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rip hocus pocus focus


Connection Issues

Man you guys had a great story, especially the ending I thought that was quite strong. Also really enjoyed the duck, thought that was a good little world builder for you guys. NEXT YEAR: Continue to work on your camera skills and sound, some shots were good for the teleportation scenes, but during the conversation it would have done you justice to push the limits of what you were shooting into more interesting angles etc. Keep up the great work team, see you next year. OH! before I forget - I LOVED your team intro hahahaha

My Boo

I went to vote for you guys at my #1 spot and was gutted to see your film not on the list :( Would have loved to see you guys make finals, can't wait to see what you guys make next year!

A Brush With Commitment

Sup team, fantastic effort this year, a huge step up from last years film. Drone shots at the start were neat, I was surprised how close you got to those trees. Your script was really awesome, a classic wrong place wrong time mix up, some fantastic lines and Freddie gave a real good performance playing an awkward hunk (oh wait he was just being himself ooohh too far? fight me) My favourite part was definately the reveal of the painting, the audience lost their shit and it was a well deserved moment of praise. So I'm not sure if you'll do this again next year cause you're in your 3rd year right? I think so, I hope you guys continue to do the competition either together or in new teams. My notes of improvement are just two things, camera exposure and sound mix. Some of the shots were just too dark for us to see what was happening, and the audio wasn't particularly clean and unclear audio is always quite distracting, particularly that phone call from the bride - while very clever with the wind - just sounded real awkward haha Really solid effort team, proud of ya'll, best of luck with your future film endeavours.

Opposite side of the track

A couple of missing pieces in the story made this hard to follow but it was well shot and the lighting was really good. I also thought your actors were all very commited to their rolls, nicely done.

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

awh guys, my heart can only take so much. The quality was on point as expected, you kept the pace up enough for us to stay engaged but also took enough time for us to take in the world of the little girl. I had a few questions at the end around the rules of the invisible character, as to at one point did we get out of the little girls head (I assume we were in her head with the ice cream being eaten and the scooter following behind etc), but that doesn't affect the arc of the story that much for me, by the time the other girl was on screen I knew we were about to have a sad reveal and even though I knew that It still got me so damn hard in the feels. This is very special and possibly my favourite film you've done to date. Also I know we've been joking all month about best team intro but I did watch all the team intros and yours is by far the best so if you don't get it then the world is backwards.

Perpetual Pause

*sees a classroom with a couple of kids* okay so we're gonna get some sort of basic awkward romance or something... *sees everybody freeze* Oh boy oh boy here we go kiddies show me whatcha got. Some good lines of dialogue here (skin...her skin). The ending could have been a little more polished than 'She cheats and you could do better' but I like where you went with it overall, nice job!

Make Time

Great in concept, a bit confusing in execution. I didn't know who the time travelling lady was until the credits rolled and it said 'future mother', needed to be a bit more obvious. The lines in the song were good, but the performance was rushed and sadly a lot of it was out of time with the song, making it quite distracting. Still a very good effort tackling such a difficult genre, well done!

The Spares

Glad you guys had a lot of fun making this, we could tell! Great story, brilliant one liners throughout. I could see where it was probably going to go as soon as one of them started talking about how it's just them three left, but was still pretty shocked when it went there. You guys are awesome, have been for a number of years now, and it was great to see you make a film that you wanted to make and that even after being here for so many years you choose not to fall into any pressure to be the best (cause whenever a team does that they tend to end up not liking whatever they end up with). I hope you never leave the competition ever.


While there were some distractions with how it was edited and the sound being a bit all over the place, I have to say so far you guys are truly the closest I've seen to a splatstick film. Assuming this genre is suppose to carry similar elements to slapstick, ideally you would have a lot of goofs and gags creating more and more issues along the way and they'd be super obvious, you guys are the first team so far to really nail that, so well done!

Cheernobyl: A Holiday Meltdown

Very Crab Crab Crabby. Amazing costume, that character was so bizzare and creepy. You guys dived into the weird very quickly which I really enjoyed. The final scene seemed a bit dark? like literally, hard to see what was happening, so while still very funny it fell a little flat for me at the end there.

Persecution Complex

I'm probably a little biased here :P but I did really enjoy what you guys were able to put together. Talking to you guys after the heat helped me understand a bit better what was going on, it's pretty obvious the biggest thing which I reckon would have helped the story make sense is if you got a close up of the guy sitting on the floor, revealing that what he was drawing was the same symbol as that of the lead. With that in mind, I think you guys did a great job.


Mad respect for your actors in the water. The editing of this was super tight it created a great tension I really loved that. The effect of the character dissapearing was really awesome. In fact across the board this was a beautiful film. So my gripe is the question of 'Did this guy save a drowning woman but sacrifice a child to do so??' or was that guy the child? or did I miss something else? Perhaps this was a tragedy piece - in which DAMN out of no where No Budget Ninjas hits us with the feels - but I was asking too many questions to sit in that place so I'm wondering whether there is missing information.

I'm Gonna

I really really liked this one you guys have some great skills. Well shot, real slick editing, ended a little sooner than I would have liked cause I was really enjoying it.


I liked this film a lot for what it is. It's definitely an anti-romance movie, with the sad ending etc. Seemed to be missing the element of comedy a bit, which understandably is the hardest part of this genre.


Hey I liked your take on this genre! Some of the things that happened seemed to not have much relevance to the plot (the conversation between the two guys? Maybe it was and I just didn't pick up on it). You had some good shots particularly in the office scene, best tip for next year is to keep the pace up, look at each shot individually to see if you can shave off frames at the start and the end, it helps tighten up your story and gives you room to add in things you may think you can't.

Tech Support: Don't Call for Help

You had a very interesting story here, the jacket on the coat hanger completely blindsided me so well done on that. Main thing I can remember needing work was the sound, volume was a little erratic and distracting, solid effort overall!

Versace Flows

Truthfully I can't identify much of a difference between the songs you wrote for this film and todays most famous mumble rappers. Thought it was neat how you got to go to some cool locations. A bit too much writing at the end summing everything up, give the audience time to take in the ending. Loved your team intro :P

Last Day for Stan

Nice little twisting of the genre, making it the last day for one character who is leaving, liked that. I also noticed the writing on your the leads hand can be seen in the bathroom before he goes to work. It's already been said but the check boxes changing throughout the film was pretty distracting, still a very good effort guys!

Clone Swappers

This was a great sketch. Very funny throughout. I was a bit surprised that the clones were all g with just being cloned for the purpose of dating - one of the clones alluded to that idea briefly...but then just started making out with the other clone lol cOMeDy


Musical AND Dance? Dang, solid effort. Already been said but I thought the switching of music styles in the car was very clever. I think the main gripe is the sound mix, the music was just too loud in some points to hear the characters. The ending was sweet although a rather abrupt twist considering that guy came off as sort of abusive at the start, probably needed to be a little clearer whether he was a brute or whether he was just not that interested in the show. Overall a really great effort at a crazy hard genre!

Potem Immortales

It's already been said, but I also wanted to say how much I appreciate musicals that really go for it in terms of making it MUSICAL. Even if you end up looking pretty silly, it's far more entertaining to see a team dedicate themselves to the genre which you guys clearly did and I'm so glad you did. Nice job!

A Familiar Feeling

Definitely the cringe film that made me cringe the most so that was well executed. Felt like perhaps the scenes leading up to the funeral lingered on a little too long, could have been interesting to see their relationship develop a little further than it did, perhaps a couple of dates maybe even preperations for a proposal considering how 'connected' they were? Audience lapped it up just as it was though so perhaps it's more of a personal taste thing. Production quality was water tight, really great job!


It was a dooooogggg It was a doooog we all thought it was a shaaarkkk but it was just a dooooogg I think this film was really sweet and taking advantage of the surfing was a real strength really nicely executed. probably a little bit tooo long overall you could have cut down a fair bit of the discussion just to keep the pace going. Nice job team, it was a doooooggggg


Boom clap sound of city finals. Some really fantastic jokes in here - particuarlly that direct reference to the genre was just beautiful. A few of the 'B-roll' shots could have done with a bit of extra grading just to line the colours up between the two screens, but besides that, we got a real solid film here folks. Made me very happy.

Baby On Board

My favourite film from the entire night. Truly brilliant way of incorporating Ultra, also loved how it pointed out some of the things I'm sure the audience was thinking and addressed them. I thought it was amazing how even though using a baby can create limits, you were able to break those limits in such a creative way, using first person shots, voice over etc. Can't wait to see this one again (at reading cinemas June 14th get your tickets noooowwwww :P )

Twenty Four Hour Rewind

Montages make me happy and you guys had a great montage, showing the passing of time for the lead and allowing us all to experience a little bit of his frustration while laughing along the way. Look forward to seeing more from you guys in years to come.

Cooking with Sea Men: Monsters of Rock Special- Featuring: Kitty Chow.

Bloody brilliant, all I have to say. NEXT YEAR: okay for real, don't ever change. We NEED teams like you guys, while you may not realise it, there will be people who see what you've done and be inspired < I'm not kidding. Inspired to have fun, and put the fun of the weekend before anything else, that's absolutely the most important thing.


I'm a bit of a VFX addict, so I spent a lot of time analysing the shots with the shadow man trying to figure out where the masking was to create these effects and tbh I'm still a little confused on how you did it so well done! You got me fooled. The ending wasn't particularly satisfying as it would have been nice to see something different happen, also wondered why the lights kept turning on? You guys have some great skill, look forward to seeing what you can do next year.

The Trade

You guys had a great concept, struggled a little to get some of the details due to the sound and sometimes lack of visuals. I think you bent the rules of your story a little which confused me, with Satan first saying 'get me a soul' and then at the end saying 'get me a soul but not that soul I don't like that specific soul' haha, maybe I missed something. Glad to see so many teams from Motion Design taking on this competition, keep at it guys!


Guys this was awesome! Such a great way to tell a real time story, making the story pointed around game helped push the conversation forward and make it believable. My two notes would be I think the whole 'you cheated on me' part seemed a little out of place in the context of 'the world is about to be fking destroyed'. The overhead shot was really great but got weakend by the fire overlay - I think it would have probably been more effective to just crank up that exposure and make the world ending effect a little more mysterious. Besides those two things, a really awesome effort from you guys, probably your best yet! Nice job.

Knight Vlogs

Very impressive to get the shots you did at night, night movies are always a challenge to pull off. It's already been said here, the intensity overall probably needed to go up a bit more at the end, and I'd also add that the beginning when they're walking into the forest seemed to linger on a bit too long, but still a very solid effort from you guys.


This was so much fun. Your main character was classic dad turns total ninja and I loved it. The thing that lets this short down is not checking the exposure on the camera enough and I think a lot of your audio was done in post which made it a little distracting, all things to consider for next year, well done!

FU Finding Unicorns

This was very sweet. Some great night shots, and I thought it was cool how you kept the unicorn very secret the whole way through, no massive reveals of 'omg look we were right it's a unicorn wow' A little messy in places with the audio, and not every scene felt like they were blending exactly, eg. the scenes with the kids talking about unicorns - while very cute - stood out as not really fitting in with the story telling coming from the other outdoor scenes, perhaps some re-arranging would have helped to get a more linear story going on.

Pop goes the Weasel

Unsure how I felt about this one, was pretty heavy to say the least. Wouldn't consider it enough to be in the musical genre, as you could have said it's just a splatstick** movie and would have made more sense. Committed acting was good however especially from the lady holding the chainsaw. EDIT: **My mistake, it was monster movie, that actually does help it all make a little more sense.


I figured we'd have no idea what to expect from you guys after last years masterpiece. It could have been anything from trash bag to treasure trove, and within that spectrum, I'd say you've probably landed a placing with this absolute gem of a film. Beautifully shot, incredible commitment to the performances, it was just so damn funny and well written. I only have one question as far as whether it fits the given genre or not...because on reflection I realised that it sort of becomes a 'you and I may seem opposite but we're not actually so different' - I mean I'm pretty sure you guys pass..I think...I'm not sure, maybe I missed something or am just looking into it too hard, but it did get me thinking on what the rules were for this genre. The final moments of this film is what makes it a city finalist no doubt. Total bonkers, knocked it out of the park, oh my god I just love this film.

The Art of the Deal

Well done for winning the unofficial creepy character smile. I was pretty lost for most of this lol I'm sure you guys know exactly what was happening, perhaps it was just cut a little too short? who knows maybe you were tight for time, shame about the DQ, better luck next year!

In Jest

I just finished writing up a review for another film with a clown in it - damn we had a lot of clown movies this year Great take on the genre, probably my favourite generation gap film - definately the most relatable. My mum would definately do something like this to me. Well shot, no crazy audio issues from what I remember - a solid effort. Perhaps to take the intensity further some more close ups and dramatic music would have given us a bit more tension to work with. I'm really glad you didn't overuse the real clown at the end, a nice creepy touch to finish the film off without having any crazy attack or anything, very well used.

Artificial Selector

Let it be known that this film deserved to be put on TV and it's a tragedy that it wasn't.

I felt genuinely heartbroken for these characters. And this is one of only a handful of films that used video conferencing in a way that felt meaningful.

This is a testament to the concept that less can be more if you play it right, and you guys played it so right.


Duuuuuudeeee this one hit me haaarddd man I thought last year you guys did incredible but this one just topped that another punch straight to the gut I LOVED it. Beautiful shots, beautiful dialogue, BEAUTIFUL take on the genre. Can't wait to see this one again at reading cinemas June 14th buy your tickets now ;)

Space Battle

I can't remember exactly how this all went down but I do remember someone going 'are you dead' and the dead guy going 'yea' and I lost it. lots of fun here - those sticks you fought with brought me back to my childhood when I used those in all my home videos.


oh boy oh boy oh boy - Nice song, the warping of the film while you were walking down the path was a bit strange but it was a good effort with the song - At first I thought it was a dance movie - I actually think if you had focused in on the clowns ability to make people happy and dancing for the whole time this would have been a really interesting concept - The ending seemed a little out of place, quite shocking, but I mean you got a good laugh from the audience so cudos for going all in with that I suppose There was a surprising amount of clowns in ChCh 48hours this year...

The Clock Is Ticking

The beginning of this film was perfect, such a brilliant take off into the problem of the bomb. Sadly, seemed it fell apart after that, the unhelpful characters just weren't moving the story forward - in particular the cross dressing instagram star was quite frustrating. Too many characters creating too much of a distraction from your best character which was the main guy. Still, the bomb exploding at the end was pretty funny.

No Bromo

Funny as hell. Well written gags, 3 great characters, sounds coming from the TV were hilarious. I got confused at one point as to whether both characters were misunderstanding eachother or not. It seemed like maybe one of the guys actually was into it (eg. He did straight up oogle at his ass when closed that door) So when the blame game came at the end I was thrown a bit but perhaps that's just me. Nice job guys!


Nicely done guys. Great performances and well shot - You know it's well shot when you can shoot in the hallways of the design block and make it look like it WASN'T shot in the hallways of the design block :) I want to see what happens next in this story...

The Trees Are Alive!

LOVED your team intro. Great design for a tree monster, however leading up to it seemed a little unbalanced, lots of the couple together and then the last 30 seconds BOOM MONSTER SCARY and then sudden ending, maybe that was your plan all along in which I say well done haha.

Viral by Nature

lol worms. Had some good moments in this film especially that abrupt decomposing scene at the end. The pace was a little bit slow, be sure to trim up your shots so that you get all the information in without lingering on too long.

A helping hand

You had some really good moments in this film. My favourite part was that crow bar joke, but not just the joke also how you used that to then introduce the crow bar again later. I can't remember the audio issues but I do remember feeling like there was some shots that went on too long, and some shots that should have been there but weren't (eg. The old lady getting attacked wasn't there, seeing that would have helped a lot I think). Nice little gag at the end with their escape car breaking down like the other cars.


There was a lot going for you guys here, you had some solid dialogue particularly the lead was pretty strong. The whole way through I had a prediction that the 'monster' was the lead guy, metaphorically speaking, like he was being a monster to all these women and I thought that's where it was going to end up, so the ending got me haha, nice job guys.

The Jacket

Well written, and was beautifully shot. The genre is a film that spans more than 10 years, I understood that it's likely the note was written 10 years prior, it would have been good to see that play out a bit more obviously, maybe you could have had the jacket passed on from person to person to show the passing of time even more obviously?

High Note High

Musical is well known for being the big bad wolf of 48 and is often joked about being super terrifying (or maybe that isn't a joke at all), and I thought you guys took this genre and made the most of it considering your circumstances (having to do your film at school). A solid commitment from your lead (had his head in the game amiright? ) especially in the first scene really brought the film to life. I also LOVED the lyrics being played like a sing-along, a classic trope of a disney styled musical which was a great idea for a musical of this style. Overall I was very impressed with how your team didn't cower away from the genre and gave it a good go. NEXT YEAR: Pacing is always a tricky thing to balance, especially in a musical, but ultimately it'll come down to your editing. It's always good to go through each shot and see how much you can trim on each side without loosing any information, keep practicing guys you've all got heaps of potential for years to come!!

Stopping World War II

Toot Toot is an angel, a goddess, more beautiful than anything in our galaxy, and galaxies beyond. Legend says if you spend enough time deep in the forest to find your inner peace you will eventually become one with the almighty Toot Toot, and then you too can put together some amazing bullsh*t and make it look easy. It takes years of dedication and practice, but one day I promise you, you too can make an entire audience of people BLOW AT THE GODDAMN SCREEN.


Stunner performances from all the actors in this film. Fantastic location seemed like a legit film set. My only question is why the robot lady bled. Is it like a Doctor Who cyberman type thing where she's upgraded enough to bleed? haha, easy to overlook that question when you see the full picture of this film though, loved it.

Natalie & Gregory

Love love loveeeed this film. This is the most anti-romcom I've seen so far (and I had to make one myself this year haha).

The Run-In

Hilariously awkward. Some fantastic dialogue. A really good crack at the genre.

Stanley & Mildred

I loved how you handfisted the plot conveniences on us but then flipped it on it's head and left us with a tragedy my goodness I loved that. Great makeup aswell!

Dumb Cult

We've had a lot of documentary type films this year and you guys have nailed that better than everyone I've seen so far. Some great dialogue and thought your commitment to the bunker set was great - particularly enjoyed that spit bucket, need to get myself one of those.

Cushy: A Pull Story

Man I loved how committed you were in getting this couch from place to place, so awesome! Definitely more of an artistic film than one with a complete story, I was hoping the lady at the end would have smiled revealing some sort of odd gap in her teeth (But I understand that would have been pretty silly haha) This is an incredible effort as a first timer team, can't wait to see what you do in the future!

The Marquis de Sade

Great to see a light, sweet, feel good movie that we could all relate to on an emotional level. lol. 2020 UPDATE I was thinking about this film today and a few years on I've gotten a little older and I have a new deeper appreciation for it that I wanted to express. As a lot of reviews have mentioned here, it's not that this wasn't a great film, it was a case of going 'wow that was kinda crazy, impressively done, but not really my taste' and it's that last point about taste that has stuck with me - It wasn't my taste, nobody goes looking for this sort of thing casually, so it was very confrontational, and for some, exactly the sort of thing we needed to be confronted with, just the fragility of a persons story, how things can change so dramatically for anyone, at any moment. This film still isn't my taste, but I appreciate it way for more for what it is.

There Was A Way

You guys had some freaking great lines yo I was SHOOK. Great effects with the guts, highlight was probably the baby falling into the river. You guys won best school team last year right? (EDIT: I was mistaken, I must have heard about your guys film another way). Man you guys are a force to be reckoned with and I can't wait to see what you guys do in the future.


This was special, a great take on a difficult genre. Great delivery of the lines, well written and very touching. And my critique has already been said twice above, I enjoyed how subtle this film was the whole way through until that date showed up haha, easy to overlook that when you're reviewing the film as a whole though, well done guys!

Circle Circuit

Your spinning effect was pretty neat. Some good moments with the conversation about time travel, I really enjoyed the last scene I thought it was very clever. The shot set up was a little messy, would have been good if every character was framed the same to have some consistency.

Catman and Robyn

This was so great, so so great. The set up was really clever, there were great moments the whole way through, and such a satisfying ending! Is there any chance the weirdness could have been pushed further? Perhaps if he went to the vet or something...we can only imagine now I guess Well shot, clean sound mix, high quality all round.

Banana Chick and Cat Girl

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

K9 Catastrophe

wwooooooowwwww you're dog is so well behaved!! It yawned, it typed, it turned on your camera, truly fantastic. Man that was awesome.

Pain in The Neck

You had some good ideas in here. I thought it was well acted, I really liked the song at the start that was very funny. My main note of improvement would be lighting, just generally having better lit scenes so we can see the characters better would up the quality of the film. The ending was a little jarring but the audience had a good laugh about it. Well done guys!

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

I've been a fan of you guys ever since my little high school self ended up in an adult heat watching some dude try and fight off a giant bread man in his head, and since then you've never disappointed me. Once again nailing your style down, fantastic songs, and would have been a real shock for those who have never seen one of your films before, brilliant.

The Wish (hopefully nobody else picked that title)

I reckon Jesus would have enjoyed this a lot actually.

D.O.C Force: Death Island

In the same way that we got something very Crab Crab Crabby - TBALC have given us something very TBALC-Y Fantastic acting (especially the scene sitting at the fire), AWESOME location, music and editing was on point and the VHS style was really neat too. As MistaTeas has already noted - a little lacklustre in the plot points, with it all ending a lot quicker than I thought it would. Great scenes with the rabbit - not a lot else to really grasp onto. Those shots of the rabbit running around in the grass reminded me of the sonic the hedgehog trailer okay I'll see myself out now


Being the only animated film in ChCh I was super keen for this one, I liked the choice of style with the crayon drawings, the murders at the end completely blindsided me but later on I realised the foreshadowing was probably a bit more obvious than I noticed at the time. Solid effort considering your location and I hope this gets recognised in the solo/duo competition.

Baking Takes Time

I was super impressed with how you framed your shots to be both acting in frozen time and also be in frozen time, so so clever, definately the strongest part of the film. The rest of the film could have probably been cut down to keep the pace up, but really nicely done overall, nice job!


Some great dialogue in here kept the pace up, thought the singing was pretty great but may have lingered on a little bit too long, liked the ending a lot and I thought the chemistry between the two leads was pretty natural which was refreshing to see.

A Duck Secret

The Bunnings scene was just beautiful. A little messy in the edit when not in POV, as already mentioned I reckon this would have been super solid if it was perhaps POV the entire time.

Blackheath Station

A really well shot film with lots of charm. Not a lot of story to hang onto though...looks like you all had a good time anyway!

That Time of The Month

This had an amazing script. Your actors crushed it. I loved it all. Can't wait to see it again on July 15th Hoyts Entx get your tickets noooww

Trial #37

The editing in this film was slick as, really kept the pace up and tension held. I think in general the whole film was a little under exposed, hard to see, it's always better to start with bright lighting and grade colours off that instead of not having enough light to work with, that would be my main point of improvement for next year. You had a great concept, well acted and a stunning finish will all the bodies lying around everywhere. Really nicely done team.

We'll just have to do things the long way.

This was hard core man super impressive to pull all of this off in only 2 days. Babies are awesome.

Two Steps Forward

You guys had a really strong idea and it was well shot for the most part. Thought the bath scene was really impressive, and had a good ending shot. I would have liked to see some more close ups during the looking forward sequence to see the leads face better and draw out a bit more of that emotion, but overall a solid effort from this team, well done!


Well done guys! This was a great effort for your first ever 48hours. You created some moments of real tension, and the shoot up at the end was very cool. As MistaTeas already noted, next year your big task to work on is your sound! Sound is the trickster you learn about after giving the competition a few gos, it turns out to be probably the most important part of a film! Best of luck for next year I hope you guys keep doing the competition.


I also like yoghurt. Some good gags in this film, some advice for when you want low light is to start brighter and then darken it in post, the more light you have to work with the more control you can have over it later on, would have helped in the ritual scene to see you guys a bit clearer.


my god This was a BRILLIANT real time film. Acting was on pooointt I'm expecting a nomination for best performer for that lady. holy hell. I can't believe you pulled into a freaking petrol station, you had the audience all squirming going 'noo nooo just get to the hospital please oh my gosh' Your comittment to the ending was shocking and impressive A well deserved audience favourite

Promotion Road

oh my god that shot of the guy throwing up under the legs of the other guy went on for so damn long oh my goooodddd The technical quality of the film was a little off but putting that aside I loved this so much and I was surprised at how well it ended, that nasty kid setting them all up like that, really really good. You guys got some real skill, next year if you can improve on your sound mix and tighten up some of those shots you could make something outstanding.

The First Date

*sigh* if only I could also go back and redo a few of the silly decisions I made in high school :') Cute little story, overall solid performances from all your actors. Maybe it's just my love for edgar wright, but I reckon you guys could have benefited with some sort of montage, suggesting that maybe it took him more than 3 times to get it right, montages are a great way for showing passing of time without lingering on details too much. Well done guys.

Yes Mother

Dang that alien makeup was killer. A bit hard to hear at times and a few of the scenes could have benifeted from being a bit tighter in the edit but overall a really solid effort!

The Stile

Man this was brave, I'm loving these films that choose to tackle head on real world issues. It was well written, left me questioning for most of the film who the girl was talking to, I'm glad you didn't reveal death in full focus. Regardless of how this film does in the competition, be proud knowing that you've created something that truly does have potential to inspire or encourage a person who may struggle with mental health similar to this. My only suggestion for improvement that I noticed was the voice of death, it seemed like you wanted death to be quite mysterious and abstract, modifying the voice to be lower in tone, and more echoey would have probably brought that character more to life.

Decision day

I think this was quite creative and I thought the use of the green screen was interesting. There was a key element that I think left the whole film a little stuck - WHY was the day looping the way it was? did the character know about this? what influenced his decision in the final scene? These questions probably needed to be answered for the film to be fully whole.

Home Invasion

PlanetFoxFilms once again giving us the witty, clever and often ridiculous content they're becoming known for!

I like puppet movies, as a former puppet movie maker, I know the challenge, and you guys used them really well! The opening scene was very strong, their behaviour on screen felt genuine, well done!

Crumbling City, Tumbling Minds

Strong start here but tapered off a fair bit by the end, mainly due to not being able to hear things very well I'd say, I reckon you guys probably knew exactly what was going on, it's a common trap especially when you only have 5 minutes to get the story across to fill in the blanks yourself and forget that audience doesn't have those blanks to work with. You guys have heaps of potential so keep it up!

PC High

wAS tHaT MiDdlETon gRAngE SChOoL? Freaking love you guys, clever and well paced the entire way through, great makeup, great dialogue, great great great. UPDATE: So the finals are over now and I felt compelled to say a little more now that I've seen this one on the big screen, I have to say I feel like I enjoyed it even more this time. Because I knew what was coming in terms of story, I focused more on the technical elements, and I just wanted you guys to know that I really thought it was stunning, particularly your editing, but also your techniques when shooting characters from far away - and it's just hit me now why I loved this so much, Modern Family. I binged every episode of that show over about 2 weeks, and you guys have nailed that style down in this film so well. So yea, again, thanks for your awesomeness, can't wait to see what you do next year.


well, as the title points out, I was pretty confused! Chances are you guys were maybe a bit rushed to get it in on time, understandable, but always remember to flick through your rendered product before you leave the house to make sure there's nothing crazy like audio 3 seconds out of sync. That's all I'll say as previous reviewers have already covered the rest, hope you guys are able to nail those glitches next year!

Losing My Edge

This was a great portrayal of a generation gap with a twist of the horrific kind. Your best parts in terms of quality was anything inside, I suppose you just had a bit more control in that environment. Your outside stuff was funny but just a little messy, hard to hear some stuff, some things just didn't seem to be thought much about in terms of framing or making sure your characters were lit, the work needed to make characters clear and easy to hear at night can be difficult sometimes particularlly with the sort of weather we had. Overall a great idea and a lot of potential for future sucess in this competition.

An Appointment with a Poo

Truly clever way of tackling this genre, the script was brilliant, I tried really hard to see the wires and only caught a glimpse of something at one point so that was very well done.

Boogie Buddies

This was hilarious. I love it when teams don't get musical but do musical anyway. An overall simple story, totally gross, your reading the lyrics off the paper and out of time was just hilarious. It was a bit under exposed at some points, hard to see what was happening (I know a majority of the film was up someones nose but even then you still gotta make sure it's well lit). Very silly, but very enjoyable, nice job.

Night Shift

What. Whaaaat. Whhhaaaaaaaat. Are you freaking kidding me man. How. I can't even. No words. Okay a few words - you pulled off a Solo/Duo-Animated-Musical-Ultra. And it WORKS, there is a story! It's a GOOD story! It has a brilliant twist. You've truly broken my brain. City finalist no doubt - probably gonna land top 3 too.


Real solid effort here guys. You had me fooled with that twist at the end which shows the development of the characters relationship was well thought out. It probably could have been a little tighter in the edit overall just to keep the pace up.

Duck Off!

If MistaTeas ends up putting that on a shirt I'll take 50. I think I said this for another team similar to yours, don't ever change. For this competition to be fresh and exciting and enjoyable we need teams like yours that are willing to go the extra mile in 'Not giving any f***s whatsoever'. One day I myself hope to get an opportunity to do what you've done. I'm proud of you, and can't wait to see this film again.

Cabin Fever

I loved this. The interaction between the characters was just brilliant. The shock at the end + the immediate twist was spot on. The middle section got a little draggy in places, probably could have cut the film down a little bit to keep the pace up the whole way through, but besides that a really solid film that I can't wait to show my mum.

Free As The Wind

You guys are one of my favourite teams in the competition. When wind appeared from behind the couch I was like 'YES this is exactly where I wanted this team to go' You had some fantastic character moments and I loved some of the unexplained humour with the guy falling off his bike etc. I think the main note of improvement would be there are a lack of plot points in this film. It's sort of like - The guys wants to be free, wind offers him freedom, wind then reveals it's not all that great, the guys changes his mind. I think you guys would have really benifeted from actually seeing Wind doing some crazy things interacting with characters in some weird ways, could have been a great way to keep the pace up. Putting that aside, this was a real fun time, you guys are a team I look forward to every year and you satisfied my fandom once again. That final joke made me loose my s***


Loved loved looooved this, truly brilliant concept. Fell a little flat at the end, one more gag of somebody getting hurt would have probably been better than the outcome, but still very enjoyable overall, fantastic job guys.