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Somebody Someone rywilly

1 Entry and 6 Reviews


The Claw

Ryan started the fire


Killer Paint Job

Awesome work team. Animation was seamless and I thought your shot choices were really clever. A few more twists in the tale would've made this a close thing for finals I reckon!

Artificial Selector

Script was on point. I love how we jumped straight into the story. Unlucky not to make the finals, epic work team.

Lamb Chopped

Great effort working with so many animals. You obviously had a lot of fun with the voice overs and some nice shots in there too. I think it got a bit muddled around the time of the teddy murder. If that part was made a bit cleaner, the quest to find who-dunnit would've felt like more of a quest.

All in all a great little short.

The Interrogation

This was gripping stuff, nice work! I'd love to see a series of these, and see how each character reacts to the voices

Jungle of Doom

One of the best killer-blows ever caught on camera. Outstanding


This film is a really good example of creating tension using sound. Nice work making full use of a small space with limited characters/props!