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Somebody Someone olax

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The Ad



Space Dinner for Two

Great concept and really efficient story telling. A lot happened in such a short time. Great to see a 48hrs movie with a beginning,middle and end. Great job!

Any Portal will do on a Storm

Huge fan of your team. I still remember watching 'One Man Army' during the heats and dying of laughter. B-movie Masterpiece.

You set the world up very nicely at the beginning. I was a little confused during the dialogue scene whether or not they were aliens or the people that guard the portal. They were the guards right? Would of loved to have seen what the aliens looked like.

As soon as you broke out the action though I was into it. MORE ACTION! Not sure what happened at the end. Did you just repeat the world building stuff?

Cool concept though! Keep making stuff. Teams like you are why I love 48hours.

Moppet, Poppet and Billy

Okay, I thought this was well shot and had some really funny moments but I was kind of confused about the plot 😥


A really funny and well rounded film. I loved it.

I've seen a couple of other zoom horror movies that are similar to this one but this is by far the best. I think because you did such a good job of setting the film up and developing the characters that I was invested by the time shit hit the fan. Great job! One of my faves of the comp.

A Yellow Thumb

Great arc shot and some really funny moments. Not sure I fully understood the plot 😅

Hide N Seek

Nice set up to a cool idea. I did find it kind of predictable that she was going to run in there, so the ending was a little unsatisfying for me. As Liam Maguren has stated above, seeing the father confront the daughter would of been interesting. (Sequel?) Someone needs to confront him because I think we can all agree - If you find a time traveling cupboard mid hide and seek then you should probably stop the game.


I think you executed the portal extremely well and I found that part of the movie to be the most fun. I found the beginning to be a little boring TBH. I get what you were setting up but I think if you had of just got to the portal quicker and played around with that aspect of it more it would of been a more entertaining movie.

Still, a really impressive short. The way you used the stick to illustrate time travel was a brilliant idea. It worked extremely well.

Also, thanks for all the reviews over the years. You're like a father to me.

Gluten Free

I thought this was quite cute and had a great song. Good to see wholemeal flour get his comeuppance. He was a bit of a jerk bag.

From a technical stand point I think you could of just done some straight cuts rather than fade to black in between shots. The final two shots for instance.

Neptune's Bubble

Nice animation and some funny voice over moments. Well done.


Lovely set-up pre title - funny,creepy and established the world quick smart. I particularly loved the sex scene and the cross cutting you did during. It was really well executed and established a creepy foreboding that peaked with the jump scare, which genuinely freaked me out. Great job!

Read, are the tea leaves

mmmm this film felt warm and cozy. I too had no idea what it was about but was content to stay in it. A wonderful atmosphere. The guys voice + the cat purring were suuuupppper relaxing 😌 I think I'm into ASMR now.

2020: A Couch Odyssey

I loved this. Incredible effort to pull that off in 48hrs. I can't believe it.

I really don't see any issues with this one so I'm just going to list things I loved.
- Seinfeld vibes
- DBZ sequence
- Laugh tracks
- Casablanca "I don't get the reference" lol ( Casablanca is overrated IMO)

Just Genes

Great opening to the CHCH unofficial screening. Funny set-up, clever concept and lots of great jokes. Nice one!


"Get in" - 10/10 delivery

This was a little disjointed for me. I enjoyed moments of it but it didn't quite come together. I agree with another reviewer that you could of introduced the monkey earlier.

A few technical issues to work on like 'crossing the line' for instance. I also think you could of gone to town on sound effects for that fight scene. Whooshes and punch SFX never go amiss IMHO 🤓

Life Insurance

I liked the premise to this. I thought it had lots of funny moments and I actually really liked the end.

I did feel that the montage went on too long and I would of liked to have seen the female characters developed more. I think it would have made the ending stronger.

Amazing effort for your first time!

Hot Sexy Booby Girl Nude Porn Sex Naked

I really liked the premise for this, it provided some funny moments ie "Choke me daddy". I also think the argument played really well.

Unfortunately, the emotional stuff post fight didn't really land for me. I think maybe 3mins isn't enough time to pull that kind of thing off. Like I felt I needed more time with the characters before I could emotionally invest.

I still really liked the film though. I've watched it three times and 'Choke me daddy' is never not funny. Great job!

The Fifth Wave

Great job on executing a distinct tone. The use of voice messages worked really well and reminded me of 'Snow Town' which also uses voice messages and cutaways to create an unsettling feeling.

I think you could have been a bit more concise with your storytelling. There are probably too many cutaways and I think the opening credit sequence is a bit much in a 3min short.

Permanent Resident

This was nicely shot and had a nice sound mix. Good use of music to create tension.

I think you possibly could have been a bit more creative visually. Rather than things getting thrown into frame you could of had a few more things going on within the frame. The plot was also a little thin.

Sexy Men: Behind the Sex

I thought this was okay, but to be honest most of the jokes didn't land because they all came at me too quickly. I think a lot of the jokes were good ideas but the timing wasn't quite there. Like ' Casey bought Greece' for example. I think that's a decent joke but the delivery of it wasn't quite right. I think some tinkering with this movie in the edit would make it even stronger.

Still, a solid effort with some nice writing.

Pray, Love, Eat

Oh wow 😲 That was...something alright.

I am actually deeply disturbed. There was so much weird chat going on when they were having sex. So many emotions. JUST GET OFF HER JEFF!

That really was quite an experience. I think I'm actually a different person after having watched that.

Great job on the characterization of Lena, I really warmed to her. I was also impressed with the economy of story telling. You got so much into three minutes.

I don't really know what else to say. 😶

Tonight On Extreme Quickfire Trivia

Great concept! I like the idea of introducing surprise guests whom the contestants hate. I would 100% watch that show.

I also liked the characters. Lisa in particular. RIP

Great job on a well executed short.


Great performance from the lead, well shot and nicely paced. I think it's really hard to pull off a serious tone in a 48hrs movie and you've mostly achieved that, so great job.

I did find however, that some of the off screen dialogue sort of disrupted the seriousness because of how funny and absurd it was. The high pitched noise part for example.

Still, great job on that tone and the central performance.

Monday, 12:03

Really well executed. No fat on it whatsoever. I was itching to know how it would end.

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the ending. I was hoping for answers and was left with more questions. I am a bit of a dummy though so maybe I need to keep thinking about it 🤔

Kudos on a compelling short!

Glendalhorn Academy: Eluvia and the Sprite

Ha so good. Well shot, great creature, great performance from the lead.

Honestly loved it. Eluvia & Sprite make a super cute couple.

Who's Murdering The Toilet Paper?

Extremely cute film. A little rough around the edges but a really solid execution of the genre, with a satisfying ending. Nice performance by the lead detective. Great job!

Mega Sock Force

Oh my stars, this is amazing! Incredible effort to do this in 48hours. I attempted a similar vibe for my film and only managed to get one backdrop in haha.

If I were judging, this would certainly be in the finals. 5 socks out of 5.

Soul Sucking

Awesome job, you nailed it I reckon. Can't fault this at all.

Perfectly shot. Great performances. Nice dynamic between the two characters. The timing of the 'gobby' joke was perfect. Its paced nicely and builds perfectly to the final punch line.

I won't be going near a Ouija board anytime soon. 😬

Baby Bear

Masterpiece. 5 toothbrushes out of 5.


Really cool effects and it kept me fully engaged the whole way through. I didn't quite get what it all meant but then again I'm a bit of a dumbo 😐

Might need to watch it again!