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Skiddles' Run

by Magnificent B


Really loved this one. Great concept, perfect for the format, and very well executed! Well done.

Great choice of format! The story felt complete, well thought out and had a solid payoff at the end. The camera movements and sound design used to emote the unseen character were super impressive and hella adorable. If I had to suggest something, maybe a different final challenge than rebuilding the same toy tower would have added a bit more excitement. Also, the pacing could have used a little more breathing room to really nail that "no! they were so close" moment. But overall, awesome job! One to beat.

Pretty cute and well-executed in terms of telling the whole thing from the animal's POV. The rolling ball was a nice touch and the ambitions of the guinea pig being continually thwarted built decent "will they or won't they" moments.

Overall, a great work-around for this genre. Nice!

Loved it! Made me laugh whole way through...and such adorable young talent!!

I loved the POV camera, and the ending gave me a big smile. Well done!

I've been anticipating seeing how teams manage with the animal adventure genre, this film did not disappoint. Really memorable and I loved the clever use of the music - really made this film loveable. Well done!

Absolutely brilliant!

The first POV animal adventure film of this year's 48 hours, and having come a little bit late to the party with my reviews for 2024, I can most definitely say it won't be anywhere near the last.

Having recently read through The Prisoner of Azkaban with my own children this made me thing of the sort of adventures Scabbers might get up to if let loose in a domestic house.

Cute dramatic impetus giving us an 'oh boy here we go' from a child actor who did well playing a cheeky bugger opening his guinea pig's cage to frame the story.

I feel that there were some creative ideas here in terms of clever angles and visual gags, but personally the handheld camera got a bit too shaky and several of the cuts were too abrupt for my liking giving some moments a visually jarring feel. Fun vibe, though.

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