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Lamb Chopped

by Half a Glass!

Emi the dog loves to play with her best friend Lamby. They play all day long! Life could never be better. Yet, all of that changes when Lamby is brutally murdered. Emi will do everything she can to solve the gruesome death of her best friend and bring the perpetrator to justice.


They say never work with animals or children, but here you work with both! Well, the voice of a child, anyway....

I liked how it was staged as how a young dog would investigate a mystery. I laughed at how the echo element was included.

There are some logical leaps - how did the dog make the pin board (let alone write some the notes!) - but the final reveal was nicely done. Was it an artistic choice to not have the sound at the end?

Also, loved the alpacas.... campest Camelids since Llamas In Hats!

Looked nice and great use of an animal cast. The voice acting worked really well too. I think the whole thing could have been pacer though as it lurched a little into just watching a cute dog do stuff, rather than stuff that created suspense or really drove the story forward.

Great effort working with so many animals. You obviously had a lot of fun with the voice overs and some nice shots in there too. I think it got a bit muddled around the time of the teddy murder. If that part was made a bit cleaner, the quest to find who-dunnit would've felt like more of a quest.

All in all a great little short.

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