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Monster State

by Sad Jackie


Absolutely incredible. Technically impeccable, and a story with immense heart. This deserves to win the whole competition and more.

Yeah this is the likely national winner this year. I'll write up a full detailed review when I get a spare moment. Amazing work.

A solid down-to-earth take on the Monster Genre reminiscent of Under the Bridge in its emotional depth.

A-grade across the board. Has to be one of this year's best. One of the hidden advantages of 48hours is its ability to make films that quickly reflect current events, and I'd be damned if this isn't a shining example of that.

Wow. WOw. WOW.
This is the work of some incredible film-makers. Not a single note that isn't perfect here.

Wasn't expecting the emotional depth from a 48hour film - which feels like a credit to the acting and script, but all of the decisions here are spot on. The set design, lighting, camera work, sound... all off the chart!

Gushing out of the way. If you are looking for something bizarre and different (which I sniff out like a fiend) this won't tickle that itch.

The strength of this film is in its emotional gut punch! Something that only the best film-makers in this comp can pull off - which this team clearly are!!!

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