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Somebody Someone Princess Bride

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New Game: The Reunion

Definitely the funniest film of the heat, with a sweet storyline and great filming. I loved the video game graphics and the fade to grey colour grading. Top effort!


This was a fantastic non-dialogue film, which nailed the genre by using music to build suspense in what was essentially a thriller. Great art direction and cinematography. really nice use of the POV shots and I liked the hand held camera footage. The audience obviously felt for the protagonist when the dog went missing; great acting. An enjoyable film that stood out in the school's competition and would easily stand up in against the adult teams. The future of the competition is rosy with teams of this calibre.


This team has matured well over the last few years as is evident in this great effort. I liked the circular story line and while the story was fairly typical of zombie movies, they made good use of the elements and I liked the narrative at the start. A really good ending too and some nice shots through out.