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Somebody Someone TeamSolita

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City Finalist


Team Solita

My Tinfoil Hat

Team Solita

Having Tea With Mara

Team Solita


Treble in Paradise

I really liked the story in this film. Some great lines and delivery from the cast. Nicely shot and edited, and the music was really great too!

300 Metres

This one got a lot of laughs from me!

Rekindled Spirits

Such a good watch! The songs were top notch, animation was great and the story was really engaging.


This was great! Very good story, and well executed (pun not intended).
Such a shame about the DQ. Hope you go far in the best disqualified film category.

Companion Bot

Really enjoyed this! Good story and that song deserves an award :)

The Heartless Calculating Bastard

Really good story, well shot and a great location. Had a lot of laughs during this one!

Hot Sexy Booby Girl Nude Porn Sex Naked

This made us laugh out loud :) Great story and the main actor was awesome!

Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

This was great! Animation was very good, story was fun and the jingle was a real winner.

Red Flag

This was an absolute stunner of a film! Acting, editing, camera, lighting, sound and script all completely on point.

And a few 'hey! I know who that actor is!' moments always ups the game as well.

I can certainly see this one appearing in the last few places in the competition finals this year, if not winning the whole thing :)

Birthday Boy

Really enjoyed this one. Great work!


Some amazing shots in this one, well done team!

Pray, Love, Eat

Really enjoyed this. Voice-over was great, and loved the behind the scenes explanation above of the filming!

Crimson Snow

Beautiful looking film. That location was just breathtaking.

Cowboy hats off to your camerman for getting the exposure right. I would have run screaming having to film that in a hurry!

Mind Over Molly

Really enjoyable film. Well shot and very good acting.

Therapy - With A Twist

I needed 3 showers, an entire pot of tea and a cry in the corner after watching this film. I think it hit the mark there! Definitely memorable.
Also well shot. The camerawork that is, not the closing scene. If you know, you know...

"Who pinched a loaf?"

Fun film, nice use of the echo.

ACAB: All Cops Are Builders

Camera work, FX and story was all great in this one. Highly enjoyed watching it.


Hilarity did indeed ensue :) Really enjoyed this film. It looked like you had fun making it!


This was a cute, quirky and funny film. I enjoyed it.


Good script, really felt like a complete story. Great camera work and acting. Thoroughly enjoyed this film!

Joyless Pussies

This was one of our favourite films of the competition this year. Great performances, awesome make-up and some genuine laugh out loud moments.

A Glimpse of Sin

Amazing! Such a fun watch. Voice acting was particularly excellent.

Ghoul's Night In

What an enjoyable film! Quite possibly my favourite of the competition so far :)
Really well shot, good acting, good story and casting a Trump-a-like as the devil was an inspired move.
Great work!!