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Somebody Someone joelcorbie88

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City Finalist


Great Lake Film Society



THIS IS IT!!! So good. So many fun moments. To me this is the type of film I want to see in the film festival. Something bonkers but coherent and clearly fun to make. Hilarious!!!

Lil' Bro

Super well shot. You could have fooled me this was done in 48hours. WOW. Cinematography is top notch. Editing doesn't miss a beat. The only thing missing would be a deeper or more original storyline. Apart from that Superb.


Theres so much to love about this film. The production value is exceptional, super smooth transitioning between story teller and her past. The images in the past are stunning.
I was a little confused with the sci-fi location and the use of fake background behind the story teller. Seemed at odds with the story that was told.
That said, I really thought this would take out the regions top award. Hopefully we'll see it repping the region in the finals- fingers crossed:) Great work.

The Breath of Death

This is a well paced and very competently put together film. So of the editing techniques in here are really well executed and the tension was perfect for the setting and story that was being told.

Le Burglar

Really enjoyed this film. Some of the lines were LOL-able.
Even though the location was flat (a literal flat by the look of things) it didnt detract from the great elements of humour and cheesy deaths
Cannot wait to watch it again!

Oh Brother!

This film had our watch party in stitches, shielding our eyes and cringing in equal part. If that's not a glowing recommendation I dont know what is. "My favourite film of the region" - Kerence Stephen, Production designer Great Lake Film Society.
Great work team.

Joyless Pussies

We had a great time watching this film. The team looked like they had such a fun time making this off beat blend of quirky cinema.
Great concept and really relatable as we all know someone who could fit into such a group:)
Would have loved to see a more polished production from a cinematography perspective and the pacing at times dragged, but everything else was on point. Great humour, great make up, great fun. Thanks for the laughs.

Making A Splash

What a tricky review on this one. After being some outstanding films from the chillybox crew over the last few years, including of course competition winning films, the bar has been set so high and expectations for films from this team are always so anticipated. That said I think this years film was exceptional on so many levels. The cinematography was top notch. The pacing was spot on. But where things fell short for me was the storyline. With a blackmirror-esque premise (which we've seen them excel at in previous years) the story didnt bring anything new to the table.
Again this is only because they have set the bar so high in their previous entries that Im labouring on this point. The film is well very well executed and I cant wait to watch it again.

Him & Her

Wow wow wow. The amount of effort that must have gone into this to pull this off is staggering! Even though I'm not a huge musical fan I can appreciate the work that is on display here. Great stuff.

Memories of Kevin

Wow. What a superb film. Simple concept and so perfectly executed. The cinematography is the best Ive seen in the festival thus far! The acting was great and with so much of the film resting on the performance she pulled it off perfectly.
That was a treat!


Im in two minds about this film. On the one hand it told a simple and effective story.
On the other hand the storyline and twist was very familiar and during our watch party someone picked the twist within the first couple interaction.
That said the cinematography complimented the films mood perfectly and it was concise and easy to follow.
Congrats on the win:)

Shit Chat

Whoa that was a brilliant film. What an ending. Was waiting for a really epic unloading and I was not disappointed.
For a single location and simple premise this had me hooked. The performances were just what was needed and possibly one of the most memorable lines from any film so far "the heart and the asshole are connected" love it

Super Dead

So many quotable lines in this one. Loved seeing some of the old crime film tropes being put to good use and great ending, including a very nicely filmed shadowy final shot. Keep the films coming!!

Loot & Blunder

INSANE! How is it possible to be done in 48hours. This animation powerhouse should have a TV show or movie!!
I cannot wait to watch this one again.

Good Girl

Loved the feel of this film. The weight of the film rested on the shoulders of the leads performance and she carried it to the final frame.
The special effects enhanced the cheesy nature of the film. The tension was high once the action kicked in and the ending came naturally.
Congratulations of a stellar film.


Cool film guys. There was some subtle little moments in the acting that gave me goosebump. Would have loved a parallel story or some backstory playing out alongside the murders to enhance the story but it worked and told a neat wee story. Congrats:)