Finalists Announcement

A huge congratulations to the OPPO48 Finalists. They are:

An Evening With - Something Fishy - Christchurch - 

Breakfast Battalion - April Fools - Auckland

Great Lake Film Society - Dis - Bay Of Plenty

Pipstars - Untitled - Christchurch

Take Ten - Pull My Heart Strings - Auckland

The Flarm - An Unheard Joke - Wellington

Traces of Nut - Opportunity - Wellington

Wooah - Skeleton & Skin Sack - Auckland

The winner is being judged by our guest judge - Tom Sainsbury - and will be announced at the Grand Final. 

Watch all the entries here.

Warm up with the OPPO48 Challenge 

For the OPPO48 challenge you are required to include at least one of the three elements:

#1 - A surprise visitor

#2 - A phone call

#3 - A Transformation

There is no genre for this event. #48hoursnz #OPPO #OPPO48

20th April, 2024 - Midday til 5pm

In collaboration with OPPO, we are introducing a new, free challenge to get Aotearoa’s tenacious filmmakers sharpened up and prepared for 2024's competition! OPPO are big fans of the legacy of the Vista Foundation 48Hours. The OPPO48 challenge is designed to showcase mobile phone filming with an OPPO phone.

The very best part is that this challenge is that it is completely free to enter.

Get film fit for 2024’s round of the Vista Foundation 48Hours!

Win $5000 with the OPPO48 Challenge

The winning team will take away a $5000 cash prize for their short. The Oppo48 winner will also screen alongside the finalist films at the Grand Final. 

Bloopers Giveaway

OPPO48 competitors can win one of 10 OPPO Buds2 Pro earbuds by submitting their best "bloopers" or "funny moment" clip along with their entries. The OPPO team will select 10 lucky winners who will snag a brand new set of headphones from OPPO worth $99.00.

Teams will be able to submit bloopers files via our OPPO48 Digital Pigeon online portal up until Tuesday 23rd 5pm. Please name the files: TEAM NAME_BLOOPERS

Judging Criteria


We are pleased to announce 48Hours alumni, writer/director of Loop Track, and short video content creator Tom Sainsbury will be judging the OPPO48 Challenge!

Entries are judged on the following:

  • Originality and execution of the story
  • Entertainment value
  • Innovative use of the required elements
  • Innovative story and script writing
  • Acting and character work
  • Production values
  • The films’ ability to stand out from the crowd

How do you enter?

To compete in the OPPO48 challenge, you need to register for the event on our website - OPPO48 Registration. Registrations are open until 5pm, Friday April 19th.

Get ready by checking out the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page, or reading the OPPO48 Resources page. You can also read our Good Advice page.

Download release forms. You will need to have any cast, musicians or locations complete these hold on to them until requested - 48HOURS Release Form.

Stay safe out there! Read our Health and Safety page and plan accodingly.

At midday, April 20th, we will announce the elements that you need to include in your film on our social media channels, on our website www.48hours.co.nz and as a YouTube Premiere. (Subscribe to our YouTube Channel).

There will be three elements to choose from, you are required to include at least one of these. There will be no genre for this challenge.

Teams or individuals will have FIVE hours to create a ONE minute short film, that is shot on any OPPO mobile phone.

As with the normal competition, teams can be any size. You can shoot this film on any OPPO mobile phone device of your choosing. You can also choose to shoot vertically or horizontally. You can use any editing software you like and can record audio using another device.

Films must be submitted via our OPPO48 Digital Pigeon online portal.

The upload must BEGIN by 5pm on April 20th to be eligible.

Teams must also submit a piece of raw footage from the film, as well as photos of them using the phone to shoot their film, when they submit the film. 

Please make sure all files are clearly labelled with your TEAM NAME.

There are no file spec requirements. 

As well as submitting the film via our OPPO48 Digital Pigeon online portal, you are free to share the film as soon as it is completed at the end of the mini challenge, as long as you use the hashtags #48Hoursnz and #OPPO with your uploads.


Any questions?

You can get in touch with the national managers if you have any questions:

Thomas Coppell - Email Thomas - 027 741 1967

Ruth Korver - Email Ruth - 021 150 7201

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for the 2024 OPPO48 Challenge:

  1. The ‘Film’ must be created between 12pm - 5pm on 20th April 2024. 
  2.  All footage must be shot on an OPPO phone. Other phone brands will not be eligible for the OPPO48 challenge. 
  3. This is a mobile phone camera challenge where the intention is that you use the phone camera to create the imagery, so the majority of the film should be filmed on the phone. This can include stop motion if you are filming reality frame by frame. Titles, VFX, stock or digitally generated imagery should be kept to a minimum. 
  4. The duration of the ‘Film’ must be a maximum of 1 minute including any credits. 
  5. The ‘Film’ must be uploaded to our OPPO48 Digital Pigeon online portal as a single digital movie file. Uploads must BEGIN by 5pm 20th April 2024. 
  6. Teams must also submit a piece of raw footage from the film, as well as photos of them using the phone to shoot their film, when they submit the film. 
  7. The ‘Film’ must include at least one of the required elements. 
  8. The ‘Film’ must include the final closing credit: "Made as part of OPPO48 Challenge 2024".

  9. You must have the rights to all material that appears in the ‘Film’. Release forms must be signed for all actors, locations, music, stills, stock footage and anything else that you need permission for that you use in the ‘Film’. This must be held by the Team leader until requested.
 48HOURS Release Form.
  10. Your team leader must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

  11. You may make the ‘Film’ public on the internet once the challenge has commenced at 5pm and 11th April, with the hashtags #48Hoursnz and #OPPO48
  12. 48Hours expects a film with a G rating for the OPPO48 event. This means that people of all ages can view these films. There is no offensive language, nudity, sex, violence or other matters that would upset tamariki. We will not accept entries that contain content that we consider offensive, especially when specifically directed at individuals or groups. Decisions on this will be made at the discretion of the 48Hours management. Learn more about the New Zealand classification ratings.
  13. The team leader must register and agree to the OPPO48 Challenge 2024 participation agreement. Download OPPO48 Challenge 2024 Participation Agreement Here

Rules are subject to change up to the shoot day, so check back here.

Need an OPPO phone?

Thanks to eveyone who has contacted us, we have now allocated all of the OPPO phones, good luck for the OPPO48 Challenge!


Use the code ‘OPPO48’ on any smartphone product on https://shop.oppomobile.nz and get 15% off. Note: This cannot be used in conjunction with any devices currently on promotion.