Due to the open nature of this event, we need all participants to aim for a PGR or M rating. If your film makes the City Finals, which is a ticketed event, it will need to be officially rated by the Censor's Office. If it receives an R rating this will limit the age of who can attend the event.

Learn more about the New Zealand classification ratings.

There is a chance we may put a warning on any films with themes that might trigger someone in the audience, for example stories that deal with mental illness and suicide. We don't discourage exploring serious topics but please handle any sensitive themes with care.

Regardless of the rating, if we consider that your film contains offensive material, especially when specifically directed at individuals or groups, we reserve the right to not screen it in the heats or city finals - please see the rules. In this situation we will get in touch with the team leader to discuss the issues.

The bottom line: When in doubt, cut it out.