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Life Insurance

by Filthy Sexy Liberals

Two flatmates are visited by a life insurance salesman whose tactics are a little more than conventional.


It was a fun little quirky film but I think you were a little too reliant on that music track for the montage and probably could have lowered it a bit and brought in some sound design. I also think you probably could have cut as much as a minute out of that film.
Outside of all that I thought it was a pretty good execution of the Unwanted guest genre.

Love your team name. Fun, quirky, high energy and full of sight gags. I have to admit I was so confused as to the location you were using given the prominent exit sign above the door. Is that typical in some accommodation? Watch you focus next time with some of your shots as there were some inconsistencies in the final product. Great fun!

This was a fun one! A real performance film, carried by the actor playing the salesman (who is very funny) as well the two flatmates. A little more time could be spent setting things up when you shoot (focus, lighting) but this is a really great effort considering the conditions! Snappy editing all over the show and I laughed out loud at least twice. Good work!

Really funny and good performances. I particularly liked the ending. The photos were hard to see so it wasnt really clear what they were achieving plot-wise, but overall a solid comedy. Well done.

I thought this was really fun!

The editing was slick and the visual gags were really well done. Funny performance from the salesman throughout.

Would've loved this to sound a bit nicer than it did, I think a better mic setup would've gone a long way since the visual editing was so slick.

The concept and plot were nice and simple though. Well executed with a satisfying ending!

This one was pretty fun! Nice take on the unwanted guest genre and possibly a meta-take on the thought of not having life insurance weighing heavily on the young women's minds?

The insurance salesman had some great comedic timing and overall I enjoyed this one.

Great effort - you guys crammed in a whole bunch of locations/setups given you were confined to an apartment. Looks like you had a heap of fun - we'll put together, possibly needed a mic but lockdown forces you to use what you've got. Loved it

I liked the premise to this. I thought it had lots of funny moments and I actually really liked the end.

I did feel that the montage went on too long and I would of liked to have seen the female characters developed more. I think it would have made the ending stronger.

Amazing effort for your first time!

First off: your lead is GREAT. Damn funny fellow, nailed every line, perfectly disgusting smile — his energy is the backbone of the entire short.

Absolutely loved the visual gag at the start of him in the background behind the closed door.

While the montage of him threatening to kill over and over again did enough to make the ending work, it may have been more effective to show these moments escalating in potential danger. So when the characters cave, it’s because they’re fearing something even worse.

Enjoyed it.

Ahhh this was awesome. The lead character's costuming and performance were 100% on point, like so on point I was smiling the whole way through.

I loved the way he popped up everywhere-as insurance salespeople tend to do! I was expecting an ultra close up of him right behind her as she turned around after saying "no thanks", but it worked just as well going into the next room. I loved the subtlety of him in the background, and then just the extent of the number of ways you had him appear.

Not only was that funny, but the story line was solid too, perfect for a 3 min short. Lol'd at the terms and conditions and the discount bit was the perfect ending. Awesome!

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