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Artificial Selector

by Chillybox

When resources are limited, the selector is responsible for making a difficult decisions.


Let it be known that this film deserved to be put on TV and it's a tragedy that it wasn't.

I felt genuinely heartbroken for these characters. And this is one of only a handful of films that used video conferencing in a way that felt meaningful.

This is a testament to the concept that less can be more if you play it right, and you guys played it so right.

Typically slick production from Chillibox. Agree, the use of video conferencing had a natural fit/feel to the story which in itself, last ship out of earth, wasn't super original. I'm a big fan of an ambiguous ending but wasn't convinced that it was the best approach here. I took a different approach to the characters too - I felt little for them as they were all essentially in it for themselves. That said, Chillibox do good work and this is further evidence of it.

Script was on point. I love how we jumped straight into the story. Unlucky not to make the finals, epic work team.

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