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Default Avatar MistaTeas

Synopsis provided above so check it out. CHCH On Air always produce thought provoking stuff and "Alter" is a very clever short that nicely intertwines two different perspectives on a relationship. I like how it reminds the audience not to jump to conclusions in life. Pretty well filmed with the silhouette shot particularly effective. I did wonder who she was talking to in the church and I guess that is always a hard decision to play things out in a character's head or not in this case. Effective and well-received by the audience.

I liked this film a lot for what it is. It's definitely an anti-romance movie, with the sad ending etc. Seemed to be missing the element of comedy a bit, which understandably is the hardest part of this genre.

Typically strong work from Christchurch on Air, Good take on a serious idea. I just wonder if 5minutes wasn’t enough time to do what you really wanted.

There's some really awesome stuff here. A really well thought out story which is just as much Anti-Romantic as it is Anti-Comedic, and really improves upon a second viewing where you know what and how and why everything is happening. It's a really cool journey to take the audience on to have them initially dislike a character only to discover we've misunderstood the situations and he's actually a nice guy. I think what let's this film down the most, would be the performances from the actors fall into a few pitfalls, it's hard to show a character talking to themselves, which our bride does throughout. People don't usually talk in clear exposition filled sentences when they talk to themselves. I also felt that while the two leads do a good job, some of the background performers could have stood to go for slightly more natural performances (the friends in the bar in particular had some pretty exaggerated facial expressions when listening to the lead's stories). I also found myself wondering small nit-picky things like, why would someone deliver flowers to their sister (I think?) or run any sort of errand on the day of their wedding? Why did the bride stay at the wedding when no one else did? All in all though, a solid short with some great ideas. As for your title, "Altar", while minimalist is also perfect.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

I really enjoyed this film, some minor issues but keep it up

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