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The Run-In

by Lost Boys Media


Default Avatar J frog enterprises

I really like this film easy to follow complete short film with good production on all levels, the movie was funny and intentionally awkward at points and it worked well

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy gets himself ready (including shopping for supplies) in order to go on a blind date/meet up at a woman's house. Good humour in this including a couple of well-timed and delivered "Kia oras" that made me laugh. Acting is super convincing and overall the story was set-up really well. People will make their own minds up about the ending. Nice work!

Hilariously awkward. Some fantastic dialogue. A really good crack at the genre.

Some nice set-up scenes with the guy getting ready, and I enjoyed the usual awkward dilemma of buying condoms. I found it a little slow to the punchline, and this was unexpected as you'd established things well. I think you could have done even more with that final scene to really get big laughs, but overall it was solid and enjoyable to watch.

Default Avatar LJoass

Beautiful story line with smatterings of laughter sprinkled throughout. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Especially the hunk of a man who showed up for the twist at the end. Should have been the star my opinion. Nonetheless, I appreciate the star power attraction of using Christchurch's favourite news anchor in the leading role who did a stellar job. Side note - I am not part of this team; the film I worked on (Pain in the Neck, Palm Line Productions) will be up on the screeningroom shortly. All honest reviews would be appreciated.

Solid 48hours film, clear and easy to follow, entertaining throughout. Never dull or outstaying its welcome. Good twist and strong comedy performances on display here. I’ve bumped my star rating down a star because it’s obvious that someone from the team dropped in to give their own film a glowing review.

Pretty solid film. Just shy of getting on the shortlist. I think it could have been tighter, maybe a bit too long in the beginning. Clear understanding of storytelling structure here, especially with the brother's catch phrase "Kia Ora" coming back to remind us who he is, probably didn't need the flashback because of this. The twist is good, and maybe one of the only films this year to involve homosexuality as a major turning point that didn't feel like it was being a bit insensitive. My other criticism would be the whole "Guy meets someone while holding condoms only to see them later when with their sexual conquest" story is a pretty well documented urban legend, so not entirely original in the storyline department. TITLE REVIEW: I think there could have been something better than The Run-In as a title, maybe something more focusing on the nervous nature of purchasing condoms.

Smart use of genre and funny in an awkward way (would have also fit well into the gross-out/cringe comedy as the latter). Nothing I'll remember but an OK way to spend a few minutes. Was tossing up between 4 and 5 stars, couldn't quite bring myself to give it 5 (4.5 would have been perfect), final twist was gold however.

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