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Before you register, read the rules and familiarise yourself about how the competition works and what is expected of you.

Team Leaders, please complete the form below.

Whoever is Team Leader is the only point of contact for HP48Hours. The Team Leader is solely responsible for payment, registration and all contractual obligations. They must be at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18 please put your Guardian's name and let them read this document.

REFUND POLICY: HP 48HOURS will offer a full refund of the registration fee to entrants in the event of cancellation of the HP 48HOURS event. Otherwise once registration has been purchased for entry into HP 48HOURS, entrants cannot be refunded. We encourage entrants to make sure they can participate in the HP 48HOURS, as the registration fee cannot be exchanged or monies refunded after purchase. Refunds will be processed by HP 48HOURS within ten working days. HP 48HOURS will only be liable for the full costs of registration to be refunded. Customers' statutory rights are not affected.

Team & Leader Details

If entering a school team (or you are under 18), your teacher (or guardian) must fill this out.

Write this very carefully, as you cannot change your team name once registered. Maximum of 30 characters. Please use the same team name if you have previously competed. Please no shift characters like #$%^&.

Please enter the FULL name of the team leader.

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Please start with 021, 022, etc. You may receive texts related to changes in event venue/times for your city.

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You may compete in these cities, even if you don't live in them (see Out of Town Teams).

Additional Questions

Please add any emails of any additional of team members who would like to be sent information regarding the 2018 HP48Hours


I have read and acknowledged the HP48Hours health and safety policy and acknowledge that my team must have their own policy and comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. I can confirm that our team leader is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

I understand that by agreeing to the Participation Agreement below I am entering an agreement with HP48Hours and acknowledge I need to perform the tasks below to be eligible for this year's challenge:

  • Complete the secure online credit card payment portion of this registration process.
  • Read and understand the Rules and FAQs for the competition.
  • Come back and complete the Online Wrap-Up on this site during the shoot weekend.
  • Submit my completed film and all required Paperwork before Sunday 7 pm of the shooting weekend.

Entry Fee

The 'Early-bird' entry fee is NZ$195.00 (inc 15% GST) per team and is open until such a time as published by HP48Hours. All entries after this time will be charged the Full rate of NZ$235.00 (inc 15% GST). Entry fees must be made online via secure credit card payment. If you don't have a credit card, find someone who does. There are options around this with debit cards.

This payment covers your team's entry fee, the world premiere screening of your film, lots of love and feedback from fellow competitors and permanent display and archiving of your film in the HP48Hours Screening Room.

You will receive an email receipt (to the email address entered above) confirming this transaction. Also, School teams will receive their "Two-for-One" voucher code to be used to complete their second team entry in this same email.

Participation Agreement

Please read the entire participation agreement below and click the "I Agree" checkbox at the end before submitting your team.

This is an agreement which binds the film team leader and his or her team (documented above in the Registration Agreement), hereafter known as (the "Entrant"), with respect to the Entrant's participation in the HP48Hours (the "48 Hours Competition") and the creation of a short film or video (the "Film") pursuant to the terms of the HP48Hours Competition as set out below (the "Terms").

The Entrant hereby agrees to take part in the HP48Hours Competition, being produced by HP48Hours and is scheduled to take place from 11-13 May 2018.

The Entrant hereby states that they have read, and agree to abide by, all the Rules and Registration requirements (as set out incorporated on the official HP48Hours website). It is understood that HP48Hours reserves the right to screen or exhibit only those films/videos which adhere to the Terms.

The Entrant hereby understands that they are solely responsible for all crew, cast, equipment, sets, locations, and other items necessary for participating in the HP48HOURS Competition and all costs, expenses, damages and claims related thereto. The Entrant hereby understands that they are solely responsible for the safety of all cast and crew who participated in the Film.

HP48Hours is providing the event and guidelines in which the Entrant is taking part; a screening opportunity for the completed work; and a prize for each city winner and the Grand National Winner.

The Entrant hereby affirms that they will secure all rights to images, sounds and music used in their Film and/or will secure any and all talent, crew releases and other releases as required (including but not limited to use of locations, artwork, props etc) (the "Release Form(s)") .

The Entrant hereby affirms that such Release Form(s) will allow the Entrant and/or HP48Hours to exercise the rights as required and set out in the Rules and will indemnify and save and hold harmless HP48HOURS from any and all claims, costs, damages, expenses and liabilities arising from the creation, use, participation, exhibition and exploitation (including, but not limited to claims for negligence and other torts, discrimination, fraud, infringement and breach of contract) of the Entrant's Film.

In consideration of HP48Hours allowing the Entrant to participate in the HP48Hours Competition, the Entrant grants HP48Hours an exclusive license in the Film on the following terms:

  • Territory: World
  • Term: 24 months from delivery of the Film
  • Licensed rights: the right to publicise, promote, screen, show, exhibit, broadcast, licence or otherwise exploit or deal with the Film in all media (now known or later invented or devised) as required by HP48Hours.

Entrant shall have the following non-exclusive, non-assignable rights: (i) to enter the Film in film festivals & competitions; (ii) to screen the Film at local film events; (iii) to stream the Film or any portion thereof for free on Entrant’s personal or team website or for free on any third party website for Internet viewing, provided that the Film or portion thereof as so streamed contains an initial full-screen title card stating “This Film was created for HP48Hours.” (iv) to distribute the film for free via any physical media; (v) to use the Film on a professional reel to promote Team Leader, Team or any Team member; and (vi) any other use agreed to in writing by HP48Hours.

The Entrant hereby acknowledges that HP48Hours may edit or alter their film to suit all possible broadcast requirements.

The Entrant hereby acknowledges that if they upload photos to the HP48HOURS Flickr group, Instagram or Facebook group, or another public file-sharing service, these may be used by HP48Hours for the purpose of publicity. Credit to the photographer will be given if supplied on the photo itself.

The Entrant hereby acknowledges that participation in HP48Hours Competition is without remuneration or compensation whatsoever. The consideration for participating in the HP48Hours Competition and for the rights as acquired by HP48Hours pursuant to this agreement is the screening of the Entrant's completed Film at the conclusion of the Competition; and the possibility, although not the obligation by HP48Hours, for future domestic screenings; and the opportunity for publicity or exposure for the Entrant.

The Entrant hereby acknowledges that a "Making of HP48Hours" (the "Documentary") may be shot during the HP48Hours Competition, and hereby agrees to allow camera crews unrestricted access (provided such access does not unreasonably interrupt with or interfere production of the Film) to film any production stage of the Film; and further agrees to immediately provide to HP48Hours a signed release for each of their participating cast and crew members, using the attached release form. This in no way, however, obligates HP48Hours to produce or exhibit the Documentary and/or include any filming of the Film as part of that Documentary. HP48Hours is owned by Timpson Films Ltd, Box 5653 Wellesley St, Auckland NZ.