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48HOURS Entries, 2020

National Winner

For Generations

Squint Eastwood

National Runner Up

Pupper Paleolithic

Too Much Spare Time

National Runner Up

The Visible Man

The Fubbs

National Finalist


Corner Shop

National Finalist


Everybody Dies

National Finalist

Hands Down

Dan Watson

National Finalist

Home School

Bidwills Cutting

National Finalist

Lizard Wizards

Cyan Sea

National Finalist

Murder in Filmmaking Express


National Finalist

The Taste of Friendship


National Finalist

The Wifi Project

Tasteful Sideboob

Recent reviews

Excellent use of difficult genre to pull off during lockdown. The film was well done from top to bottom, with a fun twist at the end. Did I hear that lizard slurp?

This is definitely one of my favourites. I've been telling so many people to watch this one. Great comedy writing and visuals and very subtle soundtrack. Rosie, you were crazy good in the role and you carried this very comfortably over the finish line pretty much as a solo acting performance! It was such a hilarious and scarily relatable character arc that we didn't care you ripped the 'The Blair Witch' at the end, you added enough twist that we accepted it as something new. Great job to you both. Great sound and cutting. I hope to be that good one day. Good on you and well deserved.

Review? :o)

Mental and very imaginative!!!!!!!

Review? :o)

Well done this was some welcome light relief in the finals. I loved the silly premise and the plot was funny. The excavation bit was brilliant. The ending was very predictable but still funny and well executed.

The Taste of Friendship is one bizarre little film, but I got sucked into this sci-fi and enjoyed the experience. Nice work all-around on the production. Lockdown loneliness is a real thing. I appreciate that you've found a way to simultaneously address a serious issue and make a light-hearted, sci-fi comedy out of it.

Loved the references. Very relatable...

Great film I enjoyed it a lot more second time. Some lovely shots throughout. You certainly made good use of what you had available during the weekend!

Absolutely adored your piece, the effort that went in is highly appreciated and respected. Stunning work