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Herd of Cows?

by Onra Legna


The starting shots were really well done with good usage of the drone

But the story got a bit a confusing towards the end

Great work team. Love the rear view mirror shots and Pam’s performance. Keep up the great work

A woman and her two kids who are running away from something arrive at the family farm.

A bit of a slow burn this one. A great setting and some nice opening shots promise an intriguing film to follow. The two young girls explore while the mum and sister look to reconnect but nothing else really happens that makes too much of an interesting story. Eventually the girls make a shocking discovery and it comes to an abrupt end.

So overall, plenty of promise but not enough meat on the bones! :)

Familial drama and tension on the old farm lets to some pretty unpleasant generational secrets groaning out. For me I actually liked the character drama and world building you were trying to create here and camerawork was decent. I would have liked to have seen you ask a dramatic question to drive the story forward myself, as the reveal as it was came about a bit abruptly with your chosen framing.

Yay go Pam and Paiges team!

Really intense story you guys, love the types of shoots you went with. solid opener and I gasped at the chicken part. The sound synch was slightly off but didnt take too much away from the film.
I really want to out how the look the film was spot on, from choice of shots and the saturated greys, seals the deal for a dark themed short.

well done guys :)

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