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Somebody Someone Great Lake Film Society

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Loose End

Great Lake Film Society


Mentally Eel

TLDR = Watch this film. Hilarious and heart felt with great quotable lines!!!

LONG VERSION = Loved this film and cannot speak highly enough of it.

The chemistry between the characters is there. The comedy is there. The quotable lines. It's all there.
Normally I cringe when a mockumentary is made but this one hit all the right buttons. And I think that's largely down to great pacing. With humour as the driving force The story never stagnates.

There are some obvious sound issues (maybe chuck in some subtitles) and lighting could have been tighter in some scenes but it never takes away from the experience. And it's 48hours so perfection isn't the aim. The aim is watch ability and enjoyment. And this film nailed it.

With peace and love... The one other nitpick would be ending. Many films just end rather than giving us some decent cathartic release. This fell into that territory for me. Had the eel hunters had a falling out and finding the eel brought them back together OR maybe the tourist jumped in and became an eel (something really out the gate) then the ending would have been a big landing and much more memorable. Just my two cents:)

Really excited to see what this team delivers going forward!




Run with me

I'm envious of the talent this team has at such a young age!
From the opening shot you're hooked and the film doesn't let you go till into the credits. This is exceptional work!!!

Yeaagghewahh (Love Ya Face)

Check out this film. The eddie page team have gone from strength to strength over the years. This years offering showcased a maturity in the way the story unfolded and with some great gross out moments to boot.


Yikes. That was a slick film. From the opening shot to the final frame everything felt purposeful and perfectly in place for the world that was built. the exterior church scenes gave beautiful vibes of horror films gone by - huge plus for me as theres a soft spot for the horrors of yesteryear in my heart.

only downside was the story. Would have loved to have seen something more unfold from this location and premise. I don't presume to tell you how to do your art as thats what makes art interesting have everyone give their own take. But to me, a bit flat

Loved the sound design which worked so well given the context of an apocalypse. Make up 10/10. Performances superb!

Oh Crap

Loved this film so much. A struggle I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to executed in a hilarious fashion. A perfect blend of suspense techniques enhanced the comedy ridiculousness of the whole endeavour.

Our only complaint is we have to wait so long to watch it again.

Loose End


Higher Connections

Catching this film again at the BOP finals was a treat. Picked up some extra gems missed on the first viewing and the song will stick with you well after those credits roll.
Cinematography is as beautiful and so well directed.

This team came out of the blue and blew us away. A team to keep an eye on for sure!!


Umm what the actual...

a romp into a post apocalyptic submerged world........ W all around

tim and his team really leans into their strengths on this one. No-one can say that the effort and execution of the set wasn't topnotch.

great film, much cinematography, such production design

Sit Tight

Style and substance. A top notch film from a rad bunch of film-makers.

the improvement this bunch of film-makers have made in a short period of time is impressive. There's no knowing how far these guys will go in film-making.

I wouldn't go as far as saying they were robbed from awards etc as many have said, as art is always a subjective endeavour, awards and nominations aren't what we should be striving for. But what i will say is that the film this team made was something to be stoked about!!


It's beyond my comprehension that a team could pull off such n elaborate and epic scale animation like this.
The team are true magicians - or lunatics - for even attempting such a feat.


Going Solo

For some reason this film gave some Rick and Morty Vibes - don't ask me why - but its quite apt as R+M is heavily multiverse. so bravo:)
A fun film which will have you cracking up... even if you're sitting at home alone watching it... eating 3 day old pizza... in your underwear... surrounded by cats...

Totally not speaking from experience.

Superb film

If You See Them

This film mostly just flew over my head. I dont quite understand what the "astral cowboy" was up to and why the friends wouldn't want old mate to go with him to a rave? Is it because raving is beneath them and their pretentiousness?

Regardless of my lack of understanding, A couple of great comedy moments with the "astral cowboy". And Great acting mixed in there!

Untimely Intervention

Simple and well set up conflict with a satisfying pay off. This has all the ingredients of a great short film. Asking multiple actors to step up and carry a film together is a task - yet Janine pulled it off solo. Great work!


Everytime an EPP film starts you know you're in for a treat. And this year was no different. Great laugh out loud dialogue, impossibly good makeup and production design, and committed acting that will leave grinning.

The story this year - after this second viewing and noticing some more pieces - was both bold and subtle and the final shot of the film is a show stopper!

Well done EPP!!!

ACAB: All Cops Are Builders

Love loved loved this take on a crime caper. The puns were unreal and the set-ups and pay off worked a treat.

seems the time was spent well in post - being the stand off scene as this was pivotal to the story and it was executed really well with all of the effects looking smooth and appropriate!.

Down Slayment

What a film.
You can feel the confident direction and commuted acting on display from the opening shot and it doesn't let up until after the credits roll!

Technically top notch throughout the entire short with Great lighting and a perfectly suited location for the story being told.

The simple story works well with a twist you may see coming but doesn't detract from the enjoyment of this well paced film!

One of my favs from Auckland heats


Loved this film. Great pacing and the story had me guessing where it was headed. The pay off was unexpected but satisfying. On top of the story elements some really great cinematography and editing techniques on display throughout. Nicely done!

Flüstern des Herzens

Solid effort with huge atmosphere. This film revels in its strangeness and stays there. A definite front runner to take out the incredibly strange award at this years comp IMO