School Teams

Are you a teacher with a bunch of media-savvy students who are keen to make a film?


To support our school teams we also offer a two for one deal. Register one team and you’ll be emailed a 100% discount code to use when you register a second team. If you register in the early-bird period you get the early-bird price. Otherwise, you pay the normal registration fee.

Please note that a school team must be registered through an approved Ministry of Education School or in the homeschool network. Register your team here.



We have a special school prize for the top school team. We get really excited about the school team entrants and are blown away by the quality of the story-telling. 

Please note that school teams are eligible for the 'Best School' award, but films should be student-led with key creative roles filled by school students. Adults can be involved as cast and in advisory roles.

National Best School Team

$1000 cash
$1000 of Ulanzi gear from Rubber Monkey
10 x passes to Hobbiton Movie Set



48Hours is awesome. We know it and soon you'll know it. What you might not realise is that it is possible to get NCEA credits by being involved. Below are links to more information about some NCEA standards that students might be eligible for. Students - you should discuss this with your teachers before the weekend to see which ones will work for you and what you will need to do to meet the requirements. Get planning. Get organised. Get registered! 

Media NCEA standards.
Music NCEA standards.
Dance NCEA standards.


We have made some great resources to help our teams prepare for the weekend here.

Check out some of the past national school winners:

2022 National Best School Team - Cinnamon Cinemas - No Indemnity - St. Hilda's Collegiate School (Dunedin).

2021 National Best School Team - Howie Mandel Club - Sharla and the Smiths - Newlands College (Wellington).

2019 National Best School Team - Bus Stop Productions - The Talk - Wellington High School

2018 National Best School Team - Wellington High Year 12 - Slept in - Wellington High School

2017 National Best School Team - Kapiti College - Death Blade Five: The Revengeneance