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Final Bell

by MGC Film Club

Saturday dentition seems normal until the reliever arrives.


I loved the creative use of classroom items being turned in to murder weapons. Also the score did a fantastic job of maintaining tension throughout the film. I loved it!


Especially loved when the camera was the person being attacked!

Sorry you were disqualified, hopefully you had fun making it!

Great score and, OMG, the staple gun - as a teacher I have envisioned this situation so many times! Also love the idea of paper as a murder weapon. Very creative.

Lots of bloody action in this short set smartly in a school on a day when you wouldn't expect many students to be there - Saturday detention. The cast does a great job - especially the manic reliever. Excellent soundtrack and blood effects plus the use of classroom items as weapons was especially inspired. While the visuals were really good some work-ons for next time would be your editing - which cuts dramatically at times. Maybe shoot some more cutaways or just get more coverage so you can match that continuity. Horror/Splatter tropes are used well but the ending kind of limps towards the exit before an abrupt conclusion leaves us a bit unsatisfied.

Overall, a fun, effective short that would have done pretty well if not for the DQ.

I LOVEEEE THISSSSSSS, acting is great and the shots are really well thought out and executed (pun intended). Love the storyline, it sucks that it was disqualified but I really loved it, yall did so well, best short film everrrr 💛💙💛💙💛💙

This is my favourite movie ever❗️❗️❗️ I really liked the story and all the acting was on point 🔥🔥🔥(as a totally unbiased opinion)

I really enjoyed this short! Though "splatter" is definetly not something I would normally watch, I loved the take of horror happing in school.
Shot in a 1980s vibe gave it an extra creepy atmosphere.
Great acting, well cut and some really novel ideas! Real pity it was disqualified...

DQ? Seriously unlucky team, no joke this could easily have had a best soundtrack nomination; absolutely SENSATIONAL work by your composer!

I like to go deep with my nods but I get vibes of a couple of underground 80s horrors GRADUATION DAY and MOTHER'S DAY in this one, as a substitute teacher from hell goes on a murderous rampage at a school, with a German exchange student not able to find the words (literally, in English) to warn her classmates of the impending doom.

Really original gore especially with the staple gun. This was a lot of fun.

What I liked:
I adore the creative splatter effects here - some of the more brutal kills in a pretty brutal year for the comp.

What I didn't like:
Continue working on your filmmaking skills - I think there's a clear love of the splatter genre here which will only become more effective as you upskill!

Something else I liked:
Good pacing and I never felt like you were wasting my time!

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