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Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

by Pastafarian Productions

Tonight on Extreme Quickfire Trivia... Carryover champ Lisa Wilson meets a mystery guest from her past. Can they handle the heat? Can YOU?


Love the use of the genre - making a gameshow of it is a great concept!
The whole set-up - from the actual premise of the gameshow right down to the jingle is wonderfully absurd. Awesome work!

A cute metaphor for the brutality of reality TV gameshow competitions! I really liked the subtle rivalry between the contestants, nice use of music and effort that has gone into the animation. A real artistic flair in your palette. Well done!

Enjoyed this. Well made, simple, clean animation. I wish I could do that! Love the commentary on reality game-shows too. A polished short that is re-watchable. Well done!

This was wonderful! Really funny concept, nicely animated, and a hilarious theme song. Nice work!

Thoroughly enjoyable, dark and funny. A simple concept, well executed and what a wonderful nod to the absurdity of reality style TV and relationship drama. Another Pastafarian Productions classic! Well done.

Nice job! The animation was great and the overall quality was so good - especially considering it was made in only 48 hours! It's super funny and high quality. The sound is sooo crispy too! Great work.

Loved it, animation is fun, the dark humour is just what the doctor ordered. look forward to more of this. Nice work Hannah!!

Awesome animation Hannah, so hard to get it all packed into 3 min. Super smooth animation and great music. Well done.

This was great! Animation was very good, story was fun and the jingle was a real winner.

Pretty fun little animated film going on here. The opening jingle had some pretty solid writing going on. I don't know about the quiz part but the ending was a good pay off.

A fun and well-chosen concept for the given genre, excellent theme song, and just the right blend of humour and darkness. A solid entry!

It held me in suspense, and only three minutes long. Enjoyed this.

Loved this one. Impressive in one weekend and truly fun. Great job!

Good job Hannah!

Brilliant animation and I really liked the song.A little morbid for my taste but you got the intended effect. The visual depth in your animation is excellent.

This is really tight, no fat on it. Quirky dialogue, solid comedy and some gorgeous fire animations there. Well done!

This short reminds me of a Saturday Night Live animated feature. I enjoyed the game show spoof and the clever song!

Nicely done. Good concept. Solid animation. Especially liked the casual brutalness of the show.

If you were able to show even more expressions in the eyes/brows, it would amplify the characters' reactions and emotions. It's key to a concept where people hate each other. Also thought the idea of digging up someone's past to find someone they hate didn't really play into the main story, which is a shame because I really would've liked to have seen that.

Nevertheless, this made me chuckle. Wicked stuff.

Slick animation, and a nice simple funny premise to pull it off.

Would've been good to have a bit more drama or dialogue going on between the contestants because of their back story. But can definitely understand not having that for that because of time constraints and to have as many jokes in there as possible.

Really liked the last couple of gags at the end. Great song too!

Ha ha the end got me good, I also enjoyed the song and the punny name for Amber Burns. Overall an enjoyable film!

Great concept! I like the idea of introducing surprise guests whom the contestants hate. I would 100% watch that show.

I also liked the characters. Lisa in particular. RIP

Great job on a well executed short.

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