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Run with me

by TSŌ

Teen runs away from his home life with his lover but is he making a mistake? Should he go home?


Take a bow, director Sequoia Trass - I thought you directed your whole team very well here. I love to see young teams tell stories which are relatable to young people, and this one is both relatable and highly emotional. The film also makes excellent use of an original score, some clever montage sequences, dynamic composition techniques and heaps more. Even the credits sequence shows forward planning, and adds to the story to help the twist sink in. It looks like there might have been some technical mistakes which have been covered up (eg ADR) but it's not jarring, and mostly just shows smart film-making (and don't sweat it too much, there will always be flaws to cover!) Very impressive for a young team.

Importantly, they nail the genre (then throw it back at us to further characterise the male lead). One of my heat-choices for audience favourite!

That twist!!! Didn't see that coming!
Great use of locations and the acting was really nice! Cinematography from that first shot onwards had me hooked and great colour grade!!!!

Incredibly well put together. Beautiful colour grade and cinematography. You should be very proud of this film and well worth the watch.

Well done team. Some really, lovely shots! Can't wait to see what you make next.

I'm envious of the talent this team has at such a young age!
From the opening shot you're hooked and the film doesn't let you go till into the credits. This is exceptional work!!!

A very young looking team. Your film actually has a lot of character. The filters give your film a dark vibe. The girl with red in her hair does a brilliant job and busts her butt acting her heart out. Good job team.

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