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by Big Phat Fatty 1 views


Default Avatar Inny Binny

you guys pulled off the comedy kills excellently, and that's all the matters. funny with good twists throughout makes a good movie.

A reasonable twist at the end that you could have hinted at during the build up for greater effect, but some good action scenes in the build up. The visual effects came across as comedic which seemed contrary to the films more serious tone. Had some good potential.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A report informs that a woman is missing. Two detectives are on the case but six months later they still haven’t solved the mystery of her disappearance. This short produced a few well played sequences, in particular the entry of the cop into the building when the hunt is on. Great blood effects and some good POV shots. Technically sound and the ending put a nice twist on things.

Beautiful action, and a cruel twist.

Creepy opening scene. "Gonna do this or whinge all day" hilarious. Knock out right after was great, too. Smoke bomb was marvelous. Special effects/hand chop/dog was amazing. Violence was hilarious, special effects and all. Pretty gruesome/messed up ending with the throat slit and head shot, which left me a bit disgusted.

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