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Piracy Police

by Crew 36

We hope you’ve been legally downloading your movies and shows, because the Piracy Police are here.


I LOVE THIS!! Plus award for most satisfying Hi-5 goes to the piracy pirates

Such fun! Love the moment at the front door. Great double act work.

That was hilarious. Funny concept, well acted with great comic timing.
Really well done.
"Thanks mate, we'll take it from here" sent me lol.

Great! Loved the expressions and acting. and so dead pan, excellent

From the moment it opens and I hear about pirated sea shanties, I was hooked! Great stuff!

Very fun documented take on a couple of police officers with a very special set of skills to track down and take down anyone sailing the seas of the internet.

Fast paced and energetic with lots of clever humour and a good script this was sad to see disqualifed.

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