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A Midday Murder

by The Tanked Engines

Whodunnit? That's for YOU to figure out... watch the film, spot the clues, make a guess before the end. Were you clever enough?


Wow! This was awesome Sarah! Great, slick production values, excellent poetry for the VO, and very, very well done as a solo effort.

I did guess whodunnit, although I hadn't picked up all of the clues as some were a bit more subtle. Must have picked up just enough though :)

This was a great format for a 3 minute whodunnit without trying to fit a whole feature length storyline in there, haha.

Really enjoyed this short!

Loved it. Such a great poem, linked really well to the story. Loved the pacing doesn't feel like 3 min, no rushing. Awesome job.

This was great. Liked how you used poetry for the narrative. Shots were great. An enjoyable watch.

Great choice to use Black & White to flatten the different colours of the different hands, and the pace of the poem fit very nicely with the music selection. I was quite pleased not to get Whodunnit because I love Agatha Christie stuff and enjoy the long interplay of clue gathering, and I don't think I would have been able to squeeze in as much of the set-up and elements of the genre like you did in 3 minutes. Nice work.

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