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National Runner Up

Pupper Paleolithic

Too Much Spare Time


For Generations

Nicely done. It's so easy for this type of "generational comedy" to veer into cheap stereotypes but this maintained the amusing and relatable characters, with the hilarious dialogue and all three characters pulling their weight throughout the scene. Proof that sci-fi can be goofy and "out there" but still keep the audience onboard the whole time!

Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

A fun and well-chosen concept for the given genre, excellent theme song, and just the right blend of humour and darkness. A solid entry!

The Taste of Friendship

Blending creepy sci-fi absurdity with a touching story of friendship, managing to convey a sense of loneliness that one might call "Peak Lockdown" without even referencing the Lockdown, and ending in a way that's so dark but so hilarious - this paradoxical film totally deserves its title as the most "Incredibly Strange" of the 48Hours.

The Visible Man

This is my absolute fave. The Plan 9 Criswell/Vincent Price guy at the start, the menacing gangsters brandishing their weapons, the comment about drinking pee... There was no part of this movie that wasn't a riot - it's perfect. I'm still randomly remembering bits of it today and chuckling like an idiot.

Time & Lasers

Great character designs! Nicely drawn and smoothly animated, too.

Science Fact or Science Fiction

(Pssst, change your video settings to "Public" so we don't need the password to view it!)

Lizard Wizards

I like the use of the genre... and of the pet lizards! Great acting, props, and sound make this a well-polished film, worthy of its TV screening.


I like how the horror story was played straight, while the whole time the inversion of the "living doll" trope gave it a comedic edge. Very clever and unsettling, especially with that well-composed eerie music.

2020: A Couch Odyssey

I don't know if we're allowed to use Disney characters in our movies but either way, thank you for making this highly entertaining gem. Great choices for the various types of TV shows they ended up in.

Science Fact or Science Fiction

Nicely written & Lego'd. Entertaining AND informative!

Houses & Humans

A deceptively simple concept, but it's clear you weren't resting on that. So many great gags and well-chosen characters all round. So far this is my favourite film of the Urban Fantasy bunch. A natural 20 out of 20 for you!