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B is for Bash

by Awkward Spark 111 views


Default Avatar Inny Binny

horror's always seemed hard to me, because serious movies (if you decide to go that way) are always harder to pull off. like a lot of films here the idea was awesome, killing as just this thing you do with an implicit agreement that any job started should be finished off. but the pacing was completely off with way too much time spent on the park scene montage thing and ultimately it didn't seem like horror at all...unfortunately there wasn't much comedy either.

A bit drawn out. I’m sure I missed something as I’m afraid I didn’t follow this story at all.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy tells of the joy of gruesome bashings and murders. Cue... Lots and lots of gruesome bashings and kills that were executed, for the most part, really well. Apart from this activity, I did struggle with what was going on story-wise and for a horror, there were next to no real scares. Sound was mostly consistent and I wrote down that there were was a nice credit sequence at the end. Overall an entertaining effort, but too much attempted shock and not enough substance to the story.

The flashbacks were overdone here: I just wanted to see the story move forward. I'm not sure I really got the point. Nicely gruesome, though.

Nice title effect with the blood reveal into the shape of Australia. Loved the sock puppet intro. Nice sound effect with the card throw. Loved the cordless drill scene. Great sound effects when the guy is having rampant flashbacks. Clean your lens ;-P Loved the car start-up sequence. Great edits there. Gratuitous black was gutsy as hell. Cool credits. Confusing story. Not really sure what was going on at all.

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