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by Everything Sticks

A man stumbles upon a way to shed his present-self and return to his past.


A nice twist on time travel!

And of course, a bloke's first instinct on finding a big swirly vortex in his shed is to chuck things in it! :D

Wow! Rather beautiful cinematography and really punchy sound effects. Nice bit of VFX mixed in there. You've gone with an incredibly simple narrative and that has granted you a streamlined film but it also feels a little bit unlikely (and don't mean the time-travelling shed. It's a great subtextual action to stroke the belly but there's so much attention drawn to it it's a bit TOO conscious, if you get what I mean. Those head flashbacks as well I feel were an imperfect choice and could've been better portrayed through mishmashing flashbacks. This is something I tried to explore in our own film this year, where we treated flashbacks in more of a minimalist way so as to make them almost indistinguishable from cutaways. That could've been an interesting concept in this film too. Perhaps it would've taken too much time. I thought costuming and acting was really good (and Stu you look great in it too). In some ways this film is the opposite to your last one. Admittedly The Stile is hard to beat (that should've been a finalist film).

I really enjoyed this, I think it's comprehensively entertaining though it has its rough edges (par for the course) and it really makes me look forward to the work you do in the future. I might come back to expand this review later on, and near as I can tell they don't have a star rating system anymore, but I'll going to give this a 3.5/5. I haven't actually seen anyone else's movie yet though.

I loved this film. It was really clean and not complicated. Great setting choice with a simple storyline that was easy to follow. I think the choice to have very little dialogue and tell the story visually was really effective. Also I loved the VFX of the vortex.

Huge fan of this one! Really clean, simple story, and I appreciated that you kept it tight and simple with the editing of the time travel (but still gave us the VFX money shot!). I appreciated the time spent at the start with the protagonist to get inside his head, and the film had a very defined 'look' that was quite pretty. Well done!

Love your films Stu! Always encourages the audience to think reflectively. To me the sound is a real strength, and there was also good use of age related props and cast members. Nicely done!

An interesting film, well shot that keeps things simple and gives you just enough to keep you interested in what is happening. I'm not entirely sure how putting a photo in your pocket triggers a shed to transform into a mystery event that rejuvenates or turns back time on whatever enters it but you just go with that I guess as a member of the audience. I think there were parts that were rough around the edges if you want to nitpick but generally speaking I'd say the film achieves what it sets out to achieve. That said if you were to commit to the film and shaved your head I think the end reveal would've had a bigger payoff.

Hey, another time travel one in a confined space, great minds! Mine was a time cupboard. Nice job, short, simple and punchy. Well executed.

I really liked the look of this film. The opening aesthetic really sets the scene. Well acted and technically good. I thought the pacing was a bit slow mid-way, and the story telling could have been clearer. Well done.

Nice little concept - great execution makes up for confusion over the origins of the 'the shed' but overall good work!

I enjoyed the simplicity of this storyline, the clean shots, and sound effects. I especially enjoyed that he tested the portal by throwing something into it, because I would! Nicely done.

I enjoyed the simplicity of this storyline, the clean shots, and sound effects. I especially enjoyed that he tested the portal by throwing something into it, because I would! Nicely done.

This film is a really good example of creating tension using sound. Nice work making full use of a small space with limited characters/props!

Loved the simple concept of this! Suited the 3 minute max duration perfectly.

Well executed too. The lead up once he found the time travelling shed was great, with the branches and tennis ball. Really created a sense of tension and had me wondering what time period he would go back to.

Would've loved more of a curve ball thrown in at the end, like it goes back too far to when he's a baby or goes back just a few months ago. But the end joke was still satisfying.

Sound effects were great too!

Like me a good, simple time-travel piece. The reverse-ageing concept is a really good one and I'm impressed with the shed effect. Also, THANK YOU for not feeling the need to explain why this shed is magic.

With such a fun concept, I do wish this film played around with it more. Takes nearly two minutes to set it up which, for a three-minute film, doesn't give much time left. A lot of that set-up could have been streamlined, especially the lead's reaction to wanting his youth back. Would leave a lot more space to take the central concept further.

Still, solid stuff.

Cool variation on the time-travel theme, I enjoyed the different things you threw into the time vortex (which was impressive) and maybe you could have had a bit more fun with even more of a montage there. Well acted and slickly edited together.

I think you executed the portal extremely well and I found that part of the movie to be the most fun. I found the beginning to be a little boring TBH. I get what you were setting up but I think if you had of just got to the portal quicker and played around with that aspect of it more it would of been a more entertaining movie.

Still, a really impressive short. The way you used the stick to illustrate time travel was a brilliant idea. It worked extremely well.

Also, thanks for all the reviews over the years. You're like a father to me.

The first thing that struck me was your wide angle aspect ratio which gave instant gravitas to the film. It was a nice simple idea which meant it was easy to follow (in a good way) and enjoy all the way through. Having the Daughter come in at the end and simply say "Dad?" left us with an instant Dilemma and Consequences question. Good stuff....I would have loved to have seen what the photo in the pocket at the end was now of....

I really enjoyed this! Simple but clever premise, well executed with no over-the-top-ness. The sound design was fantastic. I did wonder what it might be like with some kind of ethereal music, but it was really good without and that might not have added anything--I'm probably just used to it!

The stick was a great example to show what the shed was doing. And in fact, this whole film was a great example of "show don't tell" so well done. My only other suggestion would be to watch the 180 degree rule as I got a bit disoriented when we first cut back to him looking at the shed after he walked off the right hand side of the frame. But I've done this in 48 hours and realised in editing that I did it from the wrong side.

Totally not criticisms, as I really enjoyed it, just things I noticed. So well done!

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