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Mentally Eel

by The Bungle Boys


TLDR = Watch this film. Hilarious and heart felt with great quotable lines!!!

LONG VERSION = Loved this film and cannot speak highly enough of it.

The chemistry between the characters is there. The comedy is there. The quotable lines. It's all there.
Normally I cringe when a mockumentary is made but this one hit all the right buttons. And I think that's largely down to great pacing. With humour as the driving force The story never stagnates.

There are some obvious sound issues (maybe chuck in some subtitles) and lighting could have been tighter in some scenes but it never takes away from the experience. And it's 48hours so perfection isn't the aim. The aim is watch ability and enjoyment. And this film nailed it.

With peace and love... The one other nitpick would be ending. Many films just end rather than giving us some decent cathartic release. This fell into that territory for me. Had the eel hunters had a falling out and finding the eel brought them back together OR maybe the tourist jumped in and became an eel (something really out the gate) then the ending would have been a big landing and much more memorable. Just my two cents:)

Really excited to see what this team delivers going forward!


Very nice. This 48 film reminds me of 2011. The Doco craze was huge. But alas. Kind of a breathe of fresh air watching this. Well done.

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