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by Mahi Dogs

A failing BJJ student picks up a few debt collection cash jobs with local legend Max.


Great film. Loved the blood work.

Had us in stitches, mate. Nice little tree punch, too. 10/10

Have since paid all my debts!
10/10 need the sequel!

So unfortunate this crew was disqualified! Such a cool idea and a very funny watch. 1010!

Hahaha brilliant video had me in stitches. Keep em coming !

An absolute hurricane kick of a film, with swag and comedic timing for days. Grab yourself a cold one, because a couple of witty but shitty go too far laugh it off debt collecting hitmen provide a barrel of laughs throughout.

I enjoyed how the blood spattered victims and inventive fight scenes made the heroes likeability increase as the film grew. Though shot in Melbourne for me this carried with it a classic kiwi "She'll be right' mantra and was all the better for it.

Edit lightning fast and smooth, performances top notch, crass and consistent whilst the white singlet uniforms gave us the popping contrast between purity and reality as the goons went to collect.

The use of natural lighting and course but larrikin dialogue added to the raw believability and the gore actually was purposeful. A shame about the DQ team, I liked this a hell of a lot!

Absolutely brilliant. "I'm proud of you Josh"... LMFAO! Such clever control of the pacing from start to finish. So sad this was DQ'd, I enjoyed this immensely.

Fantastic film! Great acting, editing and the music is sick. Really enjoyed it, very funny!

Absolutely epic. Proper laugh out loud tackle!

What a fun film! Great camera and editing work and the acting was a riot. Such a shame on the DQ.

This film is great! A devestating DQ.

This was superb! Packed to the brim with perfectly paced comedy. Really remined me of the great films from Moffilaide back in the day. In all the best ways. Loved it!

A potential winner for best DQ'd film, this film does everything it needs to.
Characters well set up.
Engaging story.
Great special FX.
Twists and turns.
Some great one-liners.
Definitely worth the watch.

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