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48HOURS Entries, 2024

City Winner

Loose End

Great Lake Film Society

City Winner


Couch Kumara

City Winner

Thicker Than Water

Jovial Entertainment

City Winner

Zero Mum Game

An Evening With

City Runner Up

The Long Neck Job


National Finalist

Beware the Kraken

Sports Team

National Finalist

Chef's Kiss

Permanently Confused

National Finalist

Dead of the Day

The Good Bits

National Finalist

Lover's Got the Runs

Pixel Pixies

National Finalist

Man Hand


National Finalist

Monster State

Sad Jackie

National Finalist

Screw The Pooch

Horny Owls

City Runner Up

Stage Four Law

Rabid Aunty Jean

National Finalist


Disqualified Tim

National Finalist


chips cheese cats etc

National Finalist

The Lurhman Brothers

Berger King

Recent reviews

'Gutted' is built on a ridiculous premise, but man, it delivers some comedy gold! They nailed it out of the park with their Splatter genre, contrasting some jaw-droppingly-funny guts and gore with the mundane small talk of a nice evening dinner party. It's rare to see a film in this competition make everyone laugh so consistently - but from the minute the bloody action begins, the comedy gold doesn't stop until it's over, with a fantastic and simple end that frames the entire story perfectly with a fun twist. A well deserved national finalist (and a strong contender for the overall winner IMO) and I can't wait to see what they cook up next year!

A strange film that comes from a filmmaker with a lot to show (literally). This film was uncomfortable, but warm and fuzzy at the same time. I'm not sure whether I would personally suffer through the discomfort (or ecstasy?) of obtaining sweets from the creatures that inhabit Tim's world, but it sure makes for a fun story. I always enjoy and appreciate Tim's ability to create otherwordly cinema in this competition and I'm never bored watching his work. Even though it's not pornographic, I probably wouldn't recommend watching with your parents.

Total Banger of a film.
Great twist of the genre and the effects were used to perfection - stomach turning perfection.
Script wise - the relationships were so clear and the situation made all of the characters so identifiable immediately which was chef kiss nicely done.

Someone said that its the teams first year entering and its unbelievable to see a first time team create a film so tight! WOW.

Superbly shot film. Acting top notch. Some great laugh out loud moments and love an awkward moment. Editing sold the story elements to perfection.

Storywise was a really mature take this situation and didn't dip into easy gags and grotesque toilet humour!

Everything from script to credits felt confident, creative and professional!!!

Wow. WOw. WOW.
This is the work of some incredible film-makers. Not a single note that isn't perfect here.

Wasn't expecting the emotional depth from a 48hour film - which feels like a credit to the acting and script, but all of the decisions here are spot on. The set design, lighting, camera work, sound... all off the chart!

Gushing out of the way. If you are looking for something bizarre and different (which I sniff out like a fiend) this won't tickle that itch.

The strength of this film is in its emotional gut punch! Something that only the best film-makers in this comp can pull off - which this team clearly are!!!

Pros - Location, acting, editing + colour grade, cinematography. + Twist.

Cons - You'll want to watch it again immediately!

A film that you will want to watch again as there is more here than is happening in first viewing I believe. The ending re-contextualising the rest of the film will add some extra depth on the repeat viewings!

Great work owls!!!

I have issues with this film...

...I want it to be 10x longer and I want that mood and tone to be part of a bigger story!!!!
As soon as the film starts it feels like you're in the hands of confident and capable film-makers.
The selected imagery is perfection to the tone and story and the building dread.

My only gripe - and sorry for inserting my preferences on your art - is it felt like the start of a larger film rather than a film in its own right. Had there been a wider context this would be S-tier. For now its just s-teir:)

Potentially my favourite film of the 2024 comp.

This film is testament to a team that has evolved and matured every single year!
As soon as you see their logo pop up you know you're in for a treat. And this year they have outdone themselves. The humour and tight story was superb.

Everyone will be talking about the car - but if you've seen their other films you'll know that this team is willing to go above and beyond to treat us to spectacle like this each year!

Achieving the nod from PJ is just the jam on top of the donut. This film is a treat for all who watch it!

Congrats on another top tier film!

Kia ora Kratos.

Firstly I have not seen your film as of yet, but given our history, I already know that you guys can “Bring it”

I am extremely proud and happy that you guys are finally being recognised as the “Gods of Hori Chaos” in film and that you have finally elevated to the taumata of the Grand Finals.

Know Jol that I will be watching the GF this Saturday in support of yous and it would bring a tear to my eye (No bullshit) if you guys managed to take the main title.

Nga mihi mahana ki a koutou.

Ngati Porou mo ake tonu atu.

- Rob