an interesting take on the genre by way of the the prop. It looks like everyone involved had a great time making the film. so good for you all :) what really made me laugh was the constant exposition. on a serious note to the filmmakers, It's cliché but show don't tell, many times in the film the lead actor told us exactly what he was thinking or feeling when his performance and the on screen action had already done this. (this is a big reason I think this film will with the award mentioned above) I really REALLY hope to see this one again at the city finals.

A Duck Secret

Love the set up, if they’re so annoying, just kill them. Ok sure. The incognito mode joke was great. The duck mask was hilarious Great blood effects. Great murderous rampage And finally the non moral of the story. Good fun

#2 way

What I liked: I'm a huge fan of high concept 48hours entries and I can only imagine the kind of workload a film like this would have created for the team. Thankfully then the final result was totally worth it. dynamic camera moves, some very slick stop motion animation and proper close ups. To me everything about this film was great. I look forward to watching it again!


Story was mostly quite clear and easy to follow, some of the developments just felt unearned. The film overall just needed a bit more focus. Who’s story was this telling exactly? Some of the technical elements let you down. The music/singing was a bit rough. But considering that you went the whole hog and did musical and dance I’m impressed on that level


What I liked. Good editing and acting and an intriguing story. This is also one of the only black comedys I saw this year that really took a good stab at it's genre. For Next yeah. Try to make your story fit the age of your actors. While I enjoyed your film a lot I was very aware that was was watching young people play older characters :) I hope you guys enter again next year!

No Bromo

certainly went down a treat with the audience. I absolutely laughed harder at this than I have at any 48hours film in years. confident strong performances from all those involved. good filmmaking craft too. will be interesting to see how this goes down with the judges. as there’s clearly an element of Gay Panic in this film. but then is that the whole point of the the take this team gave their Cringe film? for me I just needed a little something extra in regard to the cringe. I didn’t actually cringe myself at any point. I was just laughing too hard. I can see the ways in which the team was going for cringe. but I don’t think it ever actually arrived at a properly cringe moment the way they intended. the characters shoulda kissed. and if they had played it right it would have been a truly cringe moment. overall though this film was a highlight of the night. I cant quite order my thoughts around the gay panic aspect. on one had the film has a rather progressive attitude. but on the other hand the whole joke is, but I’m not gay!!! I might be over thinking it, or the team under thought it *SHRUG EMOJI* are we as the audience supposed to cringe at the gay panic on display? great use of wind.


Beautifully designed beautifully shot. Lovely story and performances too.


Interesting concept, and the film has my respect for taking on something so serious. all in all though I don’t the team quite stuck the landing. It’s a real uphill battle to present something so serious in the context of 48hours. Great use of the top down shot!

Good Until the Last Drop

What I liked, Nice art department and visuals, good use of match cut that contributed to the storytelling, simple and easy to understand story which can't be understated in 48hours. the set up to pay off by was good. great practical effects on the broken/gashed leg, this made me flinch. What to work on for next year: the location in the first two thirds of the film was great, but at the end it was all happening on a nicely mown lawn somewhere. watch the mix also as the music felt like it was mixed to high at some points

Catman and Robyn

Cute simple idea. Done well. Fresh take on the genre too. (Proof that the dud genres can be turned around by the good teams) Between the performances and writing the gags in this film live up to the concept and deliver a good time for all. Really the only way to fault it is to ask that it could have gone further, or developed into unexpected places? But then considering they want us making 5minute films then this film nails the balance between runtime and style. So with that said, my key point that this feels more like a sketch than a short film. Charming and fun sketch none the less. City finals bound for sure.

Blackheath Station

what was this film about? also this was one of two films in 48hours this year to use electro swing music as period music. electro swing is modern music. very strange. solid top down overhead shot. good work taking on the period movie :)

The Park Bench

Things I liked: at least twice the filmmakers used a very stylish combination of shots and editing emphasise an important moment. (Pushing in and out over a series of quick cuts) I also thought the split screen joke was very funny when both characters where sitting side by side on the phone to each other. Things to work on for next year: try to use shots that work to help tell the story. Several times a particularly specific shot felt very out of place in a simple dialogue scene. save the stylish stuff for the moments that need it (like above) While the gay character was an important part of the teams subversion of the rom com genre I don't think they handed it tastefully. Perhaps next year try a simpler take on your genre.


What I liked: This was a great short film. A very strong performance and story kept me interested and engaged throughout the film. The teams take on the genre was fresh very humorous. I particularly liked watching the lead try to be sinful while her true character won out. Great match shot too that added to and served the story well. What to work on: its a very minor quibble but i didn't like the way God was introduced at the end. Im not going to try and suggest a better way that they could have done the ending but a different approach could have ended the film on a stronger note. but that's 48hours eh!? City Finalist? For sure!


This films only weakness is how easy they make it look. Starts strong, setting up something pretty standard, then it just twists its way into a darker more interesting place. Very funny

The Art of the Deal

lots of long drawn out shots of people walking places. the only part i can really remember is the extended gag of the guy moving to sit closer to the characters and the reveal that its a MLM thing. credits were rather self indulgent Creepy head turn was very well done i was mostly pretty lost the whole time story wise

Hanging by a Thread

Lovely film. Some of the strongest visual storytelling i saw this year. Who ever came up with the concept please take a bow. My only advice for the future would be to try and find a better camera. Your strong sense of visuals wiould benefit from this greatly.


I was under the impression that a team had to have entered 5 times or more to be able to register for Ultra? Nevermind, Newcomers Dragon V Mouse surely are one to watch! Its especially amazing that in their first year they were able to make a sequel!!! Ok, for real though, I loved the film, of all the Ultra teams that got fucked over these guys did the best job with it, thanks in large part to their genre, horror comedy, the inital premise of a first time torturer with low self estime and the girl hes torturing holding all the power is brilliant, i can only imagine the kind of brilliant film DvM would have made if this wasnt a sequel that also required all the elements from a previous year. The comedy betweent the leads is easily some of the best in any chch film this year. The transition from bear to human was also spectacularly well realised. The link back to the original film is also quite well done, its a sequel for those that have seen the orginal, and its a delightlfully strange horror comedy for eveyrone else. And then the film starts to turn inwards and become selfaware, for me this was too funny, the Ding’s on the required elements are a pretty nice middle finger to Ultra, the only thing missing would have been a direct diologue refference to how ultra sucks. So this film is an interesting one, of all the Ultras out there this one manages the best, partly by coping out in the final moments and becoming selfaware, but the first half is so good that i think it will make finals if only so that the comp dosent feel embarased that most of the ultra films suck. DvM for rising tallent award 2017. You guys should enter again next year!

Stanley & Mildred

Foreign Objects have a good thing going on. These guys have consistently made charming and hilarious films for years now Stanley and Mildred is a worthy addition to the collection. This team proves that if you just commit to what you want to do 100% you’ll come out with something special. What I love most about this film is that its comfortable in its own skin, the performances and characters just shine throughout as a result. Probably my favourite use of a Time Travel movie this year too

Down to the Wire

What a brilliant take on the genre. Really no other bechdel movies i saw did anything close to this interesting with the genre. Best single laugh of the whole of chch is in this film. And its a 5/5 for that moment alone. I like this more than every film TBALC has made in the last few years whcich surprises me

Wool They Wake Up

The branch breaking earns this film an extra star.

The Practitioner

yes yes yes yes yes! I really really really hope to see this film at the finals and beyond. while the film starts and continues largely as a very standard and frankly boring 48hours film (inside a fridge shot, meal prep) the shock ending turns the entire thing around and validates everything we have seen up until that point. The montage of innuendo's right at the end was amazing. obviously it's a minor thing but this film could have benefited from higher quality cinematography and editing, not that the cinematography and editing didn't work for the film but it's the one area that will separate this film from other great 48hours films. i really only say this because the story/ending was so darn good. That's just me though, here's hoping that the judges look past technical stuff like that and just concentrate on the brilliant short film with an amazing ending.


Good Tone, Locations, acting and shooting. I got a little lost as to why things were happening, but i aprecaited the direction the film was going.

That Time of The Month

Dragon V Mouse usually make very tongue in cheek meta movies. this year they ditched their regular comfortable stylings for a high concept metaphor movie. as a pure concept it’s absolute genius. time travel as a metaphor for menstruation. from there we follow a young woman’s first experience of her ‘time of the month’ and then we explore the concept as she gets support from her brother or uncle and then by extension his female partner. (because of course men are uncomfortable talking about time travel) beyond the brilliance of the premise its a very simple short film acted to perfection and competently made. there’s nothing flashy about the film making here as the script and actors take centre stage. I really don’t want to state my favourite parts. as there are a lot of jokes and touches that will be best experienced when the film plays at the city finals. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it takes home a bunch of awards and quite possibly even a placing. (remains to be seen how great the rest of the films during heats are) some of the shot choices struck me as a bit strange, I noticed a few focus issues, and bizarrely the film is shot in 50p?

Modern Romance

What I Liked: Great Film, cool take on the genre, very nicely shot and edited - the editing especially served the comedic timing perfectly, so far in the heats I've watched this one has the best match cut. all round really good short film. What to work on for next year: Can't really think of anything here but I guess the story and character took a bit of a back seat to the stye, if someone asked me what the story was about specifically I probably wouldn't be be able to tell them City Finalist? Sure, I wouldn't be surprised.


Simple story done well. Good work on the production design from costumes to props to locations. (Although i did spot that one car in the background) And then. The osmo! Which made for a really cool shot at the end. (But was that the native camera audio???) Well made film. But the story might just be tol simple to let it into the finals. But I wouldn't be surprised to see it make the cut.

Yarn Bombers

Lovely ending. Fun film.

Space Battle

I also like Star Wars. some strong inside jokes comedy here. a lot of meta humour. the rocky montage set to a recorder version of the rocky theme was pretty funny. ‘you hired a furry’ also quite funny ‘we dont have the budget back off’ was the highlight for me. all in all pretty silly and cheap looking. but it looks like everyone involved had fun making it so well done :)

The Silent Man

What I Liked: I don't think I've ever seen a better concept and execution of that concept come out of 48hours. To me this film is not only a brilliant achievement within 48hours but a wickedly cleaver short film in it's own right. I'm amazed that in the space of 7minutes (or how ever long this film was) the concept was so strong that they where able to sneak in the moment where two characters started thinking/talking over each other before one character said "You go first" this was for me the best joke of the film, and that it lands so well is only testament to how onboard I was with the concept and what the film was doing. And i haven't even mentioned the acting and technical aspects. both of which stood out again as major achievements if i had to pick one area that this film could have been improved upon it would be that in an ideal world this script/concept would have been done with a larger costume budget and filmed on a real studio backlot from the 1940s :) City Finalist? Yes City Winner? Yes Its about time TBALC won the 48hours competition outright (at a national level) and retired so the rest of us can have a go ;)

A Couple Of Charlies

Beautifully absurd. Just what i wanted to see from a puppet film. Made me laugh several times.

Pain in The Neck

Fun concept, good excuse for a whole lot of gags Great use of wind Ultimately though this film could have done with a stiff edit to bring the pace uP


Good concept that the actors and everyone involved do a great job of bringing together. Great ending.

Claws and Effect

YEEEEEP, very fun film from a very entertaining team. Started nice and weird. And developed and built on its strangeness very nicely. Good way to tackle the genre! City finalist for sure


What I liked: simple story thats been very well told, likeable characters that were well acted, great shots too, tracking back with the trolly looked very nice. I also thought the shock ending was well handled even if it was a tad predictable. Nice title and great sound (a rarity for 48hours) For next year: because this was a simple film i thought the whole thing could have been shorter and not lost any of its impact or story. some of the dialogue felt a little directionless and was simply there to pad out the film before the shock ending. all around though this was a well crafted film from a team that I look forward to seeing more from in the future


a good premise and a fun take on the genre. Every aspect of the film works well together to deliver a solid entry. The actors give great takes on their respective characters and the intense wide angle photography punches this film into higher gear leaning to the absurd nature of the the idea. The editing and cinematography work well together to pull this film off. If either had been lacking i think the film just would have been far too silly for me. But because the filmmaking knows what kind of movie this is. It all works. The ending sure feels like the perfect way to finish this thing off I guess my only issue with the film is the same one that I’ve been banging on about in the other reviews. This film feels more like a sketch than a short film. Perhaps I need to get a grip and accept that that is what 48hours has become?

Fallen for You

Very solid film here, you totally nailed the romantic comedy thing. nicely romantic and funny but something more than that. I could really believe that this would be the premise for a romantic comedy film. the characters all felt true to the genre. good laughs across the film, GREAT use of the Nicky Brick character. and the "Dad" character was also a great one. just like last year you turned in a film that was especially solid from a script standpoint. I will say though that i felt the ending was a little off. I would really like to see your entry next year push your technical abilities. If you can just up your technical skills, sound/shooting/editing etc you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Coc au Van

Great lead performance in a creapy movie

Clone Swappers

fun film that delivers on its premise. they bone, they swing, they swing again.

My Boo

I have no doubt this wins best DQd film Very well done


Great work, probably one of my Favorite Christmas movies from Christchurch, Cute premise, well acted with a clear story throughout. Taking the car was especially funny, the final gag with the skeleton of santa was great. Everyone involved should be proud of this film.

Baking Takes Time

Pretty great time travel film! Weird concept and mechanic for time travel but I was into it. Funny and committed performances.

Demonic Love

Pretty clear story and concept. Good peformances make up and over all direction. Nice ending too


As mentioned by Nimble this felt like a throw back to the days of V as naming rights sponsor and the first examples of 48hours films I saw when they broadcast the funniest silliest ones on C4. I enjoyed this for what it was, but what it was wasn’t much. Silly and goofy. Well done making everyone laugh all the same.

Time and Location

Time and location made for a very impressive start to heat 9. Nice shots and editing made for some very good suspense. Over all I enjoyed watching this film as the concept was a good one. This said I felt that what I watched was the first scene of a bigger story. So ultimately It didn’t play out like a short film. the film didnt really live up to the potential of the concept. "a dark gun-for-hire superhero" A very solid entry, I look forward to your future efforts.

Twisted Envy

Some pretty funny moments... in this thriller. Looks like everyone had fun.


What I liked: Cute story, nice visuals that worked well to tell the story. good performances too. nice match cut What to work on: as cute as the story was ultimately the whole story was unmemorable to me and a bit cliché


Totally Brilliant. Absolutely hilarious. Not exactly a short film, much more a web video or sketch you might see on Facebook. These are the kinds of films I hoped we might see when the max runtime was reduced to 5minutes.

Why Not Just Call The Cops

I wasnt a fan of the disclaimer, but i liked the film. Better luck next year eh?

One Drop

Squire Film’s do consistantly good and interesting work. This film followed that pattern. Nice clear story that makes for a fun take on the genre. Well acted all arround


Strong concept. pulled off pretty well. Nice thriller vibe. I guess the most damning thing i can say about this film is that I doubt it has any rewatchabilty This would be a first for TBALC At least i can go and gush all over the other one now


What I liked: Made me laugh, good production design. - Perhaps this whole film would have worked better if it hadn't had sound issues at the start, ( I understand this was not the fault of the team) What to work on for next year: I'm really not sure this one counted as a black comedy. so for next year try to nail your genre a bit more clearly. - I really had very little idea what was going on with this film

Knitting, Crotchet & Embroidery

Hey congrats on the audience win! Loved the performances, all extremely watchable. shot selections and characterisations where really nice too. Cute tight story with some funny moments that landed perfectly. That wind though ;)

Free As The Wind

Hell yeah PlanetFox What a heck of a take. Probably should be up for best use of wind :D Great make up and designs. Great performances well shot, and aside from some mismatched ADR the filmmaking was all great. The guy getting super excited about becoming the wind so he can dry his washing was hilarious. Great ending, very funny.


What I liked: good concept with an ending that I didn't see coming, the judges where funny to watch. For next year: the edit could have been tighter. with a shorter runtime the ending would have worked even better. also im not really sure you stuck to your genre. but I might be reading it the wrong way.

Uber Cyborg

What I liked: I wish i could do his during 48hours, it looks like a lot of fun. I laughed my ass off when this teams film played at the finals last year and i was thrilled to see this "spiritual" successor. everything to like about "one man army" (their film from last year) is back this time around plus some. stuntman leaping backwards into a river, an extremely good looking gattling gun. in your team comment you mention how you would like to make more films like this on a regular basis, PLEASE DO! I don't want you guys to ever stop making films like this during the 48hours weekends, my only suggestion for improvements would be to try and upgrade your cinematography , it might be worth looking into some colour grading techniques (up the contrast and crush the blacks) also as much as i like seeing the action movie essentials 2 after effects plugins it would be great to see you guys do even more practically, look into building your own blood squibs with a pressure sprayer. ( a few years ago me and some friends built something similar to the one in this video using an adapted weed sprayer :) Keep up the great work, can't wait to see more from you guys next year


very tightly made film... perhaps too tight? as in, i have questions that are detracting from my overall experience. who is the guy, what is his relationship to the woman and her son. I’m just left wondering. or is that exactly what the team wanted!? time travel is a bitch of a genre though if you run at it head on, and this team did, so you have my respect for that. as mentioned by other reviewers. the filmmaking craft is rock solid, the editing builds real tension. nicely shot and performed by all. strong emotional finish. very likely city finalist.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

in truth this is the team that should win team intro. The image at the end of the into is just priceless. Submission Impossible’s Best film to date? I think perhaps so. Although I am a huge fan of Polaroid. There are two things that i really like about this film, and they are kind of one and the same. The first is just the overall tone and style, more and more 48hours films are starting to feel like sketches and not short films (i blame the 5minute thing) this film feels like a short film through and through. Tied into that its also Submission Impossible’s most cinematic film to date. With so much of the story told visually. Which brings me to the other great thing. The ending. As Nimble pointed out. It’s great that the film gives you everything you need to understand what’s happened and in that moment completely changes your understanding of what you’ve been seeing. Its the perfect way to roll drama and tragedy into the film. Suddenly the character and performance are that much more painful and tragic. Great take on the genre too. It’s also been noted by others here. Once the twist is delivered and you start to understand what you’ve been watching. Some of the content starts to break under examination? Or does it? I’m not quite sure. But therein lies the issue. And its another minor thing, and i feel bad mentioning it after praising the tone and style but the film probably could have been a touch tighter in terms of the edit? I don’t know. It didn’t feel it’s length while i was watching it, its just that in hindsight i can’t help but feel it would have been stronger if it was a bit tighter? Finals bound i bet. It’s also one of those films that will no doubt benefit from a second viewing. Great work team.

Yes Mother

Epic creature/costume designs. committed performances from everyone involved. well acted. well crafted film. one of the best double takes Ive seen so far. I’m not 100% clear on how/what happened at the end. but I liked the film throughout. Shame about the DQ solid film overall

Losing My Edge

this film had the unfortunate experience of playing after Toot Toot’s DGAF masterpiece. as such. I was still coming down from that high while i tried to watch this film. sorry to say but it was just hard coming back to reality with this film. it’s a strong concept. a serial killer has lost his mojo so he goes to a psychiatrist for help. turns out kids just aren’t scared of horror movie cliches anymore. good joke to end on. in hindsight this film was actually a lot stronger than my initial experience at the heats let on.

Aftermath - A documentary

a great concept, i really have to give it to you. let down by your technical ability. two great jokes in the movie, the pregnancy one was funny but not exactly smart, the end joke of the film was inspired. sorry to say but the film was let down by its technically ability and sadly it's age inappropriate casting. great concept, sadly it's letdown by the story that follows.

Early to Rise

I was very exited to hear that this team was doing a horror. And while I think they pulled off the film they wanted to make. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't go fully for a horror especially as it had a very scary moment at the start. Minor story point. Why did they meet at a child's playground? Finals? Could well be. It had some good comedy and was stylishly made.

One More Time(s)

Charming story. Nice and simple done well. Very watchable


Great sound design and score, very atomospheric, Strong idea that all came together with a satasfiying ‘twist’ ending, i say ‘twist’ im not sure if it was a twist or if i wasnt following earlier on in the film, eaither way by the time the film finished i was clear on exactly what was happening and i loved it, Great use of special effects, strong in a non show off kinda way. Competently shot and acted too.

My Pet Earthling

This film gets an extra point from me puurely for the way the decided to hit their genre. Good performances. Quite an unsettling film to watch which I believe might have been the intention. Strong colour palate.

Banana Chick and Cat Girl

Not sure how to review this film. Sure i really liked it, and on its on merits i’d give it all the stars. But revised against all others. Lol, I don’t know how to review this film.

a nipple in time

I’ll just get this out of the way right up front. Hands down. Best team intro of the city. -come one AJ. Do it. Don’t stop shooting on the iPhone though... like, unless you want to but it’s working very well for you guys. I can only imagine it gives your shoot a nimble freedom that is really good for 48hours. I keep meaning to do something similar one of these years. It’s only a matter of time. But enough about me. ;) A Nipple in Time. this might be my favourite 48hours film from this team so far. While I think their film from last year, and probably the year before, are better films. Those films are also safe in a way that this one isn’t. Ripple in time is solid. But the storytelling ability wasn’t quite as developed as it needed to be A Slice of you is on one hand as safe as a 48hours film can be, but then there’s this amazing streak of personality and style running through it. Really clever and inventive stuff that raises an almost painfully normal 48hours idea to greatness. (In my view only let down by an uninspired ending) I blather on about their previous entry’s to come to the point that I think ‘A Nipple in Time’ may come to represent Rip Focus crossing a threshold. From making the films they felt they had to make. To making ‘personal’ films driven by their own style and sensibilities. A Nipple in time is bonkers. But it doesn’t care. There’s no substantial story to speak of. But who gives a shit?! There are ideas and experiences to be had here that in 5 minutes mean more to me than a tight little story. The filmmaking craft is rock solid. A step up on the previous years. (Which where both well above the competition average) but now all the wrinkles have been ironed out. Keep watching Rip Focus. The team clearly knows what they are doing. They’re getting more and more comfortable with the 48hours format. All they need is the right genre one year and I’m sure they can go to the finals. A city placement/win is certainly in their future. It remains to be seen if the judges will deem this worthy of a city finals spot. I hope they do. But wont be all that surprised if they get snubbed in favour or something with a more conservative character narrative. *yawns*

Harper and Greta

Things I liked: Nicely shot and edited the story as cute and enjoyable to watch. (I liked the literal trail of breadcrumbs) the character too was a great interpretation of the required trait Things to work on for next year. Watch that sound mix, the audio levels where a little inconsistent, the music at times was much too loud.


One of my favourites of the heat. Great work taking on musical. Strong production value and style. A really good set up but i must admit i was lost by the end.

Tarte Illusion Cromqumbouche Au Chocolat L'incontournebile

What I liked. Cool story. Good take on the genre. Good acting too. I really liked the story with this one. For next year: tighten up the edit. Less is more. You can clearly come up with good stories now tell to us a bit faster!


Probably the most tightly made film in Christchurch this year. Expect performance nods for the two leads and directing and cinematagrophy nods My only gripe would be that the ending was a touch generic or predicatable. But as a piece of science fiction pulp cinema it’s strong. Technological imply’s ideas and content, Thriller sets the tone. So Technological thriller is a very specific genre. The best way to thrill your audience with technology would be to present some scary new concept or idea. But good luck coming up with something that hasnt been done before with such short notice. All you can do is Prey that someone in your team has been sitting on a great science fiction idea. Isolation is *I think* the only Technological Thriller that ive reviewed so far, because i dont think any other teams really pulled it off. I’m thinking now it was easily the hardest genre teams could get this year. So Little Old Lady Produtions is the only team that got it right, in large part because they’re the only team that got the thriller part of the genre requirement right. (Subjective, im only able to judge how i responded to the various films of this genre) Technological Thriller is an inspiring genre. But pulling it off without subversion in 48hours is pretty close to impossible and limiting the teams to 5minutes is just cruel. I imagine a 7minute runtime would be just the shot in the arm this film needed. Great use of location and *i think* the only film in the whole comp that used the drone shots without it feeling forced City Finalist no doubt, probably has a solid shot at the city title too.


Commando is a good film. I also cant recall this film and my notes didnt help much. Good use on the line?


for me it took too long to get to the point and deliver on its concept. as others have mentioned I’m more interested in what happens next than what happened. well shot and constructed on a technical level. cool concept and take on the genre too. just needed more development.


Adorable. Great film, great concept, killer gag at the end. Epic costumes and effects. Very well handled performances by the lead characters. Lots of complex dialogue to get through great team intro too

Let Them Air Dry

I have a soft spot for this team, a few years back they made a film that absoultly killed me during the heats, gut bustingly funny. (In a best bad film kinda way) It was nice to see you take on Musical, the rap was great, production value was all over the place as you have commented on, shooting on phones is hard haha, but it works just fine for this team. Hanging the dishes out on the line was a brilliant way to finish the film. Already looking foward to the film you make next year!

Dumb Cult

I’m always down for a film about a cult. I can’t help but take points of for the documentary style. But i have to admit No Budget Ninjas use it really well and it complements the story they want to tell very naturally. Great characterisation. Good premise for the genre I also can’t help the feeling that i expected more from this team based on their previous films

Uber Cyborg 2.0

I gladly will wait patiently for the more polished extended director's cut to be released at a more leisurely time-frame, im all about that. As the team acknowlaged this film dosent quite live up to the wall to wall crazyness of their previous films, but what it does do is very fun and impressive. The skydiving bit is great but i was expecting Mad Scientists to push it further. The plane set was very impressive. I felt that the film ended rather randomly, but there is something to be said for not outstaying your welcome, short, sharp, sweet and all that. Funny as always. Good work with Ultra too


Typically strong work from Christchurch on Air, Good take on a serious idea. I just wonder if 5minutes wasn’t enough time to do what you really wanted.

Political Agenda

Respect to this team for taking on relevant and topical issues. It’s great to see this team back year after year, I suspect theres a bright future for you guys in this comp. Keep it up.

Strings Attached

Very dark. I liked it.

White Christmas

Funny take on the Genre. Well lit, good peformace from Santa.

Do Not Disturb

Nicely done. Great style on display here. Good ending too

You Ready For Space?

PlanetFoxFilms have been doing good work and consistantly improving over the years. It seems they are at a tipping point now. This year they turned in a real Gem, the clear favorite of the heat. Sure, it still feels like a film made by kids, but its got story, humour and character that rises above the standard 48hours film. The ‘film made by kids thing’ is only going to fade with time and a really strong team will emerge. Keep your eyes on these guys for the future of the comp.

Nightmare on Curletts Road

The opening musical number started the film off nicely. then it was all downhill. I spent most of the film laughing at the film and not with it. that is until the end, after the credits had played.: at first I was like what the hell guys please stop wasting my time, then it got to that point where it had gone on to long... then it was possibly the funniest moment of the night. Looks like you had fun making the film, or at least it looked like some good friends having fun. Im not going to put you down for having fun. That said if you want to, next year have a go at telling a story and don't drink so much V :)

Split Sibling Decision

Bold and strong as hell. Extremely well made, well shot, tightly and expertly edited. Strong peformances and cleraly a stable hands at work behind the film I’m not sure i can really comment on the ‘story’ untill i’ve had a chance to rewatch it, but then this isn’t really that kind of film, its more about an emotional gut responce. Extra points just for making a 48hours film that dosen’t trade in comedy on any level. Probably the most purely artistic film in Christchurch this year. City Finalist without a doubt.

Special Delivery

What I liked: Great take on the genre, very cool story that kept me interested up until the last minute. (I always wanted to know what was going to happen next) solid performances from the actors made this one of the stand outs of the heat What to work on for next year: while it was funny and crowd pleasing I felt the adult baby gag at the end really undercut the quality of the film.


This film was great! Really stylish and fresh. The final line was obvious but still bloody funny and strong. This team should be proud of their work. I look foward to future entrys.


Great performances. With a story that i was fully engaged in that managed to surprise me nicely in its movements. Great stuff team. Looking forward to future efforts

A Disabled Account

What we have here is a perfect team dynamic that's been building over the last few years. Now it must be nearing its epic final form. Its a team that shits quality at ever turn. Between several magically charismatic on screen peformances and who ever is behind the camera these guys know how to do it. The unforseen advantage of having the weekend this late in the year has clearly been the quality of the films from the student teams coming out of NZBS. But pigs guts films takes this and turns it up, By about 1000% What we truely have here is the best short film ive seen come out of christchurch since IS LOVE ENOUGH from 2013.

Night Shift

Not really sure what this was about. But i liked the party scene quite a lot.

A Time and a Place

Strong idea. Cool characters. It's nice to see Cousins step it up again in terms of audio and video too. I believe this idea would have benefited greatly from the older 7 minute timelimit. As it played i was actually shocked when the credits rolled as i was expecting the story to continue

Falling For You

Very Funny, and a genuinly great visual concept that the actors managed to pull off perfectly. Huge credit to them here. Story was good, not exactly strong but it serves the comedy of the rest of the film. The girl crying when she weighs herself was brilliant. A joke like that flashing past quickly was just perfect, great sense of pace and comic timing I was able to call the ending after about 20seconds, but that didnt stop it from being bloody funny. My Favorite of the Heat, and I expect we shall see this again at the City Final

The Stile

I tried briefly to review this film right after the heats but gave up almost immediately, I needed to see it a second time, Side tangent, when you do a serious film for 48hours, (especially during the heats) it’s hard for the audience to ‘get’ the film right away. we’re all so primed for careless, silly, low budget, comedy, and in most importantly, ‘ immediately accessable’ films. This film is almost none of these things. Which is good and welcome. Ok so now I’ve defended my late review - but also that call out on the radio show was just the kick in the pants that i needed ;) First time I watched it, I didnt get it, second time, it all played a lot more clearly. Because I suck at writing nicely thought out reviews. Ill just go to a list of things. - It’s a really cool take on Star Crossed Lovers. - I like the over all style, It’s poetic and as such it fits its runtime better than most 48hours films. (While most 48hours films, and just short films in general feel like they are pilots for feature film ideas. Or just very conventional formats, this one captures an idea, or a concept and focuses on that in the under 5minute runtime that it has to serve) - I wish this could be said of every single 48hours film. - The imagery of the film (the location) - is also nicely poetic and lends a lot to the film and ideas at play - the themes and ideas being discussed in this film are powerful and difficult to grapple with - this ends up being both something I really like about the film, but also where all of my issues with the film stand, but even this is a success of the film. My issues are with the ideas being presented, Not the story being told. I’m putting this in the ‘win’ column because if the film can generate thoughts and ideas outside of its own runtime that is a good thing. Most of my issues here are arround the presentation of free will, (i continued writing from here going further and further down the rabbit hole, so i put on the film again, and now i think i understand it even better... - so the film isn’t immediately accessible. I think i get the whole film now, and I’m looking forward to discussing it with Stu. But yeah, its a hard one to understand, which is both a good thing and a bad thing... - I like death as a child, to me it is that way because she has a child’s view of death, and a child’s view of suicide. (Much of this is about attempted suicide/self harm as a cry for attention right?) - I like the intent behind the cinematography, but i don’t like the way its been pulled off here. I like the extreme closeups, I like that the ‘lover’ is always out of focus. But i cant help but feel that every single shot should have been locked off. So that we might have been better able to study the face of the character. And be more drawn into their experience. The style of hand held here reminded me all too often that there was someone filming the scene, - I also really liked the drone of the sea that is used to dominate the soundtrack it’s a nice shortcut to presenting this as an ‘other’ place - however as noted by other reviews when you can hear the chance in background audio each time a character speaks it’s extremely distracting and doesn’t help with the immersion that this film needs.

A Ripple in Time

Beautifuly shot and well made, the girl falling backwards into the pool might be the best single shot this year. I struggled to follow the details fo the story, but i’m confidnat that the team knew what was happening, they just struggled to comunicate that through the 5minutes. For example i couldnt follow the significance of the watch. First it was on one person, then it was on another? Great shots, good editing, its funny, shot on an iphone used to be worth noting, but now iphones shoot better video than you’re standard handicam. And they rival the quality of the bog standard DSLR from 4 years ago.


What I liked: The Concept, simple enough but these guys really pulled it off, with a pitch perfect music selection and cleaver onscreen action that made the most of the the reverse slow-motion. this film was a stand out from the night. I'm sad that these guys have changed names from Speakerdip Productions as they where a key part of what made last years heat 8 so strong. Great performances from everyone (nice surprise seeing Jess) the team behind this short are one to watch. last year they also took a simple concept and made a great short film out of it. a cleaver way to approach your genre. What to work on for next year: I would encourage you all to continue making short films between now and next year hone those skills and you will fast become one of Christchurch's best teams. In my review of your short last year I think I commented that the visuals and technical aspects could be improved upon, Its great to see that this has been done for this year, unfortunately the storytelling that made last years so good wasn't as present this year. I don't think this film has quite the rewatchability that last years did. This film stands strong on its first viewing but a second viewing will only show up how simple the story is. City Finalist: You bet! Despite my comments above I am excited to see this film again knowing what to expect.

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

This years ultra + Musical is the best combination of elements I could have hoped Crab Crab Crab would receive. The film is delightfuly strange and unsettling. But also strangely grounded for this team which really works to the films advantage

Saving Christmas

Pretty bloody Charming. I wana watch this again right now. Hilarious Z Grade style. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun making this. Probably the best Christmas film made in chch

Time and Location

Time and location made for a very impressive start to heat 9. Nice shots and editing made for some very good suspense. Over all I enjoyed watching this film as the concept was a good one. This said I felt that what I watched was the first scene of a bigger story. So ultimately It didn’t play out like a short film. the film didnt really live up to the potential of the concept. "a dark gun-for-hire superhero" A very solid entry, I look forward to your future efforts.

Trial #37

solid film. i’d say there’s a pretty strong chance we see this one again at the city finals. strong serious effort. keeps the audience hooked until the very end. I don’t know if I fully tracked the implications of the ending so i’m keen to see it again

Where are they now?

Some good laughs came out of this film. Unfortunately i saw a punk band mockumentary the night before!

The Delivery

My favourite film of the heat. Great concept and a strong delivery of that idea. Perhaps the ending could have been stronger or bigger? But hey. This is 48hours and endings are hard. This film was just great. Pure and simple. I hope to see this in the finals. GREAT costume too

The Rock and a Hard Place

Submission Impossible have a real knack for doing real human drama and comedy. I enjoyed every second of the film but ultimately i felt the ending kind of fizzed out. I would have liked to see tem go big with your ending. (I guess sort of like last year) Somehow? I dono. Great work. See you all next year!

The Spares

Good concept, but considering TBALC’s line up of absolutely amazing concepts what’s above average for the comp becomes below average for an above average team. Cute take on Ultra, although I kinda wish this team had actually worked with children or animals I would have loved to see what they could have done with real human children What TBALC has put together they undoubtedly pulled off and pulled off with style, the way this film develops is especially pleasing. Thank you for going all the way. It was marvellous I feel like a bit of a dick for saying this... but within the first two minutes of the film I leaned over to the person sitting next to me and just wispered one word... Great use of stock footage too, this film wouldn’t have been possible or wouldn’t have been as good 2 years ago before that rule came in. City Finalist no doubt.

The Clock Is Ticking

I dont really have anything constructive to add sorry. Didn’t stick the landing. The live stream effect was well done though.

Boogie Buddies

there’s something about Bogey humour that really turns my stomach. I’ll try keep that out of my reviewing. quite a fun take on the genre. very disgusting. Love that you guys made a musical when you didn’t have to. A+++++ nice cameo from a familiar face :D some impressive effects work too.


Very watchable actors/characters. Cute concept with a good finish.

Cheernobyl: A Holiday Meltdown

this feels like the film Crab Crab Crab has always been destined to make. terrific set up and execution of the premise and gag feast. typically beautiful visuals and bonkers designs. all brought together with a clear understanding of the craft. for my money, the film kinda didn’t stick the landing though, I’ll need to see it again (at the city finals no doubt) to see if the film sets up some of the later developments. but from a first viewing i have questions about where the story goes. cant wait to watch it again.


Classic JAGBOG humour on display here. brilliantly funny bonkers premise. performed to perfection by the lead. (performance nomination incoming without a doubt) very fresh and fun take on the genre. here’s my take on their take on ultra. The film works in spite of ultra, not because of it. the split-screen thing kinda adds nothing. but it also doesn’t detract. so that’s impressive in its own way. is there any kind of internal logic as to why we are seeing the film in split screen? is it all just part of the mockumentary thing? like is the idea that we are seeing raw streams of footage? Minor niggle about the 4th wall breaks. personally I don’t subscribe to the view that a character looking at or addressing the camera in a mockumentary counts as a forth wall break. (can you break the wall if it was never there to begin with???) truly I don’t care, ultra was a dumb combo this year, and this team absolutely killed it in spite of ultra. - it’s been pointed out to me that the real forth wall break is right at the start when someone mentions split screen adding a ton of work in post. I remember this line but I’m still not sure it counts (in my pedantic view) will need to rewatch to confirm. one of the best films this year. very deserving of it’s high praise and reviews. I look forward to seeing it again at the city finals (which should start to make up for the travesty of justice that was JAGBOG’s film last year being snubbed)

Best Day Ever

I get it. I wouldnt be able to live without my ipad. (But i also like playing with my star wars toys) As usual a cute and fun film from a christchurch regular. Hate to say it but I really liked the films from previous years more. I look fowaed to a new entry next year. Still this was a totally competant well made film. Clear, to the point and simple.

Wheat, Myself and Rye

What I liked: great acting from the guy playing the bread (loved his expression) simple enough concept that the team really delivered on (gunning for that incredibly strange award?) What to work on: by the half way mark I felt like I wasn't seeing anything new. the short just got weirder and weirder. It looked like a lot of fun to make and clearly went down really well with the audience. It's obvious that the team behind the camera has an eye for good shots and editing, I would love to see this skill focused on a more "conventional" short film, but if they wanted to make a weird film this year they totally succeeded and who am I to tell them not to. :)


Heck of a film with a hell of an end point. (Weird) The musical dance number on the move was quite something. Bolder musical stylings than most 48hours musicals attempt. Bravo team. I have a feeling there’s more under the surface and in the writing of this film than made it to the finished product. Or perhaps I’m just not picking up on everything they put down. Great performance from the lead.

The Dark of the Trees

Yes. A stand out of the heat. In the first minute I especially noticed how clear the premise was and how well set up the characters were. Throughout the film i was always able to follow what was happening. Which is more than i can say for others in this heat. The thriller was handeled really well. Some proper scares and thrills. This film followed a clear beginning middle and end. It used its characters well and made me care about what was happening. Well done!

Off Set

A clear and strong concept, story was solid and easy to follow throughout. The comedy works for the characters and drives the plot. All over quite a good film, if not a bit forgettable.

Cushy: A Pull Story

The best take on the genre I saw. As far as i can recall) this is the only film where the time spanned the whole film, rather than just a 10 year time jump at some point. This film felt really informed by the genre Great work pulling off your concept so well. To say it’s a simple idea done well or that less is more does the whole film a disservice. (Even if the film is a great example both those points) The pace at which things keep happening and variety of imagery we get is to be applauded and no doubt kept you very busy over the shoot weekend. Lots of delightful moments. Lots of funny developments, the balance between story and comedy was perfect. It’s also film that really works visually without being flashy about it. This film would probably be just as effective with the sound off. City finalist for absolutely sure. Great score too.

Find a Way

What I liked. Great singing and songs. Nice story. I enjoyed this film!


Terrific take on the genre Great acting, well shot. Great script Lots of hilarious quotes. Great effects towards the end too

In Jest

Great take on the genre. As noted in other reviews probably the best most original take on the genre from the whole city There’s a good film here. It just needed a stiff edit to get it to the point. And and as others have mentioned a bit more work to drive the tension up. Scary shot to finish though!

Kill The Wolf

I enjoyed this. It was a fun take on the genre. The QT style attempted was fun too. Unfortunately im not sure you managed to totally pull off your action sequence. Although at several times i was truly worried for the safty of the actors so perhaps you can call it a successfuly tense action sequence

Rock Bottom - The Rise and Fall of Obsidian

What I liked: So many clever rock puns! this was a very well written film! the best part for me was the dog eating the bread at the end. the use of photos and puppetry was great. I would be happy to watch this film again just for the story and script. (it was nice to get a break form all the bread puns) What to work on. this film existed almost entirely in it's writing - It lost points from me for it's visuals, other than the great visual gag of the dog as mentioned above this film probably could have looked better and done more with visual comedy. City Finalist? Not sure. but wouldn't be surprised (very good writing after all)

We'll just have to do things the long way.

NEEDED MORE MINI GUNS (more little guns for little hands) Cute as hell, hilarious imagery. Good sense of fun throughout, This years ultra and solo/duo team is a hell of a combo. Pretty fun film as a result. Kinda hard to follow in places. But remarkable that it makes at sense at all considering how hard this film would have been to make.

Self Rising!

What I liked, The tone, shots and acting where spot on. all around this was a very well made film. the ginger bread men looked perfect. What to work on for next year: the ending didn't live up to the quality of the rest of the story. so unfortunately this one didn't go out with a bang. City Finalist? Could well be, depends how the rest of the heats shape up

Guess Who?

Yep. I really liked this film. Best laughs of the heat. Great deadpan performances. Really strong all the way around

Coffee Swap

Great film. Very well made. Really good acting across the cast. Cool take on the genre. My only niggle might be that I didn't understand the ending. But my friend was able to explain it to me. So I might just be my problem Finals? I suspect so. I hope to see it there.

Dangerous Habits 2

Slick and stylish as the best of them, Being an Ultra/Sequel ment i was kinda lost once the film started so i cant really speak to any plot of story. But what they did have was some moments of extremly strong comic timing, directed, edit and acted to perfection. Not the strongest use of a female character, but hey, you got a gal in so you have a leg up on some other teams haha. My only other note is that the film takes a backseat to the music towards the end,

Viral by Nature

Turns out this wasn’t a cringe movie?! Fun concept, I liked the use of the influencer culture. Great effects and use of the worms. Fun take on the genre. Great time lapse too.


Wow. It sure looked GREAT! The freaky part was how ive filmed several times at your final location. So weird to see such a specificly small spot in someone elses film. Great way to do cat and mouse. A chase film! Freaking epic

High Spirits

Things I liked: This was one of the best films in the heat. Great cinematography, slick editing and a wonderful performance from the lead. the story was interesting and moved along at a good pace. Things to work on for next year: I think the only weak point this team had was in the ending, a little more work on the the script on Friday night will greatly improve the quality of your film next year!

Second Skin

what the hell was this? Thats not to say i didn't enjoy it, nicely shot, nicely edited, generally a really well put together short film by a team that clearly knows what they are doing. Sneaky Horses clearly wants the WTF reaction from the audience so by this standard alone the film is a complete success. I'm kinda lost for words on this one, I enjoyed watching it, I look forward to watching it again, and as has been noted by other reviewers it's really good to see something fresh and different in the competition.

The Time of Salem

Yay! A time travel film that didnt shy away from doing proper time travel!


Great costumes and a cute story. Cutting to the real socks was used really well.

The Run-In

Solid 48hours film, clear and easy to follow, entertaining throughout. Never dull or outstaying its welcome. Good twist and strong comedy performances on display here. I’ve bumped my star rating down a star because it’s obvious that someone from the team dropped in to give their own film a glowing review.

Baby On Board

I really liked the Mouse POV movie but this one might just take the cake as my new Dragon V Mouse film I’ll agree with other reviews that a dragon v mouse house style is starting to emerge, but if they want to keep playing the comp this way, I’ll gladly keep watching what they serve up. For my money I want Dragon V Mouse to do ultra every year.

A Slime of Passion

Crab Crab Crab’s straightest film in recent memory but still delightlfuly strange. Great comedy throughout, strong peformaces, production value and direction. Excellent work with the Slug Creature. Super impressive effect. Some of the simplest and strongest jokes of all the Chch Heats. Really high chance that we see thisin the City Final, I look foward to rewatching it.

Circle Circuit

Good use of stock footage. Fun concept. I didn’t understand the laugh track Was the circle thing from that 70s show? Curb your Enthusiasm music? Weeeerid. I liked that they got paranoid

Rough Trade

Just the kind of film you want to watch in the middle in the middle of the third heat of the night. Some seriously funny bits in this film, id say its a strong contender for best bad film. But frankly it might even be too good for that award its a pretty clear and well done story inside a Z grade style. The Hacker stuff was funny, the 4-6 days later card was great, and the car special effects was Hilarious, funny performances from everyone too.

I'm Gonna

I like this film a lot, good concept that played out for just the right amount of time, (so it was a great fit for a 5minutes short film) It’s a strong simple concept done well.

Boy Meets Girl

It looks like everyone had fun making this. You got a few chuckles out of me during the leg waxing and shoe gags. Considering you had females on the team im not sure why you decided to do charcters in drag. I also wasnt clear on any of the motivations of the characters.

The Wish (hopefully nobody else picked that title)

This is the film where I want to talk about the Swede style. While it’s been coming for a while now, this feels like the year where the Swede style has really truly matured. (Some of the best films this year went this route to great effect) I talked about it over on M3 Merrin School Movie Makers film, but on that film you kinda get the sense that the Swede style might not have been intential, and just the only way they could make a film. Over here though, Toot Toot clearly knows they could do more for their production value if they wanted for example there is an perfectly executed running on water joke, that they then IMMMEDIATELY undercut to great effect, almost as if they dont want anyone to think they are trying too hard But what Toot Toot is going is choosing how they focus their film, what they put effort into, and what they put minimal effort into (also for extra commit effect) What Toot Toot knows is that if you limit yourself to what you can realistily portray and pull off in 48hours your limiting the kinds of storyies you can tell, and by fully embracing the Swede style they are free to just do what they want and let the jokes shine* *so obviously the Swede style is set up to help comedies, so now lets see a team do a dramatic film in the Swede style. That would be a hell of an achievement (but i digress) This film is sharply written, tightly constructed and beautifully delivered. It has all the DNA of Toot Toots film from last year, but it improves upon that film in every way imaginable. I suspect this film will shine quite well once it’s available online, (put it on youtube with the right title and tumbnail, and just let the views roll in) Bring on the finals.

Time to go

What I liked: Good story, easy to follow which meant that all the dramatic build up worked really nicely and created some nice suspense. the set up and pay off with the nose stud was well handed and worked very well For next year: Camera and sound have room to be improved upon but the essentials like storytelling are right there.

The Impotence of Hard Times

What I liked: Beautifully crafted movie, strong visuals, editing and effects (as always from the Eh Team). what this film does best (and indeed their other films have too) is very quickly build a rich and engaging world for it's characters. The performances across the board where great. the effect of Hamish in the blue paint/glue/gloop was great (I'm still trying to figure out how this was achieved) Unfortunately I don't think the story lived up to the high standard that the Eh team has set for themselves (and Christchurch) I was never very invested and I don't think the resolution of the main characters plight felt earned. City Finalist: Of Course! (it will probably take out a few major awards too)

Half the man I used to be

Things I liked: Wonderful story, I really enjoyed this film, the actors did a fantastic job with great script. the seesaw gag was the highlight of the entire heat for me. Things to work on: a tighter edit would have made this film even better, as good as the seesaw gag was it played for longer than I was laughing at it, leave the audience wanting more! Great work by all though, I can't wait to see more from this team

Promotion Road

I don’t think there’s ever been a more perfect blend of Team and Genre than ‘Foreign Objects’ and ‘Cringe/Gross out Comedy’ I loved every minute of it that i saw through my fingers

The Microwave From Hal.

Pretty strong film over all, shows how far a simple idea done well can get you, Subtle but great use of special effects too, probably the strongest of the heat overall

The Pickup

What I liked: competently shot, good comedic timing, nicely acted, In most of my reviews I've suggested that films could be edited tighter but I think you guys got this spot on. What to think about for next year: with even stronger production values this team could be a regular finalist. (although I wouldn't be surprised to see them in the finals this year)


Musical, Teams either rise to the occasion or they dont, Congratulations Cruel World Productions! This was a DELIGHTFUL film. The music and lyrics are GREAT, the performances are great, the story was simple and effective. Its absolutly the kind of quiky comedy that plays well at 48hours, and while i like to hate on this out of context in the face of your film i cant help but smile, I can’t wait to watch it again, likely at the city finals. I just rewatched your film from last year too, very funny. As mentioned in other reviews the sync goes in and out throughout the songs, and the overall production value dosen’t quite match the quality of the rest of the film. But christchurch has never had a problem looking past production value to see the gold inside the film. And direct from my notes, it’s a musical, which means hightened reality, I would have liked to see them kiss at the end.

D.O.C Force: Death Island

Poor TBALC, I’m sure we’re all grading them on a curve. 

I’m going to do my best not to. What I liked. There’s a sense of style and tone that immediately feels like classic TBALC, but also something bold and fresh from this team. Even though it’s designed to look like an old 80s TV show in many ways it feels like their most cinematic film to date. Something about all the location work gives this film a really fresh and fun feel Gaaaah, I’m just comparing the film to their previous films :( I’ll try again, 

What I liked, 

D.O.C Force: Death Island. What a great take on the genre. One of the only Nature Run Amok movies I saw this year that actually went out and got among the nature :D 

the whole style and tone is spot on. This feels authentic in a way that I’m sure I’m taking for granted. The logo is spot on, the opening credits are spot on, TBALC is no slouch on the technical side of things especially in the last few years, and this film does all sorts of awesome stuff to commit to the bit. Lot of hard work must have gone into this film behind the scenes. 

the performances and costumes are all spot on and the whole film really comes together in support of the tone and style. It’s the script that feels like the let down here, its fine. It’s just nothing special. I know I’m grading TBALC on a curve here, I just gave a team a glowing review for simply telling a coherent story with a beginning middle and end XD this film certainly has a clear story to tell, and it tells it well. But a few days later, I can only recall snatches of it. It’s really only the shots, tone and the rabbet gags i can recall. You know, if any other team had handed this in, I’d probably be frothing over it, its a wildly fun take on the genre. 

in fact, you know what I bet.. and in fact I’m just remembering something from the meme thread. That suddenly makes a whole lot more sense. This should have been a 7minute film.

The Endless Burden

Another very strong film out of NZBS. Good story idea. Well peformed and directed. The highlight for me was the silhouette style imagery. I look foward to seeing this again. Likely at the city final.

The Ex

A typically brilliant film from TBALC very well made, great score, great cinematography, not much to fault this film on but I will try :) perhaps the AH-HA moment where the film really takes shape could have been played a little stronger? perhaps the tone could have been built up just a little more before we meet the girl. so that when it changes gears the shift is more dramatic? but then again what do I know, that may have hurt the film. my only other thing was that by the middle of the film we are being told a lot of things and not shown that much. It's a tall ask for 48hours but it would have been good to 'see' the things they are talking about. City finalist for sure. I look forward to seeing it again.

Night Shift

everyone’s out here raving about this film and giving it 6/7. um what more do you guys want? this film has it all. Ultra (more on that next) Musical, Animation, a rock solid script and great jokes. so far the ONLY film I’ve seen throughout the heats where ultra actually works for the film. a lot of ultra’s work inspite of the ultra requirements, only Night Shift works because of Ultra. (and most films fail because of Ultra) The split screen set up feels organic to the story, and never causes any confusion (other than when that effect is intended as part of the story) the forth wall break actually works, and doesn’t detract from the film. good call making it a passing joke. J**** F*** it’s also a musical. City Finalst for sure. without knowing who’s the rest of the country went, I’d put money on this being a Grand Finalsist, a Nomination for best Ultra, and would be surprised if this took out the best Ultra award (especially if it’s actually judged on best use of Ultra) Expect to see this go all the way to Auckland and don’t be surprised if/when it wins the whole comp.

A Brush With Commitment

he’s supposed to be getting married and now he’s giving a speech at the art gallery. hilarious! funny stuff. hilarious ending

Opposite side of the track

A good looking film, but ultimately I was more lost than i was engaged.

Last Christmas

beautifully shot, well acted. But kinda limited in its overall scope, In my book you have to have a really strong idea to justify doing mocumentry. And i’m not sure this idea was strong enough. Perhaps if the main santa had been the only santa the film could have develped more of a strory, i have in my notes that the ending was Abrupt and unsatasfactory.

Gluten Intolerance

What I liked: This was another great film from heat two, (pretty sure it got my 3 point's vote) Extremely well written (good quips and puns) great acting, perfect editing that drove the story and pace. this one went down a real treat with the crowd. What to work on for next year: The film took a little longer than it needed to to get started, and perhaps the shock ending didn't live up to the quality that had come before it. City Finalist? Could be, I would be happy to watch it again

The Enchantress

I loved it, less about plot or a three act structure, just a simple story idea done well. Tightly edited, well shot, great way to take on your genre, of all the christchurch films this one really felt like a fairytale. Loved the reveal at the end, which was made all the more satasfying by the panio framing device used throughout the film.

Charlie's Psychosis

Superb performance from the lead character. Very well made film from the shots to the snappy edit. A great use of genre. The story really worked well. Above all though, Wonderful performance!!! Great work team

Stopping World War II

if anyone else pulled this shit I’d probably grumble about ‘cinematic reality’ or some such wankery. Stopping World War II is either a 1 Star Film or a 5 Star Film (out of 5 Stars that is) for arguments sake i’m going to give it full marks because its easily the hardest i’ve laughed at any 48hours film ever. I don’t want to spoil any of this films delightful surprises (on the off chance that other teams are snooping around in the reviews) but i really hope it plays at the city final. I’d love to experience this film again with a full audience of 48hours classic teams. will it though? it feels like exactly the film the city final needs but if this film gets judged against other more sincere efforts it might come up short :( it’s very much an in joke movie. usually i’m all about films standing up outside the competition in their own right. Toot Toot’s film last year blurred this line, but this year they break it entirely. the use of requirements become the entire driving force of their film and the story feels like a total throw away thing. but shiiiit. the local humour and in jokes they play with at the start are amazing as well as the jab at the rebuild. I love it. towards the end of the film they even bring the whole thing home it’s a bit of a poignant message. side splittingly funny. and thank god Toot Toot are in the final heat. after 3 nights of short films this one was the antidote we needed.

Seen The Close

I’m really sorry but i wasnt able to follow this film beyond the inital premise, the tone was good so the genre was well used, but i got confused very quickly, some patchy audio didnt help with this. But i have to respect the attempt at such a dark and serious film.


with the first cut I was wondering if they had misunderstood the found footage genre. but as it turned out this team has rather an interesting take on the found footage idea. nice shooting and editing. (although depth of field was just a bit to shallow for my liking) clearly a team that knows what they where doing. good script. solid acting well made technically. just lacking an x factor. the creators should be happy with their finished short. I look forward to more next year.

Casting Call

Chilling stuff. Ive used the word tone in a lot of my reviews but this one takes the cake. A confident hand is at the whelmin this film. Beautifully surreal

PC High

So much for that duo team eh. Strong concept and a whole bunch of supporting gags and jokes. Points off for the mocumentary style. But then the points get added back in for fully justifying the use of the format with one or two really tightly constructed jokes. It’s not hard to see how this won audience fav. Some of the best laughs of the night.

Wrong Target

I look forward to a film by Mad Scientists every year. Can i please request an ongoing continuity for your future films? Or are you already doing this? Bloody great stuff. You should go skydiving next year!

Love is a Glitch

My Favorite of the heat by a long shot. the first 4/5ths were intersting and engaging enough on their own, and then the ending broguht it all home with some really cool ideas. My only note was you held that final shot too long. Did you want it to play as comedy? Because holding it that long went for laughs, but It had seemed that you were going for gasps.

Nicky + Eve 19/5

I can't fault it. a funny and well balanced script, technically well done, well acted, well directed. only potential niggle (and this really is nit picking) is that if Geoff could spit the apple out when he did then why wouldn't he do so earlier. non issue in the scheme of things though. the one shot genre played perfectly to your strengths. I can easily see this going all the way to the top.

A Slice of You

I really liked this film, charming and well executed. Plenty of touches of gold that elevate a simple idea and simply constructed film to greatness. Great performances and direction. Great work team. As always, nice work shooting on a phone, You seem to put this out as a disclaimer, but it’s actually one of your secret strengths.


Strong take on the real time genre. I liked the way the true premise of the film unfolded. based on this teams entry last year I was expecting something more metaphorical/supernatural. the actual premise was a nice surprise. props to the actors for comfortably making their way through the script and the nearly wall to wall dialogue. personally I found the floaty camera distracting. and I’m guessing that camera choice/set up is the reason for the occasional out of focus shots and exposure issues? a good tripod might have been a better call? (but i hate to be the guy telling other people how to make their films, but i know you can take it :P) getting really brutal now I also don’t think the fire effects worked at the very end, (on a technical level) the sounds of the explosions, and the colour grade had totally worked to sell me on what was happening. should have just faded to white after that great top down shot. (strong use of the requirement too) hate to be that guy giving unsolicited notes but I know you’d rather know why i arrived at my star rating. EDIT: came back to say, easily one of the best team intros this year. - you guys are really growing into your name too ;)


What I Liked: Great performances, nice take on the genre (two cat and mouse stories going on at once was cool) lots of strong visual comedy get me interested with good music keeping it all together. The resolution brought a smile to my face too It's a tough genre and they did about the most exact version of cat and mouse that you could do with out getting actual cats and mice involved.

Saint Lyricals

every year I'm impressed by the films that upshot makes. this year was no exception and intact probably their strongest film yet. Given the dreaded musical genre Upshot really stepped it up and with a great setting they put together a solid musical. their key musical number is STILL stuck in my head which is only a good thing here. the story is solid, the acting is good and the cinematography and editing does a good job of carrying the film. perhaps the film could have been a little shorter? I think that I might have heard the main chorus for 'Saint Lyricals' just a few too many times.

Paper Girl

What I liked: Strong visuals and a expertly crafted film. cool take on the genre, it was an ambitious concept but they really did pull it of with a great combination of practical and post production effects. as always with TGA the performances where great and kept me watching I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this one in the finals although it did feel like there was a lot of story left untold when the film reached it's finish What happens next!!!! (this could be another point to the teams credit though)

FU Finding Unicorns

Cute film, fun premise. Looks like everyone involved had fun making this. Nice to see the whole family got some screen time :) Congratulations on completing a film!


nicely shot, cute concept for a film. could have been a bit tighter in the edit. the shark effect in the water was low fi but it really really worked! cute shots of the dog to finish were a treat.


really nicely made film, strong visuals and night shooting. Story didn’t exactly resolve in a super satasfiying way. But i was enganged the whole time the pace was good and the film was just generally well made accross all departments Some really strong character moments. Not sure if this film nailed its genre but i liked it for what it was.


If there was an award for best use of the cinema sized screen (and why is there not?!?!) then this film should win it. The unbelievably strong and effective POV style of this film elevates a pretty simple story to greatness This short succeeds in a way that not nearly enough 48hours films even attempt. It gives the viewer an experence. Short stoures are fine. But I like to go to the cinema for an experience. Im calling it now. This was the best use of the technical element in chch this year. Crazy simple. Unbelievablely funny moment. Testiment to how well the pov was. Fuck i didnt realise how good this film is untill just now. Finalist for sure. If it had done more (not been so simple in its ending) I could imagine seeing this win the city. But the judges typically have hard ons for story over stye/concept. Pity.


The team intro had me SO EXCITED!!! however from there on I was rather let down by this film. interesting approach using a split story. although given that you got action film I dont understand why you chose make a drama/thriller. sadly your "action" fell short of ever making this an action film. I can see that it was competently edited and at times well shot. all n all I thought it was a solid enough story but just not fitting as a action film

Hopeful Gardens

What I liked: This was a good black comedy that understood the genre, great performances, production design and location. it also had several laugh out loud moments, Gags like the car splashing the character with a bucket of water and the pony tail pulling were very funny I wasn't entirely clear on the main characters reason or wanting to get into the cult though.

In bread, love

What I liked. Incest humour. This film made me laugh. as weird as it was it build up to some good moments. The scene with the priest was great. The way the film reveals its big twist/concept was bloody amazing. Strange that one of the best black comedys of the comp didn't even have to be a black comedy. So good on you guys for taking rom com (stupid genre for this comp) and doing something interesting with it. What else can I say. This film was funny! (And fucked up)


What I liked. Man this one was funny! Great visuals and a great take on the genre. I liked this film for exactly what I was. Yes it could have looked even better but the rough around the edges look only added to the comedy. Lots of lols and a way to start the heat. Lacked any real substance but that was the whole point.

Burnt Out

O dear god, THE TOAST! Things I liked: humours use of the prop and interpretation of the genre, some nice shots too (the top down bathroom shot was great) I was waiting for a mountain of toast to come crashing down over the main character but it never came... (at least in the crazy over the top amount I was expecting)


Absolutely beautiful, terrific take on the genre too. Strong Understated performances make this sing.

House Date

What I liked: by far the strongest thing on display here was the acting, the premise also was interesting enough to keep me engaged through the film however I wasn't really clear on what was going on for the first minute or so, this film also played more as a comedy than as a rom com, the comedy that was on display was great but the romantic side to the story seemed to be sidelined in a big way. the pacing also didn't feel quite right, things happened in a very fast and episodic manner. the shots in this movie looked good but i question the decision to crop down to a 2.35:1 ratio, as far as I could tell this was done purely in post and i don't think it added anything (i was aware that there where parts of the composition that we where missing)

Not Again

Funny, well made, well written, just a really strong 48hours film over all. Great use of Genre, impressive location and production design. Well shot, directed, acted. Everyone involved should be supremely proud of this film. The Doctor/Nurse bit in the middle of the film is fantastic. The pace of the film also is excellent. My enthusisiam for this film softens slightly at the ending, personally i find the use of sound effect to be a cop out, but that’s when you consider this film in the context of the comp, and as i like to say the best 48hours films stand up totally outside of the comp, which this film does, so in that sense the sound effect is used quite cleverly within the script. Also the selfaware joke about how you’re probably sick of this sound effect felt cheep, this film was better than that, but it also works in the context of the film. So thats probably just my problem. The lead actor does a great job, the character is so so watchable and funny, his energy, fear, panic and instance that he hasnt stuck something up his butt is funny, although it starts to verge into gay panic teritory. What this team has pulled off in 48hours is extremly strong accross the board. ‘Not Again’ is my safe pick for Christchurch City Winner. (So its a city finalist for sure) I say ‘safe pick’ because its a typical 48hours films in many ways, it’s pure comedy. I wish that Les Cousins had had the full 7 minutes of years gone past to let this film breathe, i think my niggles with the ending stem from the whole thing wrapping up very quickly.