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COA: Rogue One


A Midday Murder

Great choice to use Black & White to flatten the different colours of the different hands, and the pace of the poem fit very nicely with the music selection. I was quite pleased not to get Whodunnit because I love Agatha Christie stuff and enjoy the long interplay of clue gathering, and I don't think I would have been able to squeeze in as much of the set-up and elements of the genre like you did in 3 minutes. Nice work.

Warlock Blues

I read your tagline, and it wasn't so much the warlock has the blues but was having some fun! The sounds effects were well used if a little off timing sometimes. Great use of lots of characters to create the chaotic interplay, and perhaps a satisfying ending would have perhaps seen the warlock having some of his own medicine dealt to him! Hope it was as fun to make as it looked :)

Faulty Goods

Some nice acting here (appropriately wooden!), and it was strong enough that I don’t think you needed the captioning to lead your audience. The story was heading to end towards a cliché, but your end twisted nicely away from the obvious and was very enjoyable to watch. And I appreciate you steering well clear of cheap machine-related-sex-gags!!

Call Me, Maybe

Some nice acting, some nice lines and a satisfying ending. Some focusing issues detracted a little and you could have made more of the converge point, but an enjoyable film.

Take Me To Your Router

Loved the photography style you created here - really good angles and point of view stuff to create the atmosphere and set-up (without resorting to that horrible shaky-cam stuff that seems to be in vogue at the moment). I'm afraid I didn't understand the connection between the whodunnit plot line of the broken router to the Space Man/Ball/Beam Me Up moment, so perhaps there's a missing thread in there that was clear in your mind on the Friday night that you didn't quite get down in time (I've suffered that many a time!). A fun watch nonetheless.

Cabin Fever

Really enjoyed this one - it looked great, had solid acting and I like single-location short films that rely on dialogue. I think you set it up well with the script and I don't think you needed the cheap-laughs as it was creative enough with the guy just generally being a dope!


Started very nicely and with some good humour, but as the lip synching was lost and you veered into cliché, it faded from the middle. However, some good laughs along the way and must have been fun to do.

Duty of Care

The cinematography was bright, sharp and clear and stood out compared to the rest of the DSLR films we had seen. However, over 7 minutes those shots became limited and so some other angles would have added to pace. However, great acting, and a good twist at the end which made you go ‘aaahhhh!’.


Started quite slow and formulaic but gathered to a really nice pace and some good photography. The twist was obvious once we got into the woods but not telegraphed up to that point so was still a good end. Overall a real solid movie and a highlight of the heat for me.

The Calling Card Killer

The story was quite weak and I had little sense of a Race Against The Clock. However, there wasBrilliant cinematography and editing made this a lovely film to watch.

D.O.C Force: Death Island

Ultimately I couldn't get Monty Python's Holy Grail out of my head so it felt less original, but very enjoyable to watch with great homages to the 80s (my era!). Sharp photography and a fabulous end shot of recording the soundtrack which was so typical of the era.


It's really hard to do a musical in 5 minutes and I largely agree with all the other comments made - certainly enjoyed the radio exchange. I would have liked to see more focus on the husband's change in attitude because I think really the film is about him.

Duty of Care

The cinematography was bright, sharp and clear and stood out compared to the rest of the DSLR films we had seen. However, over 7 minutes those shots became limited and so some other angles would have added to pace. However, great acting, and a good twist at the end which made you go ‘aaahhhh!’.

B is for Bash

A bit drawn out. I’m sure I missed something as I’m afraid I didn’t follow this story at all.

FU Finding Unicorns

A nice idea with a few technical issues that catch us all out under the pressure of 48 Hours. Didn't quite hit the mark as a gross-out comedy but certainly saw some mileage in the idea, and a lovely use of the kids to charm us all.


A reasonable twist at the end that you could have hinted at during the build up for greater effect, but some good action scenes in the build up. The visual effects came across as comedic which seemed contrary to the films more serious tone. Had some good potential.


The first thing that struck me was your wide angle aspect ratio which gave instant gravitas to the film. It was a nice simple idea which meant it was easy to follow (in a good way) and enjoy all the way through. Having the Daughter come in at the end and simply say "Dad?" left us with an instant Dilemma and Consequences question. Good stuff....I would have loved to have seen what the photo in the pocket at the end was now of....

The Run-In

Some nice set-up scenes with the guy getting ready, and I enjoyed the usual awkward dilemma of buying condoms. I found it a little slow to the punchline, and this was unexpected as you'd established things well. I think you could have done even more with that final scene to really get big laughs, but overall it was solid and enjoyable to watch.

A moment of your time

A nice mix of camera angles and SFX complemented the time and space of this short, and I liked the contrary interplay of the two leads. The sound could have benefited from some consistency or an extra foley track, but overall this was a cool take in a lock-down environment. I wonder what you would have done if you were allowed to go out!?