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ACAB: All Cops Are Builders

by Typhoid Films


Camera work, FX and story was all great in this one. Highly enjoyed watching it.

Really clever topical film set in an absolutely magnificent location of an industrial warehouse that was used to clever effect, as a cop recalled to his boss how an investigation into valuable material went horribly awry.

This film took me right back to an early Cinema in Decline film from 2011 with the way we cut between a police interview and the retelling of events, with the cuts between the two timelines told with absolute precision.

Really strong script as well, with humorous character names such as Bunnings and gib board dad jokes that will have even those who just celebrated father's day groaning hard, but all done in a charming way. Apart from the trademarked Typhoid bloodshed of course.

Story: 3.5/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

Love loved loved this take on a crime caper. The puns were unreal and the set-ups and pay off worked a treat.

seems the time was spent well in post - being the stand off scene as this was pivotal to the story and it was executed really well with all of the effects looking smooth and appropriate!.

I love this film because its exactly what I wanted to make with my team, but there was just no way we could pull it off. Im so happy that your team did this, and made it 10 times better than we ever could. The opening is a bit slow, but the reveal is amazing and all the jokes are absolutely hilarious. I cant stop thinking about 'I like the cut of this gib'. also the cinematography has no right to be this good! Seriously great stuff here team

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