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Jungle of Doom




A dramatization of damaged mental health due to PTSD?

The VFX work on this is really well done, but the film itself really made me pause and think once it had finished. We all have our struggles, some big, some small, and this film hit me in a way I haven't felt before. I wasn't even in NZ when the Christchurch quakes happened.

The central performance is great - even though nothing is really said, and it is really nice to see several members of the same family make up the cast and crew.

The only nitpick I have about such a well executed film is the pictures on the walls - they should have been taken down to help sell the shaking scenes, otherwise it takes you out of the film momentarily. Yes, you could argue that the pictures don't fall down because the shake isn't actually happening, but in the moment of watching it was distracting.

Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

Love the use of the genre - making a gameshow of it is a great concept!
The whole set-up - from the actual premise of the gameshow right down to the jingle is wonderfully absurd. Awesome work!

48 Hour Challenge- CORONA VS BOY

I think I saw in the facebook feed you said you were only 15? If so, some of the stuff in here puts old farts like me to shame!
Some nice direction and humorous touches - the sci-fi SFX are really well integrated.
The only thing I would say is that the voice of the bottle is quite hard to hear sometimes, so you just need to keep an eye (or an ear) on your audio levels when you are mixing.
Keep making films - if this is what you can make when you are stuck at home when you are fifteen, then the sky is really the limit for what you will be able to achieve when you have more freedom!

The Fifth Wave

Very atmospheric, great direction.
I may have completely missed what the ending signifies, though?

Stuck With Yourself

Wonderful direction! Great pace and editing - what a lot of these shorts miss is the fact the story has to *move* if you only have three minutes max to tell a story. This is even more applicable when you have a conceit like 'Whodunit' to contend with as well.
Brave of the lead actor to sacrifice his beard like that - just as well you didn't need to do any pick-ups or reshoots late in the day!

Lamb Chopped

They say never work with animals or children, but here you work with both! Well, the voice of a child, anyway....

I liked how it was staged as how a young dog would investigate a mystery. I laughed at how the echo element was included.

There are some logical leaps - how did the dog make the pin board (let alone write some the notes!) - but the final reveal was nicely done. Was it an artistic choice to not have the sound at the end?

Also, loved the alpacas.... campest Camelids since Llamas In Hats!

The Interrogation

Nice concept, well executed. The little touches like the stereo mixing for the voices make all the difference. Great work!


A nice twist on time travel!

And of course, a bloke's first instinct on finding a big swirly vortex in his shed is to chuck things in it! :D

Shaved: The Harry Lippman Story

As a dirty beard grower myself, I really liked this one. The facial hair joke counter was a great touch.
Scott really looked like such different people as he sported various states of depilatory action throughout the film and the 'a beard...' credit was *chef's kiss*
The 'whodunit' trappings were present and correct, but the big reveal wasn't much of one. That said, the rest of the style and setting of the short was well done.

A moment of your time

This could equally have been used for the Unwanted Visitor or Horror genres!
It's quite hard to act against something that isn't there, but the kids do a really good job.
It's a nice twist on a trope - its not actually a god botherer trying to talk to you, its the actual *god* bothering them.


Love the look and art design on this and I really liked the world building done in such a short time.
I could see how it ticked boxes for a 'whodunit', but I didn't quite understand the significance of some of the imagery - this almost came across as a promo for a larger film, rather than a complete story in and of itself.

If you DO make a longer version of this story, I would be very interested in seeing it!

The Claw

Loved the voice work on this - and the cast bowing at the end was a nice touch! Hope to see more of your work in the future...