Good Advice

Shoot Weekend Podcasts

The team at 48Hours love a good hearty podcast, so with the help of some friends, we made our own podcasts. The playlist features interviews with teams about their unique experience participating in the competition.

Teams interview other teams about their creative process while passing on some useful film-making advice to new teams. 

We have a brand new crop of podcasts called Tackling The Weekend

Each episode will follow the structure of the eagerly anticipated shoot weekend.

Facing Friday

This episode is all about jump starting the shoot weekend and getting all of the brainstorming and writing started. Featuring Rosie Howells from ‘Tasteful Sideboob’, Dean Hewison from ‘Traces of Nut and Fran Carney.

Shoot Day Saturday

This episode covers how to get the most out of your big shoot day on Saturday. Featuring Stella Reid from ‘Child Support’ and Dean Hewison from ‘Traces of Nut’.

Deadline Sunday

Getting your edit and audio workflows in place and facing that nailbiter final day of the shoot weekend. Featuring Bailey Palmer from ‘Typhoid Films’ and Bryn Olsson.

Listen to more of our past podcasts here.

There's loads of ways to approach 48Hours and every team will do things their own way. Its good to learn from past mistakes though, so we've put together a list of good advice that we've heard from successful teams over the years.


When you decide to enter 48Hours, you can do so in one of two ways. You can either register and build a team or join a team.

If you decide to start your own team, you will need to register your team when registrations open and then find people to help. Teams range in size from 1 person to over 20 people. Obviously which suits you best will depend largely on your reasons for doing the competition, your skills and preferences.

If you would rather join a team, and don't know anyone who is entering, or can't find anyone to join your team, join our facebook group or get in touch with your city manager. 

Be Prepared

There are a number of things you can do before the weekend to make things easier over the weekend.

  • Plan how you will keep yourself and your crew fed. 
  • Line up some actors who are available all weekend.
  • Find locations and get permission in advance. Make sure you will be able to access them on the weekend.
  • If you are animating, then you are allowed to prepare character and location assets, the same as live action teams.
  • Expect not to sleep much, especially if you're the editor. (Make sure someone who has slept is free to drive you around).
  • Test your equipment. Make sure you know how to use that camera with that microphone. Charge your batteries. 
  • Test your editing system. Test how long it will take to export a 5-minute movie. Make sure you have enough hard drive space. Use software you are familiar with.
  • Check your internet connection is reliable for the online handin, or find a connection that is.
  • Decide on your roles