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Love is Like an M

by Sherlock Homies


Overall, a great video team!

The story was sweet, and we loved the character development with their daughter growing up, leaving home, and especially the couple moving into a retirement village. The visual storytelling of growing old was so well done without needing words.

The wind noise let down the lines of dialogue a bit, and the waves at the beginning were too loud. However, the music choice was really good—moving and fitting the visuals well.

The scene cuts between the 3-2-1 countdown were great, and we loved the hat inclusion. The over-the-shoulder angle of Molly was really well done. The outtake at the end was fun.

The lens needed a bit of a clean or a lens hood for your beach scene.

Hopefully, you had fun making this. Sorry you were DQ'd!

What a fun way of telling their story, really enjoyed watching you fast forward through their life, crosscutting to the 3-legged race. I LOVE your match cuts. Very neatly done. And great unexpected twist at the end.

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