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For Generations

by Squint Eastwood


At first glance, this could easily be mistaken for a 'run-of-the-mill' animation but I found the writing very sharp and very humorous. As things progressed I very much enjoyed the tight dialogue and found it amusing that the same technological pitfalls await current and future generations to come. "Can you see me?"...."I can't perceive your sensations!"...very clever. Congrats on winning...I really enjoyed what you came up with...imaginative, humourous, and intelligent! It's nice to see an animation take it out for once! :o)

Firstly, well done!

Really expressive animation and I loved the voice work that complemented the images so well -particular the mother. Very funny and relatable message.

I really enjoyed this. Funny, clever script and concept. Very imaginative and quirky. Well done on the win. :)

Well done! Inventive concept, relatable dialogue, quirky animation and excellent VO work!

This was incredibly funny with a timeless theme. Fantastic visual gags and clever writing made this a clear standout from a long running competitor who always submits high quality animation entries. It's not easy to animate in such a short space of time, so congratulations on the well deserved win!

A typically in-ya-face short from Squint Eastwood that nails the Sci-fi genre and pushes commentary about tech and generations. Nice that it had a critique of millennials as parents opposed to the standard boomer targets. I enjoy the harsh animation style we see from Squint with the deliberately vivid colour palette. Some of the audio is a bit noisy in transition but overall a polished film. Great job on the win!

Nicely done. It's so easy for this type of "generational comedy" to veer into cheap stereotypes but this maintained the amusing and relatable characters, with the hilarious dialogue and all three characters pulling their weight throughout the scene. Proof that sci-fi can be goofy and "out there" but still keep the audience onboard the whole time!

I though this was great. Actually laughed out loud, in oldtalkspeak.

Congratulations! This was very well done. Had a kiwi “Footrot Flats meets Rick and Morty feel to it.” Clever idea.

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