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by Oh Cameras are Macho 207 views


This was a fantastic non-dialogue film, which nailed the genre by using music to build suspense in what was essentially a thriller. Great art direction and cinematography. really nice use of the POV shots and I liked the hand held camera footage. The audience obviously felt for the protagonist when the dog went missing; great acting. An enjoyable film that stood out in the school's competition and would easily stand up in against the adult teams. The future of the competition is rosy with teams of this calibre.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

While walking his dog, a young man witnesses a violent crime. He must now himself escape from the perpetrator. This was actually quite nicely set-up, with some good camera work, consistent sound and believable acting. Some of the darker scenes were a bit noisy/grainy, and conversely a few of the day scenes seemed over-exposed. A tripod would have been useful on occasions too and at times something seemed wrong with your file as the film was a bit jumpy/glitchy. Great to see that you didn’t confine yourself to a school location – makes such a difference to the story. The ending was well handled, building the tension nicely to the satisfaction of the audience. One of my audience votes went your way – well done!

What a wonderfully creepy film! Beautiful shot choice and use of black and white. Could have done with an extra half a second on that final shot: I almost missed it!

Default Avatar MrMonty

This was a good effort overall for what could have been a difficult genre but you told the story well without dialogue. Mostly the sound and the camera work were of a good standard, so well done to your editor. The acting too was pretty good. I dont know if you guys have entered before but you show good promise if it is a first attempt.

Great intro. Very funny. Nice opening sound effects... creepy atmosphere. Cool scene with the stabbing. Well shot. Well paced edits for the coffee sequence. Very nice job depicting the insomnia. Flashback scene was great. Nice color grading. Music choice during dog fetch sequence was great. Great use of the prop. Nice editing/music for the dog flashback scene. All the handheld shots were a little bit too much for my tastes. Excellent ending. Great sound effect to end it, too.

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