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Somebody Someone joshtait

11 Reviews


Skiddles' Run

Absolutely brilliant!

Exodus Magus

Well done! The story made me laugh; it was very funny. The match cut on the egg scene was brilliant. Great costumes and perfect sound effects. The wizard was a brilliant actor.

Scariest monster everrrrr

Herd of Cows?

The starting shots were really well done with good usage of the drone

But the story got a bit a confusing towards the end

Pig butchering

Cool use of text exchange! And we liked the match cut

Story got confusing


Great camerawork, especially the begining. The person speaking at the begining was a bit confusing. The rabit was cute and totally unexpected! Good use of silence when the guy walked up the hill

Love is Like an M

Overall, a great video team!

The story was sweet, and we loved the character development with their daughter growing up, leaving home, and especially the couple moving into a retirement village. The visual storytelling of growing old was so well done without needing words.

The wind noise let down the lines of dialogue a bit, and the waves at the beginning were too loud. However, the music choice was really good—moving and fitting the visuals well.

The scene cuts between the 3-2-1 countdown were great, and we loved the hat inclusion. The over-the-shoulder angle of Molly was really well done. The outtake at the end was fun.

The lens needed a bit of a clean or a lens hood for your beach scene.

Hopefully, you had fun making this. Sorry you were DQ'd!

Final Bell


Especially loved when the camera was the person being attacked!

Sorry you were disqualified, hopefully you had fun making it!

Something in the Water


The sound effect of the water with a heartbeat was brilliant, especially mixed with the visual of the blood in the bottle of water. I wasn't sure where the exit element scene was, though.

The tripping over scene was very well executed—perhaps you actually fell over? Lol.

Well done! Sorry you were DQ'd!


Outstanding camerawork and great quality audio on the dialogue. I really enjoyed the close-up shots of the keys, the laptop, and the camera angle of the guy sitting on the bed with the laptop beside him. Good use of a security camera angle.

The story was good, but the middle was a bit confusing.

Loved the finish with the breathing continuing into the black screen.