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The Getaway

by Wolf Emoji Fox Emoji

A romantic comedy.


It's pretty rare to make 2 48 hours films in the one weekend. There's a handful of instances that come to mind such as the once in a generation scenario of the separate Auckland/Wellington weekends in 2021, or performers offering up their services to however many teams need them. But genuinely making two actual entries has happened few and far between with the only other notable examples being 2 film sagas and a vanity project from Grayson Gilmour many moons ago.

Cathasaigh Ó Fiannachta and Andrew Todd meanwhile via Fox Emoji Wolf Emoji and now this film have joined that exclusive club and it is quite remarkable how they let their creative talent simply shine through on both occassions.

In this film we start with a bang via an intense hooded and cuffed interrogation at gunpoint, only for the threads of the story to unravel through vulnerability and the balance of ships in the night versus intimacy.

More in common with the cinema verite of Harmony Korine than any smug self aware QT quips, this nevertheless shot off the screen with originality, meta touches and sincerity. Portrait framed phone shot videos really are the home vhs of modern times aren't they?

Narratively it was messy and scrambled at the best of times, but you get many points in my book for doing what the fuck you wanted, and doing it well. Another striking film.

Very enjoyable film! Particularly liked the acting in this one. Well done team :)

The decision to shoot the film vertically was straight up inspired; really pulling the viewer into the narrative in a way that some of the more generic cinematographic approaches simply don't.
The narrative conceits really synergized with stylistic decisions here, allowing for a clearly explored concept.

The leads were at their best here; both felt super natural and comfortable in a way that many performances don't, even in mass media.

Finally, every gag landed for me; I was cry laughing for the majority of this film.

Super impressive film, great concept, wonderful execution.

Andrew and Cathasaigh, I have no words. I have been mulling over how to write this for a few days and I just have nothing that sums up how blown away I am. Okay, hold on, maybe a few words:

Your possesion film is great and a worthy finalist - but THIS film, this film proves once and for all that even with an incredibly standard set of tools, and we're talking phone on a stick standard here (and maybe some knowledge of how to light your actor), a team has the power to pull something genuinely excellent off. Yes, Andrew has been around a while, but if there are any teams out there that feel they need sharper equipment to do well in this comp, then look no further than this film to be inspired and realise that story and performance can break through any limitations you have.

There could be a team of 40 people, filled with flecky holders, focus pullers, script supervisors, the people that clap the freaking clappy boards, and they could still fall apart if they don't put their heart and soul into the story and performances - and you two, this monster of a duo, did it twice in one weekend!

Just brilliant, absolutely brilliant. What a film, what a team.

What I liked:
I love these close-to-home stories, these smaller scale personal shorts which are fun, simple and, for some, relatable! Lovers trying to come up with a creative direction for their sex tape is such a fun story engine which absolutely thrives in 48Hours because the middle of the film basically writes itself with rattling off a series of fun failed attempts (trying different accents, angles etc.). Then all you needed to do was put a bow on it, and I think you succeeded.

What I didn't like:
I do wonder if the lo-fi nature and, particularly the vertical video, held this film back a little in the judging process. I think the found footage approach is the way to go for sure, but what kind of filmmaker opts for vertical? Andrew's character is so anal about the process, that's his whole thing, I just find it hard to believe he'd actually prefer vertical haha.

Something else I liked:
Incredible performances from both leads - and in both films too. I definitely prefer The Getaway to Slán Go Fóill, but I think watching both is a great testament to how amazing you both are at acting - from a melodramatic exorcism thriller to a naturalistic slice-of-life, I just happen to prefer the latter because it's seen a lot less in the comp.

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