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Somebody Someone joannaodds

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Samba Style


Something in the Water

Great use of sound effects. The final sink scene is particularly brilliantly shot. Really excellent pacing - the story kept moving and kept me interested throughout. Sorry you were DQ'd!

The Neighbour

Woah, what a movie! Such a shame it's been DQ'd. Amazing use of lighting, score, camera angles and sound effects to keep the suspense right up there from start to finish. The fight sequence is superbly choreographed and shot. Very very clever filming, team!


Absolutely brilliant. "I'm proud of you Josh"... LMFAO! Such clever control of the pacing from start to finish. So sad this was DQ'd, I enjoyed this immensely.

Final Bell

Great score and, OMG, the staple gun - as a teacher I have envisioned this situation so many times! Also love the idea of paper as a murder weapon. Very creative.

Love is Like an M

What a fun way of telling their story, really enjoyed watching you fast forward through their life, crosscutting to the 3-legged race. I LOVE your match cuts. Very neatly done. And great unexpected twist at the end.

Piracy Police

Such fun! Love the moment at the front door. Great double act work.