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The Anti-Possession Centre

by RS Productions



Great premise which inspired a lot of funny moments. Though after a couple of minutes, I was felling the absence of a central narrative through-line. So I was happy to see the twist reveal. If only the film didn't end 5 seconds after the twist was introduced.

RS Productions you know that I absolutely love your films; was so pleased to see Oh Crap in the grand final 2 years ago and I also loved Ribena Tree that a lot of your core crew did in 2021. I liked a lot about your film this year and please take anything I say with a grain of salt as I loved that you swung for the fences to subvert our expectations as an audience with this year's entry.

What a fantastic way to frame the film to start; normalisation of possession with an anti-possession centre and straightfaced delivery meant that the absurdity of the situation was able to shine with brilliant contrast between those battling demons and those trying to help bring back the humanity. Cool VFX I must add.

You let your script breathe, with believable dialogue about the day to day challenges the centre faces and had me in stitches when paying homage to both Samara from The Ring and the spider walk from Friedkin's 1973 classic.

But that tonal shift in the final third of the film was not my cup of tea. I think I get what you were going for; trying to really give a heartbeat and humanistic relatable element by focusing the conclusion on a brotherly connection. It just felt a bit like 2 different films because by moving from comedy to an almost out of nowhere serious showdown blindsided me. Just my 2c.

Seeing the team from Hamilton take on the possession genre filled me with anticipation and wasn't disappointed.
So many great moments unfolded in hilarious ways.
Act 3 could have been introduced with more care but didn't take away from the overall experience as it was all pulled off with such confidence and style!

I really enjoyed watching this film. It was so fun. It's a very good story that is entertaining. There were so many funny moments. Good job everyone!

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