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Pain in The Neck

by Palm Line Productions


Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Sitcom, an interesting approach, i think if your going to do it you have to go even harder, more canned louder laughter, pauses to let the laughter fade. Going through all the jokes to the point were it became predictable was good in terms of the sitcom but not really the best in terms of telling a short film, good burn effect on the neck and overall an enjoyable funny movie

You had some good ideas in here. I thought it was well acted, I really liked the song at the start that was very funny. My main note of improvement would be lighting, just generally having better lit scenes so we can see the characters better would up the quality of the film. The ending was a little jarring but the audience had a good laugh about it. Well done guys!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two flatmates. One is a vampire, the other works hard to do nice things for her. Done as a a sort of sitcom but as mentioned above not hard enough and therefore it felt like it wasn't sustained. In fact, I can't recall any canned audience reaction beyond the half-way point. Landed a few good jokes, there was an excellent burn effect and the ending was a hit.

Default Avatar Maddie Payne

Love the canned laughter on this, really added to the story.

Fun concept, good excuse for a whole lot of gags Great use of wind Ultimately though this film could have done with a stiff edit to bring the pace uP

A really good concept, and an original take on the odd couple format. As J Frog noted, if you guys wanted to do an homage to sitcoms, I think you needed to lean into it more. The theme song needed to feel a bit more authentic, the camera angles needed to represent the four-camera set up of sitcoms, and the laugh track needed to sound like a full theatre of laughter, not just a few people in a room. Now, I get that you maybe didn't have access to more cameras, a musician or a theatre full of people ready to laugh, but if you HAD I could have easily seen this concept, executed to its full potential, be one of my favourite films of the year. The story is great, and the gags are also great. A fun way to end it, and while the Vampire hunter was a little young, the casting was pretty much on point. Looking forward to see what you guys put forward in the future. TITLE REVIEW: Pain in the Neck is perfect for the 80s/90s sitcom homage that this film is. Well done!

This isn't the only film with this title this year, the other one is from Dunedin and from the one review I can tell that it's also a vampire movie, it's not up in the screening room yet but don't think it's too much of a coincidence as "pain in the neck" is one of the more obvious ideas for a vampire film title, if there were two vampire films with the same, less obvious title I'd have to suspect something. Enjoyable on a modest, flawed level, kind of a not so secret identity movie as the flatmate's actions make it quite obvious the cat's out of the bag. The use of wind at the end was the absolute highlight.

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