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by TheUltimateSuspendedFlat9Chord


Like a fever dream! Wonderfully humourous and sweet.

I felt all the emotions watching this film.
Awe - laugh out loud - awe - empathy - disgust - anxiety - wtf - WTF.

I can't say I understood anything that was happening. Which isn't a problem.

I'm not sure if I need my head checked after this or if the film-makers need their head checked.

Well done team! What a cacophony of ideas. Never know what's coming next. A tonne of skill has gone into this one.

Wow, what an amazing effort! You can see all the hard work that went into this one. Had me laughing from the start and feeling emotions for a fruit I never knew was possible. Great film guys!

It's beyond my comprehension that a team could pull off such n elaborate and epic scale animation like this.
The team are true magicians - or lunatics - for even attempting such a feat.


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