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Call Me, Maybe

by CantFilm 691 views


Some nice acting, some nice lines and a satisfying ending. Some focusing issues detracted a little and you could have made more of the converge point, but an enjoyable film.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Vic has trouble sleeping thanks in no small part to the persistant calls of an annoying tele-marketer. CantFilm are back again and this time went international with a small scene from the mean streets of Japan. Nice work! Without doubt the best story I've seen you guys do over the years, even if it did get a bit weak in the middle and the converging scene was a bit predictable. Technically pretty solid, with only a couple of sound issues ( I think you could have done with recording some ambient noise) and a touch of camera shake. The stand-out for me was the acting of your tele-marker who has great comic timing and was just so very believable in the role. Well done guys; the ex-Lincolnites among you have done me proud!

Sweet little "cinema of unease" piece with great comic timing and a pleasantly upbeat feel. Really cute.

Dialogue gets lost in the music a bit. Like the sound effects/slide cuts, but they're so fast I can't tell what's happening. Love the hamburger phone. Great dialogue between the male phone operator and Lois. Though again the dialogue gets a little lost in the audio. lol @ "don't be a dick" card in the background. "Steve" did a great job as the inspirational dude. "Dear God you're firm" part was amazing, with the dialogue right after it.

Default Avatar Dylan Hamish Guthrie-Wickens

Hilarious dialogue, especially "Steve from Happy Days", well shot with a nice short focus, fantastic scoring, overall lovely to watch. Would love to see what these guys could do with more time!

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