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Duty of Care

A one-room immobilised obsessive relationship thriller. A little samey with the camera choices, but great dialogue that knew when to push the knife in further and when to just wiggle it about a bit.

Faulty Goods

A warm and charming short, kind of WEIRD SCIENCE meets RUBY SPARKS. Great sense of humour and lovely consistent narrative pacing. Please make more films.

B is for Bash

The flashbacks were overdone here: I just wanted to see the story move forward. I'm not sure I really got the point. Nicely gruesome, though.

Call Me, Maybe

Sweet little "cinema of unease" piece with great comic timing and a pleasantly upbeat feel. Really cute.


Hilarious satire of the drug trade that kind of ran out of steam a little about two thirds of the way through: I would have liked to see Vic in more danger. Loved the art direction.

The Choices

For me, the story STARTED at around minute six with the choice Vic made at the airport. A promising idea that needed to be developed a lot further.

New Game: The Reunion

Slick and charming retro-inspired mystery, somewhere between SCOTT PILGRIM and BRICK. Some links to compulsory elements were a bit tenuous, but I defy anyone who sees this film not to smile at the dream sequence, or the scene where a teddy bear is tucked in and told to "have a little sleep".


One of the things I hate is films that start with a long expository sequence of voiceovers and title cards (and often maps). However, it seems to define a genre, and it's used to great effect here, and so I found myself not minding it so much. I loved "getting" the twist just as it was happening, which is a sure sign that the story was paced well.


Beautiful action, and a cruel twist.


What a wonderfully creepy film! Beautiful shot choice and use of black and white. Could have done with an extra half a second on that final shot: I almost missed it!