Reviews and feedback on your films

19 Jun 2019

Review Site
Everybody loves feedback!  If you make it along to the heats, take a notepad along with you and make some notes about the films you have seen, so you can review them, even if it is just a sentence I am sure it will be appreciated!
We have…

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Vista Foundation 48Hours - City Final Events

18 Jun 2019

We take the top films from all the Vista Foundation 48Hours teams in each region and screen them at cinemas and theatres around the country for the City Finals, we present the top filmmakers with their awards.
Showcasing the talent that boils under the surface when you put people under…

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2019 Genres, descriptions and examples

14 Jun 2019

2019 Elements

Compulsory Sound Element: Laughter
Joyful? Maniacal? Nervous? Fake? Are your characters unable to hold in their laughter or they laughing out of politeness? It’s up to you! We want to hear laughter in the films this year. This is the compulsory SOUND element, so you don’t have to…

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Spot Prizes in the weekend

12 Jun 2019

Join our facebook group and post your behind the scenes photos, we will pick our favourite photos and send out some spot prizes - Ness and Ruth.

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Out of Town Teams and Digital Pigeon

8 Jun 2019

If you cannot make it to the physical hand in locations in one of the centres then you can register as an out of town team.
Shout out to Digital Pigeon for their sponsorship - allowing our out of town teams to send their films to us through the internet.…

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