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Pig butchering

by The Good Brazilian Mix

It could be just one more of those scams.... but it is not.


Just like the scam, we had to shoot in 2 different countries literally. And it was AMAZING to make something for the first time in another language, that is not our mother tongue! I hope people enjoy it, as much as we did!

Cool use of text exchange! And we liked the match cut

Story got confusing

Nice work team. Loved the text message concept. Had me guessing as to who was scamming who!

As already commented, you kept us guessing who was scamming who! And amazing work shooting from two different countries, must have been tricky!

Well done on your first 48 film. I have also done this comp with teammates in different countries and it is HARD making it work! I felt the narrative was a bit unclear in terms of dramatic question and engaging us as an audience, and visually a bit muddled, though lots of ambition to tell a layered tale of deception.

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